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How to Make a Customized Swim Workout Playlist

May 09, 2014 0 Comments

What is the future of swimming and fitness?
Is it some new innovation?
Or a piece of technology?


We think we’ve found the answer! First step: grab your underwater iPod and waterproof earbuds. 
At, you can now download swim workout tracks. Featuring tracks include awesome “quick tips.”  We would like to demonstrate how these “quick tips” can optimize your work out playlist when paired with some of music’s current top hits!
We created a customized swim work out that is approximately one hour long and 2,000 meters.

freestyle man swimmer swimming


Duration: 8:46 min.
Distance: 5×50 FREESTYLE
Freestyle Tip #1 (00:42 min.)
Tesselate- Ellie Goulding (3:57 min.)
Freestyle Tip #2 (00:47 min.)
Levels – Avicii(3:20 min.)

swimmer breathing

Simply Swim UK Photo via Flickr


Duration: 6:35 min.
Distance: 5×50
Breathing Tip Long Version  (00:57 min.)
Holy Grail – Justin Timberlake & Jay Z (5:38 min.)


Duration: 7:24 min.
Distance: 3×100
My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark – Fall Out Boy (3:07)
Head Position Tip Long Version (1:06 min.)
Imagine Dragons – I’m on Top of The World (3:11 min.)


butterfly stroke swimmer swimming
Duration: 31:57 min.
BackstrokeTip #1(00:37 min.)
Pompei -Bastille(3:52 min.)
BackstrokeTip #2 (00:33 min.)
Eye of the Tiger – Survivor (4:11 min.)
BackstrokeTip #3 (00:27 min.)
Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (7:03 min.)
BreaststrokeTip #1(00:38 min.)
backstroke swimmer swimming

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now (3:37 min.)

BreaststrokeTip #2
(00:44 min.)
Pharrell Williams – Happy (4:07 min.)
ButterflystrokeTip#1 (00:35)
Queen & David Bowie – Under Pressure (3:57 min.)
ButterflystrokeTip#2 (00:35)
leisurely swim swimmer swimming


 6:41 min.
Distance: 300 EZ
I Love It- Icona Pop, Charlie XCX(2:36)
Sail- Awolnation(4:05 min.)

Now it’s your turn

You can use our “quick tips” to build your own customized playlist that’s perfect for you! Just decide how long you want your workout to be and add tracks to fill that length of time. Choose whatever music you swim to best!
If you feel stuck on how many meters you should allocate to each stroke, google: “swim workouts” and you’ll find lots of routines to choose from.
The key is to throw in some “quick tips” periodically throughout your playlist to coordinate with whatever stroke you’ll likely be working on. This will help give you friendly reminders about technique to keep improving. If you need help creating your own playlist, feel free to comment! We’re happy to help.

Ally Henley
Ally Henley

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