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5 Ways to Listen to Underwater Music

November 11, 2014 0 Comments

Gone are the days of listening to your own splashes in the pool. Just grab one of these devices for a fun and easy way to listen to your favorite tunes underwater!

1. Underwater Audio Delphin Bundle - $220 to $280 

Delphin and Swimbuds Sport Bundle

Have you ever wished you could take your favorite audio and music apps into the water with you? Well, it's no longer just a dream with the Delphin!
The Delphin is a small, light, 100% waterproof smart device with a touchscreen that makes navigating your apps and music a breeze. It's an independent smart device, which means you don't need a computer or phone to use it. Instead, it connects directly to WiFi and enables you to download your music, podcasts, or audiobooks from Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Audible, and more!
Two cool apps are the Lap Tracking App and Zello:
  • The Lap Tracking app enables you to receive your lap times audibly while you swim! How cool is that? And, if you download the companion app on your phone, you will be able to record your workout information and review it whenever you want.
  • Zello, or other walkie-talkie apps, enable you to receive feedback from your coach while you are swimming.Imagine the possibilities that you can open by having instant feedback on your form. 
The Delphin's rugged exterior, external buttons, and clip on the back for clipping the Delphin to your goggles make it perfect for any water activity you want to use it for. The versatility of features available makes the Delphin a must-have swim training tool for any swimmer.

2. Underwater Audio SYRYN Bundle - $60 to $110

The SYRYN is a waterproof mp3 player with 8 GB of memory. It can hold approximately 2,000 songs! It also has an optional shuffle feature. SYRYN features simple USB plug-ang-play technology and is easy to use. To add songs, simply drag and drop your own MP3 (or WMA) files onto the SYRYN in the order in which you want them to play, or use the shuffle feature. It is compatible with Mac and Windows systems.

SYRYN Swimbuds Bundle

The SYRYN Swimbuds bundle is sold with Swimbuds waterproof headphones, which are designed for flip-turns with an extra-short cord and 4 sizes of earbud tips. With Swimbuds headphones, you'll spend more time swimming and less time adjusting.
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3. Underwater Audio Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch - $65 to $115

Maybe you're more comfortable using your own device. With this bundle, you can use your own Apple Watch to listen to music underwater. 

This bundle contains:

  • An Uku with 1-year warranty
  • USB-to-3.5mm charge/synch cable for Uku
  • A Clipi in either 38 mm or 42 mm for the Apple Watch (series 2 or 3) ( Apple Watch not included)
  • Your choice of headphones: all waterproof, all the time.

The Uku is a wireless audio receiver and MP3 player. You can connect the Uku wirelessly to your Apple Watch, clip the Uku and Apple Watch onto your goggles with the Clipi, and plug in your headphones to the headphone jack on the Uku. 
Or, you can download and listen to music on the Uku itself.

Along with the above items, every Swimbuds Kit for Apple Watch comes with these free gifts:

  • 1 oz travel container of AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense
  • A 30-minute audio swim training guide

Who doesn't like free stuff?!
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4. Underwater Audio iPod Shuffle Bundle – $225 to $275 iPod Sport Bundle

This incredible bundle gives you everything you need.
The bundle includes a waterproof iPod shuffle, a coupon for a free download of a 30-minute audio workout, the iFloatie Open Water System, and our most popular headphones, the Swimbuds Sport.
You’ll love the easy-to-use interface of the iPod shuffle. Just download your songs from iTunes onto the iPod for hours of fun at the pool while using the best in waterproof technology from Underwater Audio. The Swimbuds line of headphones were designed for flipturns and come with a short cord that won’t drag you down.
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5. Refurbished Underwater Audio iPod Shuffle Bundle - $140 to $190

Refurnished iPod Shuffle and Swimbuds Bundle

The bundle includes a refurbished waterproof iPod shuffle, Swimbuds waterproof headphones, and an Apple USB 3-inch charge/sync cable, AquaGuard, Fitgoo, and iFloatie iPod Shuffle flotation device. The refurbished iPod Shuffle has the same easy-to-use interface of the iPod shuffle. Download your songs from iTunes and you're ready to go swim for hours.
It has 2 GB of memory and an optional shuffle feature. The Swimbuds have a short cord that is designed to stay in during flip turns and won’t get in the way.
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Alec Zinsli
Alec Zinsli

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