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Swimming Provides Pain Relief

February 07, 2015 0 Comments

If you have ever lived with any kind of inflammatory disease, you understand how miserable it can be. It is truly the most awful condition. Nothing is worse than when it hurts to move your body. I have so much compassion for people who deal with this.
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But there is something that might provide relief: swimming!

How swimming helps

You may be wondering how this could possibly be true. It sounds too good to be real. But according to the studies, swimming can really do the trick!
When compared to acontrol groupSwimmers who suffer from rheumatism, fibromyalgia or asthma report that winter swimming relieves pain.

Personal Experience

This isn’t exactly my own personal experience… but it is my mother-in-laws personal experience. She deals with arthritis pain on a daily basis. My wife says, somedays, it hurts so bad in the morning that she just lays in bed holding her hands for at least an hour.
Well, my mother-in-law tried swimming on a regular basis to see if it helped. She told me that she thinks it has made her joints a bit more lubricated and less stiff and inflamed. So, apparently this really works!
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Underwater Audio

Since this blog has probably inspired you to try swimming as a method to relieve pain, there are some tips you should know! While you are at the gym swimming hard, you may want some background music.
This is my recommendation: Buy a Waterproof iPod Shuffle by Underwater Audio.
It’s truly awesome-sauce. Trust me, you want one. It makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable and entertaining!

Your Opinion

Do you swim for the purpose of pain regulation? If so, what is your condition and how has it helped you? We would love to know more.
If you have any other comments or questions, feel free to write us in the section below.

Ally Henley
Ally Henley

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