Swimboost: The Ideal Pre-Workout Supplement for the Dedicated Swimmer

August 19, 2019

World's Most Expensive Swimming Pools

July 09, 2013

It’s no secret that pools aren’t cheap, and the bigger the more expensive. But there are people in the world who have lots of money. This is what happens when the two meet.   Public Pools Szechenyi Bath House– Budapest, Hungary … Continue reading

Inception: Rivers and Lakes…Underwater?

July 05, 2013

Ever heard of an underwater lake or river? No, not underground in a cave or something. We’re talking a river flowing through the ocean floor. A body of water within a body of water (*Inception*)     Going Deeper… The … Continue reading

Myth Busted: Eating Before Swimming

July 01, 2013

I’m willing to bet most of you have heard the saying “Don’t go swimming for at least an hour after you eat that or you’ll get a cramp and die!” Mothers the world over tell their children this for fear … Continue reading

Did You Know: Five Fun Facts!

January 28, 2013

We love a fun environment at Underwater Audio, so here are five fun facts about the company: 1. Underwater Audio just celebrated its 1-year anniversary of being in business 2. We have weekly Thursday meetings with donuts and the occasional … Continue reading