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open water swimming

Underwater Ambassador: Patrick Cobb

Patrick is an avid swimmer and enjoys swimming in his neighborhood pool frequently. BUT he wasn't always a swimmer and when it was ...

for a swimmerAmbassador Hightlight: Johnny Strickland

Ambassador Hightlight: Johnny Strickland

Johnny found a love for swimming a little later in life. He really didn't know how to swim too well when he first started...

Underwater Ambassador: Goldy Walfish

When Goldy was little, she was terrified of putting her face in the water. “I was that one kid at the local town swimming lessons t...

atheleUnderwater Ambassador: Jackie Bunce

Underwater Ambassador: Jackie Bunce

Learning how to swim as an adult is hard... and it gets boring. Watch or read Jackie's swimming journey!

Setting New Goals For 2022

Setting New Goals For 2022

Are numbers the problem? Should we abandon measurable goals altogether? I wouldn’t go that far… But I believe that changing your relationship with numbers-based goal setting could have a massive im...

Feel Better at Any Age

Feel Better at Any Age

Everyone is capable of feeling healthy and full of life- no matter your age! But, that isn't going to happen by chance, it requires action. That's why we put together 4 quick and easy tips for you ...