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Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones

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Many of our customers have told us that they really, really HATE the tedious task of wrapping long headphone cords. Swimbuds headphones provide a short cord and excellent audio quality.

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    Reviews (119)

Product Description

Swimbuds are 100% waterproof. They are designed to be used in, under and around water. If you swim laps, choose from one of three tree shaped earbud sizes to create a watertight seal in your ears. If you are in a “splash zone” like stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, or boating, you may want to use the round set of earbuds that doesn’t create a seal for the greatest comfort.

Swimbuds are rugged. We’ve left these wrapped around goggle straps, taken them in the steam sauna and ran them through the wash. They just keep working.

Swimbuds are easy to use. First of all, they stay in! Secondly, with the new extra-short cord, there is no more wrapping long lengths of cord around goggle straps and Velcro pieces! Swimbuds short-cord headphones for swimming create less drag in water. No loose cord loops get caught in your gear or obstruct your head and arms while you swim. The extra-short cord is 10 inches long and enables you to easily use the iPod underwater with goggles.

Swimbuds are comfortable. Although it’s difficult to call anything that lodges in your ear canal truly wonderful, Swimbuds create a great waterproof seal. They are made with soft and malleable plastic with no hard edges. To get the best sound quality underwater, you need a good seal, so each headphone comes with three sizes of ear buds – small, medium and large. Choose the one that fits you best!

Underwater earphones available in white and black.
Compatible with most music players, including iPods

What you get:

  • One pair of Waterproof Short Cord Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones*, with 1-year warranty
  • 1 FREE 39-inch (1m) Swimbuds Waterproof Audio Extension Cord (same color as headphones)
  • 4 sets of interchangeable waterproof earbuds to create a custom fit
  • 1 set of earbuds to use for out of the water
  • 1 half-ounce tube of our proprietary FitGoo to help earbuds form a watertight seal (US only)
  • Hours of underwater audio listening

* For safety reasons, these and all headphones for swimming that create a tight seal should not be used below 10 feet.

Specs and Info:

  • Short Cord Length: 0.8ft/ 0.25m
  • Standard cord length: 4ft/1.2m
  • Plug: 3.5mm nickel-plated
  • Earbud Style: In-ear
  • Driver unit: Φ 10mm, 6u
  • Speaker impedance: 16ohm ±10%
  • Speaker sensitivity: 102dB ± 3 dB
  • Speaker frequency: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Maximum input power: 30mW
  • Weight: 12g

119 reviews for Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve used the new headphones for the past couple days swimming, and they are great. They are a significant improvement on the original design. I wasn’t really bothered by the original design, although occasionally when doing flip turns, I’d get caught up in the wire, and usually during a 45 minute swim workout, the thing around my ear would come off a few times. But with the new design, no wire to contend with, no problems with flip turns, and the headphones never need readjusting during my swim workout.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I ordered short and long headphones in my first order and started out using the short buds first. So simple to use and no lengthy cord to contend with. I haven’t used the longer buds yet, because the shorter buds are doing such a great job. They stay in place and all that is left is to enjoy the music, swim, and play in the water.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I called customer support. They suggested that I first try a dab of Vaseline on the bud tips before I put them in my ears. Well, that did the trick perfectly. The earbuds now fit snuggly and comfortably in both my ears for my whole 1 hour swim without any hint of loosening up. The music sounds quite good and is very clear, including bass. Very happy with the ipod and buds!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I received the waterproof ipod & headphones as a gift and have been testing them out in the lake (NZ summer). Not a big person so played about with which size earbud to use.
    Vaseline trick works well, thanks for that

  5. Steve

    Excellent product, fantastic sound, great customer service – had a problem with the swim buds when the unit 1st arrived, but one call to customer service and a new pair of swim buds was shipped out the same day – fantastic, love the product and the customer service, I recommend this to everyone I see at the pool.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Todd H

    Love the new swimbuds! Have been using SPEEDO MP3 stock headphones and they just became so annoying to get them to stay in for any length of time. The first time I used my headphones they stayed in for an hour long swim. Wow! Never experienced that before and was nice not to have to mess with them. Also, someone else here had posted dabbing a bit of Vaseline in ears to help the seal. I did and will continue to do as it helped me.

    p.s. be sure that bud is securely attached to headphone. one of mine fell off, but was probably user error or to excited to try them.

  7. Tracy

    I love my new iPod! It’s awesome! I have been working out more in the pool just so I can listen to my music. The sound is good and the headphones are great. Thanks guys

  8. Ava Menezes

    My last purchase was actually only for the waterproof swimbuds because my old pair stopped working (they were nearly two years old). The swim buds are working well though; the cord seems to be more flexible – which is good. My waterproof iPod is continues to work as good as the day I received it. The sound quality is amazing! I actually lost my first one and have to order a new one several months ago – I couldn’t stand not having music when I swam! I have shown my family, friends, and co-workers my iPod and have made many referrals to Underwater Audio. It would be great if the product was more accessible in Canada though.

  9. Donna

    The earphones are absolutely wonderful! The sound quality, even out of the water, is great and I LOVE the short cord…not having to wrap a long cord up and tuck it into my cap is so very nice! I have recommended your product to at several people who swim.

  10. Catherine M.

    This product is amazing!!!!!!!!! Can’t say enough good about it!

  11. Karin

    I have used the headphones every day since they arrived. I like them very much. It took awhile to find the ear plugs that worked best. The [plastic guards were really painful when you put a swim cap on so I took them off. I hope the cords are durable so they don’t short out. I prefer the round nubs but they didn’t fit in my ear well enough to keep the water from blocking the sound. I am getting used to the cone shape ones although they take a few moments to secure them properly. it’s great not having the long cord to deal with. I am very pleased with this item and would recommend them to other swimmers.

  12. Kevin

    I love them….but they got stolen! Thus, I’ll be ordering another pair. They are the best under water headphones I’ve used….

  13. John P.

    I am completely satisfied with my purchase. They are very high quality. I use them all the time and love them.

  14. Howard

    They are terrific. I think they are a top quality product and the one time I needed to contact your company, you were fantastic. I not only bought your product for myself, I bought it for a colleague who swims. H.

  15. Raymond

    I swim laps at the Y here in Bellingham. I used to have all that case gear to deal with and had to replace them quite often because
    of their closing mechanisms.
    Yours have been magnificent. I have lost one set and reordered and got delivery promptly. The 2 piece ear buds are a smart innovation as
    I always fought the longer leads and the short lead is perfect for me. I swim with a partial wet suit top and just throw the player inside next
    to my upper chest and zip it up. People are surprised that I immerse the iPod in the pool and I always refer to you folks down in Oregon.
    As an old marketing man I want to congratulate you on a very smart looking web site.

  16. Debra

    Have been swimming 4 days a week and enjoying every minute. Headphones are working great!

  17. Pamela

    Absolutely love them. I originally used them just for kayaking but I have been able to maneuver them under my swim cap for great listening enjoyment as well.

  18. Griselle

    Wonderful product. I’m very happy with these headphones. Thank you!

  19. Sheryl

    I love my headphones. I swim a mile three times a week and they are working great!

  20. Dan

    The headphones are awesome. I use them all the time in the pool.

  21. Steven

    This is my second pair of your head phones. I use them several times a week in both salt water and fresh water pools while lap swimming. I have tried other brands. I find yours superior in fit , comfort and ease of use. The shorter wiring is especially nice for attaching to my goggle strap.

    I think your product is great. I have referred lots of curious people to your website. The only negative comment is the amount of people that interrupt my swimming workout to ask if my iPod and headphones really waterproof!

  22. Sheila

    BEST.SOUND.EVER!!!! I’ve been using a device that attaches to my goggles, and I LOVE that, but by the time you purchase an ipod, etc it’s quite costly. I have an old ipod, an older waterproof case, and your headphones and my swims are quite delightful!!

  23. Nan

    so far so good! I use them to do laps three times per week for about an hour each time….Because prior to your product I had so many issues with other waterproof earbuds I was reluctant to jinx these by telling you how awesome they are…but they truly are and the variety of size covers make is wonderful. love them…thanks for a great product! Nan

  24. Jennie

    I love my underwater headphones.They are the only ones I tried that keep the water out. I want to buy another pair!

  25. Lisa

    I love my headphones and have no complaints. Use them all the time.

  26. Anthony

    Couldn’t be happier with the headphones. I swim with them all the time.

  27. Lynn

    The headphones are quite nice, and I am enjoying them very much when I do water workouts.

  28. MJ

    I love it, love it, love it ! I’ve never experienced such relaxation while swimming. thank u for making such a great product. the customer service was also wonderful. friendly and fast. thanks so much. I’ll never go swimming again without my I-pod shuffle.

  29. Kelly F

    I love it!! It took a few times to figure out which ear buds fit me the best. I find that I swim faster and am out of breath more which is great taking off the weight! I recommend it to everyone at my pool!

  30. Daniel

    The ipod is awesome, really impressing how good quality music I get when swimming my lanes, never want to stop. Great Product. It feels like the music is even more intense when diving.

  31. Steve

    Just wanted you to know that I use my waterproof headphone nearly every day. I love them! The first pair was great until one of the headphone stopped working. But, so far, I am not having any problems with this new pair and I love using them. I also appreciate that fact that you have emailed me to check on this new pair of headphone for problems. That is impressive customer service.

  32. Jose

    I appreciate your interest in my satisfaction with your product.
    I am a heavy sweat runner. Yours is the 4th headset I try. While the others had died on me after 2 – 3 runs, your headsets have withstood my runnings without a single glitch.
    So far, I am very happy with your product.

  33. Spencer

    Have been using the waterproof shuffle for over a year. It had worked incredibly well. Listening to NPR podcasts is the only thing that allows me to swim the laps that I do for exercise – 45 minutes to an hour. The original earphones degraded. I was happy to have an excuse to purchase the short corded replacement. Thanks for the great products

  34. Jonathan

    Fantastic product and find the white short earbud system works the best.
    Will be recommending these products to others and would like the extend my thanks to you for a trues great product.

  35. Robert Briones

    I have been using an underwater MP3 player for close to 3 years now. It is great to listen to music while working out in an environment that would normally be without sound at all.

    The headphones that came with the Speedo MP3 player I bought, were both uncomfortable and difficult to keep in place.

    Then I bought and used the H2O Audio Surge headphones. They worked “”OK”” They shifted constantly, failed 3 times and were replaced, albeit under warranty the first times. This last time was when I tried to find some new ones. I tried some others that were too bulky and would shift when I made my turns in the pool.

    Your headphones do work great. The ear buds do a great job of sealing and allowing for good sound quality. These by far, have been the best headphones for underwater use that I have tried. The short cord also lends itself perfectly to being attached to my goggles.

  36. Filippo

    I’m quite happy with your product, I had an hard time trying to find a pair of headphones that effectively block the water and stay in the ear canal.
    Thanks again 🙂

  37. Caroline

    I’m in love with the headphones! I’ve unfortunately already had to report that the left earbud had lost sound, but you guys have already shipped me a new pair. Even with only one functioning earbud, I continued to wear them. The elongated earbud shape option is pure genius and the Vaseline lip balm you shipped with the headphones was highly appreciated! I don’t know how I ever survived the ever present tangle of long headphone cords in the past. Dealt with that aggravation for years. I’ll never tolerate it again.
    Excellent product!!!!!! Excellent customer service too!
    Thank you!

  38. Rick

    I try to swim an hour five days a week at my YMCA. It can get pretty boring having your head underwater for an hour. I purchased a waterproof player and thought I was good to go. The problem was the headphones stopped working after a week! I contacted the company, and they sent me another pair of headphones. The same thing happened to me, again. I then tried two other headphones from different companies with the same results. I was doomed to swim for an hour without audio. One day, I decided to do an Internet search for another pair of headphones. I found yours. When I got them, I was expecting them to not work, just like all the others. BUT something was different with them? They worked, and they are still working! I love it. I can swim my one hour listening to music and podcasts. They time goes by quickly and enjoyably. Thank you for your great product. It really does work!

  39. rick

    Great buds I esp like the cord length. Been using them for a few weeks now (about 8 hours) and appreciate how well they seem to hold up. I think the mistake I might have made in the past with all the underwater ear buds is to grab the wires to pull them out. You really have to stop and think through that process .. and always grab by the molded stub. That’s a bit tough because those stubs are tiny.

    Also (and this is true of ANY earbud) when you pull the jack from your player .. you need to think that one through as well .. always pull by the molded handle not the wires. Pulling either the bud or the jack by the wire is simply going to decrease the life of the buds.
    Esp when one ear bud plays and the other does not .. that often caused by that wire yank. Finally I have seen some site suggest crazy gluing the silicon ear piece to the actual bud. I think I will try that, because I often have the ear piece detach and stay lodged in my ear.

  40. Robert B.

    I am thrilled with my swimbud earphones. The sound is crystal clear and they make a great seal so water does not get into the ears. Fabulous product

  41. Carol Fletcher

    Satisfied with the product.

  42. Timothy

    Great products you can’t find anywhere else. The under water earphones have an awesome sound and have been extremely dependable over the years.

  43. Matofa

    I use the Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones for Paddleboarding. The sound is pretty good even when heading into a strong headwind and, as important, they stay in my ear even when wet.

  44. Janine Gregson

    These swimbud headphones are fantastic. I have used them for years. They are reliable and have a number of different sized buds to fit your ears plus an extension if you want a longer length.

  45. Michael Cantatore

    The waterproof swim buds are excellent while running or working out while out side. In the past my ears would fill with moisture while running, now it’s not a problem. The buds perform better than expected.

  46. Bonnie

    I use the swimbuds everyday and they never let me down. Getting a chance to listen to music while doing my morning workouts in the pool makes my day!

  47. Manny Romero

    I love my underwater audio. Sometimes I work out longer in the pool just because I have music. I even use them when I went surfing and just make sure they were secured to my head safely. Even when I’m not in the water or use them on my runs along the beach there just great. I can recommend this to anybody.

  48. Francine F.

    The ear plugs and very comfortable, stay in place, and the sound is awesome!

  49. Tom B.

    I love my water proof headphones, it makes swimming much more entertaining

  50. Jacqueline S

    Works great!! Multiples size earbuds a big plus.

  51. Allison W

    These headsets are perfect for lap swimming.

  52. HJ

    I’ve used the short-cord swim buds for about 4 years. Without question, it is the best waterproof earphones on the market. I have tried 3 other earphones, but none compare to this product. They fit easily into the ears and because of the tapered buds, remain in place. It’s the only waterproof earphones I’ll use.

  53. Cathy R.

    I love these. I use them swimming laps, for about a year now, and could not be more pleased.

  54. michael g

    I like the sound underwater, it’s almost better than above water

  55. Leif

    Recently bought the swim buds waterproof headphones. Underwater Audio website was easy to use, head phones came on time and received follow up emails with tracking info (which I did not use).
    Have only used headphones a couple times but they worked great. Very happy with them, use them for swimming and paddling my OC1.

  56. Chris M

    I was very skeptical about this earphone at first. Listening to music underwater is not common, or more like unheard of. I am extremely satisfied with my new earbuds and am able to concentrate on my workouts. Thanks underwater audio!

  57. John

    Swim buds work great

  58. Kelly DuPee

    Works great. Glad I got it.

  59. Noel Southern

    As an overseas customer I was amazed at how quickly I received my underwater earphones, they are great for my workout and also prevents any water any the eardrum, thanks for the prompt and efficient service.

  60. DAVID Linde

    Sound is excellent and much clearer than waterfi’s equivalent model. The cord could be shorter to eliminate the necessity to rope them around one’s goggle straps but it’s a minor grumble.

  61. Stephani Ackerman Werner

    i waited a while before I wrote a review as it seems that waterproof headphones don’t work as well over time. It was hard to part with the money for these headphones knowing that water and electronics don’t mix well but I have to say these are the best I’ve used so far ! The only time they don’t stay in is if I stray from what works best with my ears. I would purchase them again.

  62. Steve Baldwin

    This is my 2nd pair of Underwater Audio headphones. I was very happy with my 1st pair but after 2 years of wear and tear they no longer worked. I have used different brands since them but none worked as well. Worth every bit of $40.

  63. David Eigenberg

    Same day turn around on filling my order. Ear buds work well. A little bit of patroleum jelly on the ear piece helps a lot with being able to hear my music.

  64. Darby

    I learned to swim watching you-tube videos– so it was uphill all the way. Just finished my third triathlon. I could not have managed it without your headphones.

  65. Christa

    By far the best swimbuds for swimming. You don’t hear anything but the music. Amazing! Well worth the money.

  66. John Hassett

    Swim buds work great

  67. Ann Preston

    Product was exactly as described and was delivered earlier than expected. I was delighted.

  68. Janet Birnkrant

    Excellent fun to use the short ones are the best

  69. Beth Howlett

    Works great! Enjoying swimming to music!

  70. James Wallen

    Service was wonderful. And the product the product works great

  71. Michelle Wellen

    customer service is very helpful. product is great but you have to take care of the headphones. I love it

  72. Noel Southern

    As an overseas customer I was amazed at how quickly I received my underwater earphones, they are great for my workout and also prevents any water any the eardrum, thanks for the prompt and efficient service.

  73. Eileen Trotta

    Great product! Love that the earphones act as earplugs!!

  74. Pat Loughran

    The waterproof headphones are working really well so far. Great sound coming through them and really blocking out any water that wants to intrude.

  75. Frank Johnston

    Underwater audio was quick and had great ear phones which have work well and are comfortable . I would no hesitate to recommend them and their products

  76. Jeri Garfinkel

    Love it….makes me swim longer and happier!

  77. Peter West

    Waterproof headphones never leak and put out great sound no matter what stroke you swim

  78. Philip Bomeli

    The headphones are very comfortable in my ears. I tried another brand previously but they really hurt my ears. These ones are nice and comfortable. The sound comes through nicely as well.

  79. Stan Miser

    My underwater audio stuff works great

  80. Jennifer Rhodes

    Just bought myself another pair and discovered to my pleasant surprise that they also come in black. I use mine in the hot tub and steam room and have not had any problems. I love that they also come with an extension as well so that you have the option of leaving the music player out of the pool

  81. Jaime Hinojos

    Great product and great customer 9

  82. Michael Bray

    My order of Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones was exactly what i needed.

  83. Elly Yates

    As always underwater audio has the best waterproof products and the delivery is always on ton time

  84. Robert Valley

    Great experience, quick and efficient service!

  85. Judith Furer

    Ordering was easy and the headphones showed up on a timely basis

  86. Liam Jones

    I used to get so bored when I was lap training in the pool. The underwater audio iPod has revolutionised my swimming experience and I am so grateful! Thanks! 🙂

  87. Patricia Everett

    I swim 2 times a week for over an hour. The music quality is excellent and the battery life is impressive.

  88. Elaine Bridgman

    As a senior, who actively swims a mile three or four times a week, I was delighted when my children gave me underwater audio for Christmas last year.
    The system enhanced my tenacity and enjoyment hugely.
    The hearing lanyard slowly failed, and I found you guys on line lo and behold, there in full sight was the component I needed. I easily and very quickly received my replacement. So happy. Now I am looking into extension of music options. Excited. Thankyou

  89. Louis Gambucci

    Good Product and Good Service. I recommend this product

  90. Susan Rudman

    really like the whole package from different size ear buds to short or long cords. waterproof ipod and your earbuds allow me to swim more.

  91. Jennifer Runyon

    Great product and friendly service! Happy with my earbud purchase.

  92. Courtney Campbell

    Overall, a great experience with exceptional customer service and quick delivery time.

  93. Terry Mihok

    Great sound, fits well. I’ve had my underwater iPod for more than a year, and use it almost everyday. I just replaced the earbuds, but other than that it’s been great!

  94. Wendy Master

    I can’t say enough good things about my waterproof iPod and earbuds. I can’t swim without my music now. Not only is it entertaining, but it speeds up my stroke. Others in the pool ask me about it all the time and ask me where I got it. A fellow lap swimmer bought one after asking about mine, and she says she can’t live without it either. I am starting a trend!

  95. Nancy Yedlin

    This is my second pair in 3 years. My first pair still works but only in one ear; I finally gave in and bought my second pair.

  96. Sarah Peterson

    Easy, convenient, fast shipping. Thanks!

  97. Kathleen Haugh

    Love the new headphones with the shorter cord.

  98. Cecile Wolfe

    Having music while swimming has made all the difference . The hour I do laps flies by when I can enjoy the waterproof iPod. I count the songs instead of watching the clock. Fifteen songs usually makes one hour

  99. Iona Goodwin

    I love my underwater headphones. I can swim laps without getting bored – so I swim more laps! The buds stay in as I swim and don’t hurt my ears (unlike some I’ve tried). Love them!

  100. Peter Ullmayer

    Wonderful, great product. no hick ups with delivery. great service.

    you guys are super

  101. Richard Kreusser

    I’ve had a waterproof ipod for a little over a year, made by your competition. While the ipod itself was okay (it had a couple flaws, like the play/pause button doesn’t work, but it still plays when you power it up), the earbuds kept failing. They did have a one-year warranty on them, so I kept getting new pairs, which was nice, but I must have gone through 5 pairs in a year.
    Finally, after the warranty period was over, I decided to try your earphones. They work wonderfully! I am so happy to have trouble-free, clear-sounding music when I swim. And the EQ is really good…not too trebly, not too bassy. They are just right! So thank you very much–I am delighted with your product.

  102. Annelies Atchley

    Thank you for your help and fast delivery of the orders. I give you guys a 5 all the way.

  103. Mike Saffle

    I have been contacted by the company co-founder. He informed me that they have an improved design that helps prevent this problem. They are sending me a new pair. I think this is excellent customer service from a company that cares about it product and clients.

  104. Eugene White

    Great site and great product. Have swam countless
    lap for hours with a crazy odd playlist blasting in my ears.

  105. Amy Grom

    Underwater Audio definitely changed my whole attitude towards swimming laps. Now I can’t swim without it!

  106. Pamela Jones

    After years of trying to find the best underwater reception, I have found that Underwater Audio earbud “trees” are by far the best. They require personal sizing and a little finesse, but if these steps are followed, reception is clear for the duration of the swim: First, thread them beneath the goggle strap as shown on the package photo to maintain stability. Second, apply a small amount of lubricant to each tree. Third, insert them and pull back just a little to form a suction. Enjoy perfect sound.

  107. Steve Hughess

    Love it. Keeps me pumped while swimming.

  108. Tammy Mason

    Great service! Fast results!

  109. Kim Meek

    Great communication. fast postage
    Thank you

  110. Margaret Washburn

    Very attentive, generous & efficient.

  111. Adam Duhl

    Very easy website to navigate; very quick turnaround from order of product(s) to delivery

  112. Cole Parker

    I wouldn’t do laps in a pool if I didn’t have a waterproof Ipod Shuffle and waterproof headphones from Underwater Audio! They are the perfect companion for triathlon training!

  113. Julius Arief

    Excellent product & service

  114. Tim Overmyer

    I use this product in the lap pool and it helps me swim for a longer duration. Sound is good, earbuds keep water out and the cord length is perfect. I would highly recommend this product

  115. Shirley L

    Excellent product. Great customer service.

  116. Margaret Boss

    We have been using Underwater Audio for the last 5 years. They are always helpful and courteous and they have good customer service.

  117. Rated 5 out of 5

    Edward Moore

    I really like your products

  118. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kevin Hurst

    Great product, I can’t imagine swimming laps without my SwimPod!

  119. Rated 5 out of 5

    Annelies Atchley

    Thank you for your help and fast delivery of the orders. I give you guys a 5 all the way.