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Rebecca Soni with Waterproof iPod ShufflePeople like Rebecca Soni, National Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist (2008, 2012) swim with our waterproof iPod Shuffle and underwater headphones for swimming. Swimbuds have higher customer rankings because they keep the best-in-class earbuds in your ears during flip turns. Swimbuds Sport make underwater music even easier, with 9 different earbuds in 4 different styles that improve sound quality and comfort. Michael R., a disabled Marine veteran told us, “I know the monotony of lap swimming and I needed a fresh start. I discovered Underwater Audio and it literally changed my life. I put on my play lists and over the past year have gone from barely completing a lap to swimming continuous for an hour or more.” A free download of a 30-minute audio swim workout by coach Rebecca Soni is just an added bonus to the purchase of any Underwater Audio product.

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