Introducing the SWIM iPod Shuffle

It’s awesome, isn’t it? It’s such a stellar sport and pastime. Can you imagine what summers would look like if there was no such thing as swimming?
I don’t even want to think about it. It’s soul crushing!
Can you imagine swimming getting any better? Well, guess what, it just DID! Because now, you can LISTEN TO MUSIC at the same time.

Underwater Audio ipod shuffle blueHow Can I Use It?

This little gadget is perfect for swimming and really any summer activity.
“Why?” you might ask… Well, because you can literally take it anywhere with you. Which means you can where it while doing ANYTHING!
Going to the beach? No problem- wear it while you swim in the ocean… Sand dunes? Bring it along for a ride on the quads… A muddy hike in the tropical rain forest? Absolutely.
You name it and the Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle can go there with you.

Swimbuds with space gray iPodAbout Underwater Audio

It holds 2 GB of music!
And that’s plenty to infuse any outdoor activity with some rad beats all day long!
“Underwater Audio uses a proprietary process that is unique to the industry to waterproof your iPod from the inside out, giving you a 100% watertight music player.”
ifloatie in waterIf you buy a bundle, it comes with Swimbuds Headphones which are also waterproof and designed to stay in during flipturns. AND you get a free iFloatie Open Water System (a little life preserver). Which is nice for hanging out in the ocean or at the lake. You can wear it without worrying about it sinking if it becomes unclipped.
In a nutshell, this little gadget it THE BEST! If you have anymore comments or questions, feel free to write to us in the section below.

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