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iFloatie-Open Water Protection System



• When the water is rough and you want to safeguard your investment, the iFloatie system adds the security of extra protection, tether and high visibility buoy.

• iFloatie underwater iPod shuffle system is compatible with all Underwater Audio Gen 4 and 5 waterproof iPod shuffles.

• To prolong battery life, remove iPod from jacket when extra security is no longer needed.

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Product Description

Secure it. Hit the waves without worries.

Underwater Audio has collaborated with our surfing and open water community to create

an innovative system to protect and secure your iPod in open or rough water. The iFloatie

waterproof iPod case has a jacket that fits snugly around your underwater iPod shuffle, while the

attached tether and buoy offer extra piece of mind.

Enjoy it. No fear.

Take your iPod into the open water without fear. Underwater Audio’s iFloatie waterproof iPod case

allows you to push yourself and enjoy the water without fear of losing your valuable iPod.

Recover it. Get it back.

Wipe outs happen. That’s why the iFloatie system’s jacket is designed to protect your

waterproof iPod from rough falls and the high visibility buoy will make it easier to locate

and recover the iPod if it becomes detached from you.

What you get:

  • One black silicone iPod Shuffle jacket
  • 1 Six inch tether
  • 1 High visibility orange iFloatie buoy
  • 1 Black carabiner
  • Small black bag for easier carrying options


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