Swimboost: The Ideal Pre-Workout Supplement for the Dedicated Swimmer

August 19, 2019

The Diet Guide: Mediterranean Diet

November 07, 2016

Crystal clear ocean, beaches as far as the eye can see, hot temperatures, thousands of years of history, and of course good food: we’re talking about the Mediterranean way of life, specifically what the people there eat, and how it … Continue reading

Swimmer Nutrition: Vegetarians Can Still Get Plenty of Protein

January 23, 2015

Let’s cut the crap. We all know that meat based proteins take the spotlight in articles like this all the time. That’s because protein is SOOOO important as a resource for strength training, sculpting your body, and building muscles. The … Continue reading

Nutrition Tricks Every Swimmer Should Know

January 19, 2015

In any sport you play you are always looking for the edge, right? You want to be the biggest, or the strongest, or the fastest. Well, in swimming it’s no different. They train long hours in the pool and gym … Continue reading

5 Ways to Reach Your Peak Performance in Swimming, Biking, and Running

July 24, 2014

For those who love the combination of swimming, biking, and running, a triathlon can be the perfect way to challenge yourself. If you’re looking for a more hardcore triathlon experience, a half or full Ironman Triathlon might be your best bet. … Continue reading

Power of Protein: Choosing a Protein Powder to Supplement Your Swim

May 23, 2014

Protein. Just saying the word makes me feel stronger. Athletes from all over love finding new ways to consume protein (shakes, bars, bites, etc.) However, many have not done much research about protein. This blog is here to educate you … Continue reading

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