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Swimboost: The Ideal Pre-Workout Supplement for the Dedicated Swimmer

August 19, 2019 0 Comments

We're excited to announce that we at Underwater Audio have now released a mineral and vitamin pre-swim supplement. Curated specifically for the dedicated swimmer. It's called Swimboost. Drink Swimboost and experience a boost in both your energy and your endurance!


What is Swimboost?

Swimboost is the ideal vitamin and mineral supplement for the dedicated swimmer. Unlike many supplemental drinks available on the market, Swimboost has a label full of ingredients you can pronounce; many of which are likely to be found in your pantry at home. Made from natural, non-GMO produce like beetroot, goji berries, and sweet potato, Swimboost supports you as you power through workouts, providing the nutritional nourishment necessary to keep your body operating at peak efficiency, without harmful chemicals.


How does Swimboost do this?

Swimboost is made from ingredients which are helpful in improving your athletic performance when taken regularly at the recommended dosage. Each serving of Swimboost contains 350mg of beetroot, which according to a 2017 study by Nutrients, is known to help maintain healthy levels of nitric oxide (NO) and promote healthy lung function. In place of creatine, which can be habit-forming, or cause damage to your organs when used inappropriately, Swimboost uses beetroot to increase blood flow, improve lung function, and strengthen muscle contraction. Beetroot is shown to have lasting health benefits on top of being an incredible pre-workout supplement; unlike creatine, which provides only short bursts of increased energy. Additionally, studies have found a connection between magnesium and potassium deficiencies and muscle cramping; Swimboost contains carefully balanced levels of magnesium and potassium to prevent mineral deficiency and swim-ending cramps.

Nutritional Facts:

How should I drink Swimboost?

Before your swim, mix a single packet of Swimboost with water, fruit juice, or your favorite pre-swim smoothie. The natural Strawberry Kiwi flavoring is delicious on its own and mild enough to mix with just about anything! By drinking a packet of Swimboost before your workout, you will swim faster, stronger, and for longer. 


In Short:

Swimboost is unlike any of the cheap-to-make, unnatural, stimulant filled pre-workouts that the fitness industry has been pushing on everyone. Made of completely natural and recognizable ingredients, Swimboost was created to unleash your potential as an athlete while promoting long term health and happiness.

Payton Appah
Payton Appah

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