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Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swimbuds Sport Bundle

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Our waterproof iPod Swimbuds Sport bundle provides the ultimate underwater experience.

  • New Swimbuds Sport headphones designed for a better fit, greater comfort, and rugged design.
  • Conveniently switch out songs and audio books with iTunes playlists.
  • Choose from 4 styles of earbud tips to find the best fit for you.
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    Reviews (338)

Product Description

This Bundle Includes:

  • Genuine Apple iPod shuffle, waterproofed by Underwater Audio (2-year warranty)
  • Extra-short cord Swimbuds Sport Waterproof headphones (1-year warranty)
  • FREE AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense (1 oz, US only)
  • Coupon for a FREE download of a 30-minute audio workout with Rebecca Soni ($30 value)

Underwater Audio created a waterproof iPod shuffle that you can take from land to sea and anywhere in between. Specially created for swimmers, water enthusiasts, and runners who exercise in all elements, this 2 GB iPod shuffle waterproof system has the latest design and user friendly features, with the extra element of being 100% waterproof!  Using a unique propriety process, Underwater Audio delivers a waterproof iPod for swimming that is watertight from the inside out.

Redesigned from the ground up, the Swimbuds Sport headphones offer more of what our customers ask for: Better fit, greater comfort, and a rugged design. Each headphone comes with multiple swimming earplugs so you can find your best fit. Swimbuds Sport headphones offers serious fit for the serious aquatic athlete. Swimbuds Sport retain our signature short cord. Designed to stay put during flip-turns and the most rigorous aquatic workout, it means fewer interruptions and more time underwater.

A variety of earbuds makes Swimbuds Sport the ultimate underwater music experience:

  • Trees: Designed for lap swimming and maximum noise isolation. Water cannot get in your ears while wearing these earbuds.
  • Fins (3 sizes): Many people find these earbuds great for lap swimming and other water sports. They fit the widest variety of ears. If trees don’t work for you, Fins likely will.
  • Ergos (4 sizes): These clear earbuds enable you to hear ambient noises while your run or bike while staying comfortably in your ears.
  • Rounds: Earbuds designed for use for normal activities out of the water

Go to our compare waterproof headphones page for more information on Swimbuds, Swimbuds Sport, HydroActive and HydroHarmony headphones.

New! Free 1 oz AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense (US only) for making sure your hair stays fresh and shiny after long hours of chlorine exposure. Just apply AquaGuard to damp or dry hair before your swim to keep away that nasty cardboard feeling.


The Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport Bundle includes a free download of the audio tracks ‘Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni’. Get tips on breathing, stretching, alignment and strokes from Olympic Medalist Rebecca Soni.

How to Get your Free Audio Tracks:

After you purchase from our website, you should get a confirmation email. There you will also find the downloadable audio for free! Click on the links and the audio will download to your computer.


  • Order the Swimbuds Sport bundle. A coupon code will arrive via mail with your iPod.
  • Go to the Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni product page.
  • Add the audio tracks to your cart.
  • Apply the coupon code.
  • The free tracks arrive after your order via downloadable audio.

What you get:

One genuine Apple iPod (4th Gen, 2 GB) waterproofed by Underwater Audio

  • Hours of underwater audio listening
  • Original Apple USB cable

One pair Swimbuds Sport waterproof headphones

  • 1 Swimbuds Sport zipper case for protecting your headphones and waterproof iPod.
  • 4 varieties of earbuds including Trees, Fins, Ergos (4 sizes), and Mushrooms.
  • 1 white 39-inch waterproof extension cord for length when you need it.

Pre-Swim AquaGuard Hair Defense (1 oz) (US only)
Coupon code for 30-minute swim workout and 22 quick swimming tips with Rebecca Soni

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New, Refurbished

338 reviews for Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swimbuds Sport Bundle

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  1. Ronald Boyer

    Frankly they are terrific!

    When I received my trial set, I had a great excuse to warm up the pool again for this year. I did so and I’m very happy I did! I swim a mile which is roughly 60 laps in my pool. I started by using the “tree” earbuds and thought I was in heaven. However, after 30 laps, they started letting in water and I knew I needed to try another type. I then tried the “fins” earbuds and once again, thought I was in heaven. They did a great job with the last 30 laps. The next day, I started with the fins and they did a great job with the full 60 laps.

    The fins do a great job of keeping water out and the sound in. They are the closest I’ve used that are more like some of my favorite over the ear headphones with outside sound reduction. Having a choice of different types of earbuds is inspired!

    The fins pretty much eliminated outside sounds and delivered some of the best sound available utilizing good quality headphones.

    With the ability of being able to simply replace earbuds in the future, they will also become very price effective. As you know, I’ve had some problem with headphones breaking during normal usage, I do not believe that will be the case with these new fins, especially the fin type, I will be trying the “ergos” and the “mushrooms” in the future but I am going to have a hard time switching from the fins configuration.

    These are excellent and thank you again for making them available, they increase the wonderful experience I’ve had with being able to have great sound while swimming!

  2. Wm Scot Ellis

    What a joy. Doing laps was always boring even though I love to swim. Getting these increased my lap time by 15 min and I really enjoy my time in the pool again !

  3. Craig Brown

    Just tried out the new Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones. Really great fit, created a perfect seal so no water got in my ears and they stayed in even while diving in or doing flip turns. Good sound too! Love this new design.

  4. Claudia Robinson

    This is one of the best purchases i have gotten in a long time. i am a novice swimmer but this helps me to swim the distance. I am able to swim for 2+ hours. I don’t focus on the lap but I just glide to my favorite tunes.

  5. Christy

    I love these improved earbuds! The fit is really comfortable & are easy to wear. The sound is great! I won’t even swim anymore without my “rig”. I actually spend a lot of time after my workout talking to others in the nearby lanes because they want to know about my underwater audio equipment.

  6. padl23

    Amazing product! Great sound! Really brings your swim to a whole new level of joy! Surreal! I love it! It is my favorite purchase since I bought my iPad a year ago!

  7. neil

    This totally changed my swimming experience! I’m actually going to the pool.
    Easy to use and works great!

  8. Dana Green

    Bought the waterproof iPod for my daughter and she loves it. She’s uses it daily, thank you! 🙂

  9. Cameron Steele

    I use my waterproof ipod when kiteboarding. The sports headphones stay in well, and there have never been any problems with the unit stopping due to being submerged and battered about. Loud music makes me jump even higher on the water. Loads of fun – highly recommended!

  10. Jennifer K

    I love my waterproof ipod and swim with it all the time! I have had no problems with it and love the variety of ear plugs available.


    I absolutely love my Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod and headphones! I use it for swimming and running and the sound quality remains excellent for both activities. It is hands down one of the best purchases I made all year. Highly recommend this product!

  12. Debra Lego

    Awesome product. Outstanding customer service. I wouldn’t swim laps without my Underwater Audio waterproof iPod and I wouldn’t buy it from anyone else. Highly recommend.

  13. Heather Benes

    I love it!!

  14. Preston Almarode


  15. Charles Grdina

    Great product backed up by outstanding customer service ! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the product to all who inquire about it. Nicely Done !

  16. Tony Marcos

    Everyone asks me where I got my Underwater Audio waterproof iPod. Jealousy travels faster under water.

  17. Mike Basil

    I’ve used several other swimming music products before discovering Underwater Audio, and UA’s is the best I’ve seen. They have very good customer service, and are competitively priced. I’m glad I found them.

  18. Jessica Campbell

    Fabulous product! No better companion on a long swim whether it be in a pool or open water. Great acoustics too. Makes a perfect gift for your favorite swimmer friend.

  19. James Shaw

    The iPod itself looks fantastic, just like it does straight from Apple. Can’t work out how they waterproof it. I got it delivered for Mothers Day, within 10 days of ordering it. Thanks guys.

  20. Karen Hendrickson

    Swimming laps has never been as enjoyable as it is with my waterproof iPod. I used to get bored staring at the line on the bottom while swimming but now that I can listen to music the time flies by. I can’t imagine ever swimming laps again with out it. I guarantee that if you try it you will love it.

  21. Karen Hendrickson

    Since I got my waterproof iPod I have been exercising much more. I downloaded some aerobic tapes and use this product every time. It works amazingly well and I’m so happy I don’t have to worry about it getting wet. I just clip it to my bathing suit, strap on the waterproof ear buds and on I go. Love it and when I”m asked about it I always tell them what a wonderful product this is.

  22. Winnie

    I love the tunes while I swim laps! It takes me to another world which makes the swimming time go quickly. The sound quality is excellent and I can hear my own breathing which makes the experience of stroke and breath very easy to maintain. I did have some issues with my first iPod mini but received excellent support in terms of troubleshooting and when these efforts were unsuccessful the unit was replaced as soon as I had a postal service tracking number to give them. The replacement has worked like a charm and I am pleased to offer a “resounding” endorsement for the product, the service and the staff of underwater audio. Thank you for allowing me to give this feedback.

  23. Debra W

    I could not be happier with my waterproof iPod! The headphones that come with it are KEY. They fit so well that I use them in all of my sports, not just swimming. Thanks to my Underwater Audio iPod my hour plus long swims fly by! Everyone is asking about it and I am happy to share what and where I got it! Kudos to you for designing a reliable and useful product.

  24. Judy Reckker

    My Underwater Audio Shuffle is the best thing I have ever received! Thankfully I let my family know I wanted it. How amazing to swim to tunes and I use it for running too! My swim buddies have bought them too after I showed them – makes a swim workout fun!

  25. Juan Rubio

    I love this thing. I swim for 45 mins every day and it works great, I wasn’t sure about it but since I tried it, I can’t stop using it.
    Thank you

  26. Joel D.

    I purchased an underwater audio iPod for swimming It has made the morning laps in the pool more exciting and I hardly notice the I am wearing earphones The sound is unbelievable and I wish I had got them earlier

  27. Bryan

    The underwater audio mp3 player is a great way to make my swim more enjoyable. The headphones are easy to use and stay in place. The ipod controls are easy to used, even when out of sight.

  28. Paul Mooter

    I have owned the Underwater Audio player now for over 3 years and absolutely LOVE IT! I swim 4 to 5 times a week (in the summer) in an outdoor 100 meter swimming pool and most of the swims are close to 2 hours, and they absolutely FLY by! I mostly listen to audio books as it doesn’t distract me from keeping my form while swimming. Music get’s me carried away sometimes and it’s like I’m dancing and not swimming! The unit is well made (It’s apple!) and simple to use. It’s so nice to just reach back and pause the story when I need to stop and rest or take water, or even to chat with someone who’s jumped in my lane. And quite often I get asked about my audio player and I probably sounds like a salesman as I an so enthusiastic about it! I tell them about how long I’ve had it and how easy it is to use and to take care of, AND about their customer service! TOP RATE! And while I do LOVE swimming, those long 2 hour swims would not be the same without having something like this to keep me distracted. And it’s simple to load up with stories or songs using iTunes. (well, if you can handle iTunes..hated it at 1st but getting used to it now). Anyway, IF and when this ever fails, I WILL buy another one as it fits my needs to a tee! Oh, and I have used it for running as well. I mean it’s TINY! Clip it on anywhere and you’ll forget you even have it. Just amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE this device!

  29. Pamela Richard

    I can say only the best of my waterproof iPod and ear buds! I am a recreational lap swimmer and have used mine now for over 2 years up to three times a week and when I forget to recharge it on occasion, I feel as though I may as well go home. (ha ha) When I first got my ear buds, I tried to make them fit snugly and soon found out that just putting them in my ears loosely does the trick. Every aspect of this product has performed to my expectations and I would recommend this light weight clip on model for any recreational swimmer.(Even stays put for flip turns.) I searched many reviews before choosing this product, but if you have any doubt, stop here…you will LOVE this! Happy years of musical swimming! P.S. I chose the long cord for ear buds in case I wanted to lay on a raft or do other water activities, when swimming, I just tuck the cord under my goggle strap and it has never been a problem.

  30. David Wiseltier

    I love my iPod shuffle it makes the laps disappear and the random play keeps things interesting.

  31. Paul Quinn

    I have used under water music for many years, starting with the first technologies that encapsulated the device. Needless to say they always ended up getting wet and damaging the device. Even the most recent competitor puts the shuffle in an enclosed case – they have still gotten wet. This is the only system that is easy to use and sounds great. I am a true believer – I swim off shore to train and find it very useful. Paul Ironman Finisher Frogman of Tampa Bay Finisher

  32. Marjorie Dickens

    My waterproof ipod and earplugs are everything they said they would be and more. They are a comfortable fit and there is no leakage. The sound quality is excellent.

  33. Stacy Cohen

    Love my underwater audio ipod and headphones. It has revolutionized my swimming…no longer mundane and boring!

  34. Arlene Semeco

    Great purchase! I bought it for my boyfriend and he loves it. He is also using it for running and it has come handy when raining. Highly recommended!

  35. John McFerson

    I’ve had the shuffle for over a year and really like them – recently upgraded to the new, improved headphones and they are indeed a marked improvement in sound quality. I find the staff very helpful and congenial!!!

  36. Anna Talbot

    I purchased the waterproof ipod because I was going to Mexico to swim with the whalesharks. I had the best day of my life swimming with the worlds largest fish in the middle of the caribbean sea all the while listening to music ! Everyone on the boat was amazed by my iPod and wanted one . I told them about the website and how to order one . This product combines to of my favorite things water & music thank you !

  37. Karen Ward

    This product is incredible! The ear buds never fall out of my ears and the battery lasts so long, it makes my workout so much more enjoyable! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  38. Deborah Dillon

    I LOVE my new waterproof iPodh, I wish I had discovered it years ago! It’s easy to use, works perfectly and I love that you included numerous ear buds to find a pair that work perfectly for you. Wonderful product!

  39. Kimberly Boigon

    LOVE! It’s perfect for lap swimming…makes the time go by so fast.

  40. Patricia Cooper-Smith

    Good, clear sound with no middle device to get between iPod and earphones. Seems like magic to waterproof iPod from inside out, but with a two-year warranty, I’m going for it. I’m the envy of my pool buddies, and some have been eyeing my new pool toy. Thanks!

  41. Claire

    Best. Thing. Ever! Swimming can be a bit…..boring, but not with music to listen to! Loaded up this tiny thing with all my favourites & it lasts a sensible number of sessions. Headphones take a bit of getting used to, but sound great when you get them right. I had a query early on which was handled promptly & efficiently. I get lots & lots of comments on my waterproof ipod & wouldn’t be without it

  42. Joey Terick

    You guys were the only company that really worked with me and tried to find the right product for my needs. Also when I had to return a product, the transaction was made very easy.

  43. Brigitte B.

    I have been using the ipod twice a week for one hour each time, and this for 2 years. Great product. Never had a problem.

  44. Tom Westrum

    Let me say that I am 50 years old and an avid gear hound and I have never written a review for any product I have used. My wife bought me the underwater ipod last winter. I swim laps occasionally and had previously used a waterproof case for my i shuffle but found it clumsy and uncomfortable so I quit using it a couple years ago. I found the underwater i shuffle from Underwater Audio to be fantastic. I usually don’t put any type of headphone into my ear but the underwater plugs that accompanied the ipod were not only comfortable but they also prevent any water from getting into the ear canal. I went from swimming 2 times a week to swimming 4 or 5 times a week. Well, about 2 months after I got the product it quit charging. I immediately called Underwater Audio and they appoligized for the inconvenience and they had a new product in the mail within days and I was up and simming by the end of the week. They didn’t wait for me to send the broken one back before they sent me the new one which I found refreshing. I have now been swimming for 4 months and have had no problems with the ishuffle. One charge easily will last the entire week and I like the voice that comes on and tells you when the batteries are getting low. The unit easily attaches to the gogle strap and the headphone cords are short and stay out of the way. The controls are easy to operate switching sounds and volume with just a touch of the finger but best of al the sounds quality is amazing, I highly recommend this product to everyone, especiually men like me that want to get rid of their man boobs! I’m proud to say mine are gone for good and it’s largely because of this great product from Underwater Audio! I rate the companyt and product 10 stars

  45. Angel Acosta

    My waterproof iPod shuffle has taken my water activities to a whole other level. Kyacking, rafting, jet skiis and many more activities have become more exciting to the tone of my own music. No longer will exercising in the pool be boring. Lap after lap, stroke after stroke, splash after splash…. Borrrring! Not anymore!! Music makes everything much more enjoyable and now with Underwater Audio I am no longer limited to where I can listen toy favorite beats.

  46. Martha Stevenson

    Great product and great customer service! I can’t swim now without my waterproof shuffle. When I had problems with my earphones customer service was right there with suggestions. I would recommend this product to those who are swimmers or just love being in the water.

  47. RON

    I swim laps most mornings and I bought a couple of the cheaper MP3 players of Ebay but they didn’t last, the earphones got rusty and the sound was ordinary. So when it was time to buy a new one I bought one from Underwater Audio. I have had it a few months now and it is the best thing I have bought the sound is great and the plugs fit well in my ears I would recommend this to anyone.

  48. Jane G

    I have to say that this is THE BEST piece of kit I own. I love swimming, however I always hated the monotony of it. Not anymore with this fabulous piece of equipment. It took a few attempts to get the correct ear buds to fit my ears and not to let water in and spoil the sound. A small amount of vaseline applied before you place them into your ears helps a treat. also helps to put the earphones in when you are dry and a swimming cap also helps keep everything in place. The battery life is brilliant. I am swimming for 75mins, 3 times a week and I have only needed to charge it once since I got it. The charge lasts for 3-4 weeks with this amount of use. I cannot recommend this item more. It easily plugs into your iTunes library and away you go. A must have for any swimming enthusiast!

  49. Caron S.

    I love my underwater audio purchase! I swim every day at the gym and i would usually stay for about 30 min watching the clock, now I stay for about an hour or more and leave feeling energized and fully worked out. I love also the flexibility of wearing while I run 5k’s, this way whenever I’m working out I can use the same playlist. Everyone asks at the pool where to get one and I say underwateraudio.com! Money well spent.

  50. David B

    The earphones are great, best ones I have used in 10 years. Now have 100 miles on them.

  51. Lindsay W

    The waterproof iPod is a great product. It’s amazing how well you can hear your music underwater. The headphones stay in your ears well while swimming. I’ve had the iPod for over a year and it holds its charge well because it doesn’t have a display screen.

  52. Jennifer Foster

    I love my lap swim listening to praise music on my water proof iPod. When I finish I am charged up ready to face the day.

  53. Jack Nusbaum

    I am a before sunrise, everyday lap swimmer. I have been since I can remember. Back when I started this routine, there were not even walkmans. So it has been years of really enjoying the quiet time in the water and listening to the sounds and rhythms of my swimming. Then one day I saw someone listening to music while they were swimming. This caught my attention and thought I would give it a try. Listening to my favorite music while swimming has taken my mornings to a whole new level. So if you are someone who has never tried this and would like to, this product the underwater audio is selling is what they say and you will be happy you bought it. I have had no issues except losing my little bottle of Vaseline you need for the ear buds. It must be floating in the pool drain somewhere. GREAT PRODUCT!!

  54. Meredith Sinclair

    I really love having an iPod mini. I was ready to give up swimming due to boredom but my little gizzmo is getting me through my workouts. It is holding up very well despite the fact that I accidentally put it through the washing machine! Great purchase.

  55. Chip Cray

    Works great…Easily clips to swimming goggles…Volume and Track buttons easy to access while in pool..Headphones have multiple size ear pieces to fit different size ears…Makes swimming fun


    my husband just loves his ipod , makes swimming go by very fast, hes swims 1 1/2 hr, 3 times a week and he said it seem like it’s only 1/2 hr. He has also told people about the ipod and now 3 people swim with them.

  57. Carrie W

    I bought this because I love to swim and listen to music, but I’ve never been able to do so together. This makes doing laps infinitely more interesting, which allows me to keep up my cardio in the winter when I cannot run or bike. I had the iPod break on me, and the folks at Underwater Audio were super cool in getting a new one out to me as I returned the old one. The customer service is great, and the product is awesome–just make sure you seal the earbuds tightly in your ears (the Vaseline helps).

  58. Danielle K

    The ipod sport pack that I receives last week is awesome! Works fantastic under water, headphones stay in place and they even drown out all the loud kiddies at the pool and let’s me focus on my workout. I’ve already recommended to friends and family. I couldn’t be happier!

  59. Cynthia

    I have two sets of underwater’s ipod shuffles and I love both. I may get a third one for swimming in the sea. I swear listening to music from their special ear buds makes my swimming smother and more enjoyable. I highly recommend this product.

  60. Laura Boche

    I have had my waterproof iPod shuffle and headphones for 3 months. I use it 2-3 times a week for 30 min. swims. I LOVE it. It has made swimming so much more purposeful for me. I’ve found plenty of workout tracks on iTunes that help me set my pace. I had trouble with the cord that connects my iPod to my computer-I contacted Underwater Audio and they sent a replacement free of charge immediately. I’ve been VERY pleased with both the product and the customer service. I recommend this to any swimmer I meet!

  61. Bob

    My experience with Underwater Audio has been excellent. The products are great. I use them all the time, including my waterproof iPod and waterproof ear buds. Products are as advertised and service is great.

  62. Michele

    I ADORE my Underwater Audio unit. It makes such a difference in my swimming to have music in my ears. The unit holds waaaay more songs than I’ll ever need (I’d have to be swimming the English Channel!)and rests lightly and securely on the back of my goggles. The charge lasts so long I sometimes forget it even needs a charge. The earbuds are super comfortable and come in a variety of sizes for perfect fit. I’ve never had a moments trouble with any of the components. A pleasure. Plus their customer service is wonderful. They always have time to answer questions and offer helpful advice and when the cord on a pair of my husband’s got a little compromised from over use they replaced it right away and free of charge ! The best!

  63. Annette

    I think my waterproof ipod shuffle is fantastic. It makes my hour swimming laps much more enjoyable. I also think I swim stonger. The ‘tree’ type ear plug is very comfortable and no cap needed to keep them in. I put a dab of pawpaw cream on the tip of ear piece which contributes to the comfort and seal. There is no problem with the quality of sound. I have also found the company fantastic to deal with. Even when I mistakenly returned something to them, they forwarded it on to correct company without me even asking. I love my waterproof ipod shuffle!

  64. Norm Reynolds

    great idea to have waterproof music for swimming. Also use for other activities where it can get wet or sweat. Easy to load music, and charge lasts a long time.

  65. Robert L

    Underwater audio delivers! The earbuds are robust and fit snugly in the ear, while still pumping out great sound. The cords are the right length for clipping to either the back of a ladies suit, or the strap of goggles. The iPod is reliable, with buttons the work consistently while still being waterproof. 10/10 would not swim laps without my Underwater Audio!

  66. Warren B.

    works great – seamless because it’s apple & have been using it for 8-9 months w/ battery life fantastic & no issues at all – will be giving these swim buds as gifts to swimming buds

  67. Kelly Bradbury

    I love my underwater iPod. I have had it for a few years and have never had any issues. The battery lasts and does not need to be charge for at least 4 swims depending how long I swim. The headphones are short in length and never fall out. Sometimes when removing the, ear buds it stays in my ear and needs to be put back on. The earpiece . The Music is nice and loud But sometimes needs adjusting in the ear. Listening to the music has been The best to get through some boring swims. I would highly recommend buying the iPod.

  68. Audrey

    Just love my underwater iPod. Works great and makes swimming laps much more enjoyable.

  69. Chandra S.

    This iPod saved me. I suffered a serious injury and was in a wheelchair for several months. Having the music while I swam made all of the difference. The sound quality is great with the ear phones that comes with the set. No need to order special ones. They sound just as good as the regular ones for dry use. iPod works great and it arrived within a few days. I would highly recommend getting one!

  70. Jimmy Gilliland

    Swimming for exercise- pretty boring without music! Underwater Audio’s waterproof iPod shuffle is terrific. Bundled with a good set of earbuds, the waterproof iPod makes the laps go easy.

  71. Leslie V.

    Loved it but had some trouble with the earbuds at first. Took some practice but in the process tore an earbud and the company replaced it gratis. They were very helpful in my several calls and, ultimately, I’m very pleased.

  72. Marshall Crebert

    my swim routine has been reenergised thanks to underwater audio shuffle. No longer just looking at the black line, enjoying the music makes exercise fun. Thanks

  73. Mollie Lewin

    Far super to old versions of underwater MP devices. Comfortable was pieces,wit options for good fit. Music makes lap time fly

  74. Joe A.

    Easier to operate than braiding my ponytail!

  75. Laura

    I am a lap swimmer who swims roughly 4,000 meters a day, 5-6 times a week. I have already gone through one mp3 player, which lasted only 4 weeks before it quit playing. The phono wire socket became detached from the unit. I have used my underwater ipod shuffle for 3 workouts so far. It has great clearity even during flip turns and underwater push offs from the wall. I was able to download my itunes library without a problem. I also purchased the bundle with the different ear buds so i would have a fit that was just right. (My last mp3 killed my ears!) With this ipod shuffle from Underwater Audio, im leading the lane, cruisin to the tunes!! I SO recommend this product from UA!!!

  76. James

    After having tried a number of different waterproof cases from various manufacturers, I ran across Underwater Audio and loved the idea of waterproofing the iPod itself. I have been satisfied beyond my expectations with the performance and durability of their product (the waterproof headphones are equally as impressive). Every couple of days, someone at the pool asks me where I found this and I happily refer them to Underwater Audio. Note: Customer Service from these guys is also about as good as it gets !

  77. Laura H

    Ipod works extremely well. Makes your workout go fast! Customer Service was great to work with (I was struggling with finding the best size ear bud) and worked with me continually until I got the best fit.

  78. Randolph A.

    This is my second underwater audio ipod. But only because my daughter kept swiping mine! Has worked perfectly for 4 years straight now. Have purchased replacement swimbuds, really like the shorter cord and are the best ear buds I have found, and tried them all.

  79. Tom

    Use it frequently for kayaking. Never any problems. Works well under water or above. Get one.

  80. Douglas

    It’s no exageration to say that Underwater Audio has changed my life! Let’s just say that I’m a mature adult who lives an extremely active life that routinely includes all forms of “wet” physical activities, whether it’s swimming a hundred laps, running a half marathon, biking along a steamy trail, or mowing my lawn on a sweltering North Carolina day. My waterproof iPod Shuffle from Underwater Audio is my constant companion and a welcomed distraction that breaks the tedium of these waterlogged endurance challenges. Audiobooks are generally my drug of choice but I’ve recently added some driving rhythms to help me up my game. But I wanted to also comment on the outstanding customer support that I’ve been provided from my earliest purchase. Let’s face it, these devices have really been put through their paces with the extreme conditions I’ve mentioned. From time to time the abuses have taken their toll, but Underwater Audio has never failed to go above and beyond in honoring their warranties and ensuring that I never had to go cold turkey for mor than a few days. Bravo and thank you!

  81. Candace

    I use my waterproof ipod when I swim laps. I listen to books and this makes the time just fly by. The sound quality is great. I have so many people ask me about it and I am very happy to tell them where I got it. Thank You

  82. Michael

    I have swam six days a week for 30 years. The invention of the waterproof iPod has revolutionized my workouts. So grateful somebody came up with this. Underwater Audio’s waterproofing technology is the best I’ve used.

  83. Kurt Barnes

    My wife loves her Underwater Audio iPod and headphones. Swimming is much more enjoyable now. I try to “borrow” them as much as she will let me and maybe I’ll buy my own one day.

  84. Elise

    This is one of the best products I have ever purchased! I use it daily, not only for swimming but also running and elliptical training with earbuds. It makes any workout much more enjoyable and is so small and compact there is no messing with it. I never need to worry about if I have the right pocket on my workout gear because it clips onto anything. I own 2 so I have a backup.

  85. Susan K.

    I love my waterproof iPod Shuffle from Underwa ter Audio. I use it in the pool for water aerobics, swimming, and just hanging around. As I live in a climate where I can be in the water all year-round, having music while I exercise is the key to preventing boredom. I just load it up with music with a great beat, and I’m all set. The supplied headphones are excellent, fit well, and are watertight. The customer service is superior. If for any reason the unit stops working, just send it back and it will be replaced, no questions asked. This is the best waterproof mp3 player on the market. Recreational users and serious swimmers alike will definitely enjoy it. Highly recommended!

  86. Maria

    The iPod shuffle was a gift for someone very special. She is an avid swimmer and loves to workout so it gets used on a daily basis. I bought it in blue with the swimbuds sport bundle. Having different sized buds to choose from helps in making sure you get the right fit under water. The engraving was also perfect.

  87. Tracy Demel

    I love my waterproof ipod. Wouldn’t swim without it!

  88. Kenneth F.

    Great sound that lasts throughout the entire swim. If you are not getting a tight fit, try playing around with the size and angle as the earbuds enter your ear, as well as pulling on your ear.

  89. Abigail D

    I love my waterproof ipod! It generates a lot of interest at the pool (I think people think I’m dumb and about to be electrocuted!), and I always send them to your web site. It really is an answer to a need to 1. do something interesting while I work out, which is boring to me and 2 to block the sounds of other people having a good time while I am doing something boring (NOT jumping off the diving board). Thanks again–it was worth every penny!

  90. Laura Goff

    I love my waterproof Apple Shuffle and headphones. It is so easy to use and the sound underwater is amazing. I highly recommend this product.

  91. Eric Mansfield

    I love swimming middle distance, 2-3K meters. Being able to zone out to all my favorite songs has made the experience even more motivating. I get lost in songs that bring back memories or songs that push me to go a bit harder. I love the waterproof system.

  92. Jill Moss

    There is nothing more beautiful than swimming to music! I was in a serious bike accident a couple of years ago. Swimming was recommended as therapy for my recovery. I was swimming three hours a day. My underwater iPod saved me from dying of boredom while swimming. I have fully recovered and continue to swim almost daily all because of the pleasure I receive from swimming to music. I show my underwater iPod to all my fellow swimmers and I tell all my patients about the joys of swimming with music. Many are encouraged now to start swimming and obtaining underwater iPods. It’s so fun to come up with new playlists each week. I’m currently on my second iPod and LOVE having two of them so that I never run out of battery time. Thank you Underwater Audio for making waterproof iPods possible.

  93. William Buttriss

    Great headphones. Has a lot of earpieces and will take some experimenting which ones work best. Has great sound. I love them for running too.

  94. Pamela Walencewicz

    Best.Swim.Of.My.Life. I have been swimming laps as a workout for about 15 years. Only on the (very) rare occasion have I wanted to swim longer than my usual routine (1 mile), and when I did it was only for another 2-3 laps. When I first used my Underwater Audio iPod, I went an extra 10 laps. Great sound quality. No technical issues (thus far). Is comfortable to wear and stays put. I LOVE SWIMMING TO MUSIC! Thank you Underwater Audio for this awesome product.


    5 STARS

  96. Michelle Wyatt

    I don’t know what I did before I got my underwater iPod. It takes a little getting used to but is so worth it. I highly recommend this product! I will never be without one again!

  97. Christopher Koster

    Awesome product works great and I have had no problems with it. Sound is clear even underwater and the earbuds stay in my ears even when swimming sprints.

  98. Hilary Burns

    Nice product and good service. Very pleased.

  99. Robert Gentry

    I have totally enjoyed the waterproof ipod! It makes my workout feel not as long. Before I had to use music on speakers outside the pool, but in swimming you lose sound on that. Now I get continual music. Thanks for a great product!

  100. Shawn Olds

    AWESOME! While I have only been swimming for about three years now I continue to log many kilometers every week and they can be rather boring, I now have my favorite music or can keep up the latest news with podcast! Thank you for making my swim time more productive!

  101. Trish Wood

    I absolutely adore my new underwater ipod. I swim 2k twice a week and was feeling totally unmotivated, but now my training just flies by – I’m so happy with the quality and service received, I am telling all my friends!

  102. Susan S

    Loving my underwater IPod Shuffle! Makes my water workouts SOOO much more enjoyable; the hour goes by quickly. The Shuffle works great and earbuds stay in place

  103. Nancy M

    I LOVE my Underwater iPod! The short headphones are great – no tangling! The sound is good and I find that I swim a lot more lengths at a quicker pace without realizing it! I didn’t love the audio swim workout, but that’s easy to take off and just filled my iPod with lots of fun tunes! I like it when I’m exercising (especially on my indoor cycle/trainer)…the headphones don’t fall out or catch on things. Great product!

  104. Suzanne

    I have always wanted to be able to listen to tunes while swimming laps because it can be so boring. I did not think that this could possibly work but I decided to give it a try. It is unbelievable; the sound is fantastic, it is so easy to use and I have had zero problems. They are better than advertised and now my kids all want their own set. I have several friends who have now bought them after trying mine. They are better than advertised and well worth the cost. Great invention guys; I now do lots more laps than before b/c of the music!!

  105. Vanessa M.

    I love my underwater audio shuffle and headphones! It has completely transformed my swimming workout. The quality of the headphones is quite good – I now use them when I am walking because my other headphones fall out when I sweat so these waterproof, snug headphones are perfect! Best purchase I have made all year!

  106. Susan

    The sport version of the iPod shuffle is so light and easy to use! When I am in the water I don’t feel like I even have it on. My workouts go so much better with music! Awesome product !

  107. Rhonda T

    My wife started training for Triathlons. This was a gift to help her get motivated. It did more than that. She’s recommended it to at least a half dozen friends.

  108. Robert Brown

    I have used a lot of different waterproof cases for iPods that are designed for swimmers and they worked alright but was never completely happy with any of them. Having an actual waterproof iPod with no case is extraordinary. It is just one less thing you need to buy or worry about breaking. The sound quality underwater with the headphones is by far the best I have experienced with any of the products I have used. The buds stay in your ear and sound terrific. Very happy with my purchase!

  109. Patricia England

    I bought this waterproof iPod for my husband, but must admit I have mostly taken it over. I love it! The sound quality is great underwater, I can load all my favorite songs (and then some!) and it makes my sometimes monotonous lane swimming so much more fun! Was definitely worth the investment!

  110. Scott C.

    This is a game changer! I’m 52 and other forms of exercise are too hard on my body. I started swimming but how boring. I was developing my cardiovascular endurance but it was a real chore to get in the pool and swim for 30 minutes. Nothing to look at but cement . . . Then I discovered the underwater audio website and it has literally changed my workout routine in an amazing way. By listening to music or audiobooks, I’m distracted from the pain of the workout. Plus, having something else to focus on helps the workout to fly by. In fact, I’ve found myself doing extra laps just so that I can finish a chapter in my audiobooks. An added advantage is that the earbuds work perfectly as earplugs keeping the water out of my inner ear. Additionally, the audio is awesome as being underwater has the effect of muting all the surrounding noises, similar to noise canceling headphones. The best purchase of the year for me! 5 stars and two thumbs up. Highly recommended.

  111. Eric Demeter

    Clear sounding music underwater and the volume is great. Finally found just what I wanted. Superior product compared to all the others I have tried.

  112. Stephen F.

    i cannot get over the clarity of this system. It truly adds more enjoyment to an already enjoyable sport. I was skeptical at first and now I reccommend to all my swimming buddies

  113. Jo

    Underwater Audio is TOPS! Having music during my swim makes the work out much more fun. The iPod easily clips to the band of my goggles and the sport headphones fit snugly and never get in my way. I can’t imagine my workouts without my audio. Two thumbs up!

  114. Laura M.

    Great headphones! I finally can swim and listen to music without water coming in and bringing back silence. Just bought a ipod package as a birthday gift for my husband. I will keep coming back!

  115. Eric Singer

    I swim an hour everyday and had been using the regular swim buds for the past 2-3 years. I thought they sounded very good (and I’m fussy about sound quality), however, the sports buds sound even better; a more rich and fuller sound. The longer housing makes it easier to insert and remove from my ears; I use the trees. I have had to replace the regular swim buds every 4-6 months due to them eventually leaking no matter what I did or the wires wearing out. The sports buds do seem to be better built and I’m hoping they last longer. The longer warranty does help. Are they worth $70? If I can routinely swim my whole workout without needing to readjust them and they last a year, then my answer is Yes.

  116. Jeffrey Denman

    We love the underwater ipod and earbuds! Having music to run to allows you to push your workouts further, and now with the underwater audio its great to have that same motovation in the water. Thank you!

  117. Scott Keeney

    I’m the kid of distance lap swimmer who needs music to keep going. I depend on my Underwater Audio earplugs/Ipod – totally changes the experience and duration of my swims. If If I had a nickel for every swimmer who asked me where I get those cool earplugs/ipod I could buy a bunch.

  118. Lilah

    Great product! Make swimming laps pass quickly and double as ear plugs to keep water out of ears.

  119. John

    Excellent waterproof iPod and earphones. Have been using them for past year or two. Well worth the purchase as gives swimming a whole new element once music is involved.

  120. Gustavo

    Amazing product, well made, well thought out. I use it surfing and swimming. Earphones work like earplugs and also bring up my favorite tunes. Always gives me a little extra when the set comes and that frantic ripping song comes up! Really happy costumer!

  121. Irene G.

    The underwater iPod and headphones really changed my life. With them on, swimming became something I loved and could do for an hour a day! I’d heard other companies had earbuds that didn’t “seal” well in your ears but the ones I got in the bundle really did. Very happy with my purchase.

  122. Laura Bailey

    Fantastic! I enjoy AC/DC to Mozart with my waterproof headphones! Attach them to my goggles and the wire is a perfect length that it doesn’t tangle. I swim a mile almost everyday and I’ve had this amazing device for years! Highly recommend!!

  123. Carlen Roeschley Owens

    Love my waterproof iPod shuffle & headphones…makes lap swimming so much more enjoyable! Seals are waterproof…flawless!

  124. Julia P

    I love my water proof IPod and headphones. I swim laps everyday and now that I have music it is much easier and more fun to swim. All swimmers should have this!!!!

  125. Elizabeth V

    Swimming is so much more enjoyable with my swim Pod. I’ve swam for years and always thought it would be better with music. About 4 years ago I discovered the swim pod, which has taken lap swimming to a whole new level. I love my swim pod and recommend anyone who’s looking to add a little something more to their hum drum swim. I’ve tried other music devices while swimming but found they wouldn’t work while doing flip turns. This product works like a charm under water and especially flip turns, the music never stops.

  126. Carolyn B.

    I love my new waterproof iPod shuffle. It works great! My last two swimming workouts lasted one hour each. This is TWICE as long as my workouts before buying the iPod.

  127. Peter E

    Found the Underwater Audio website by accident and huge good fortune. I know the waterproof iPod is aimed squarely at swimmers but I paddle an ocean ski and love that I can load up my favourite music to inspire me on sprint training or longer day paddles. Light, unobtrusive and just clips to my PFD, this thing is just awsome. What better for a 10Km sprint than with Pirates of the Carribean blasting in the headphones.

  128. Mary Ann M.

    I just love my purchase! It is one of my favorite things ever ever ever! The sound is awesome, loud and clear, doesn’t interfere with my swimming! It is just wonderful! I love it I love it I love it! Happy!

  129. Elizabeth M.

    I was surprised to find that the sound was better underwater than above water, but the sound above water is good too. I’ve been happy with the iPod and headphones. I listen to music and to podcasts while swimming laps. It makes the time go by much faster.

  130. David Williams

    This is a company that will respond to any issues–large or small–that may come up (my experience). Resolved a minor issue for me. Product is excellent–purchased two. Daughter is training for open water swims and triathlons. Loves shuffle with base headphones. Upgraded headphones pack better fidelity. Recommended.

  131. Dee Stubbe

    Awesome product, turn it on, tune out and just swim. Easy to use and sound quality is great.

  132. Carlene L

    These products are amazing!!! Highly recommend for paddle boarding and ocean sports!!

  133. Maria L.

    I am loving my waterproof iPod and headphones. I swim about 2000 meters or more and it’s great to have my tunes on to rock out to while swimming. OH! and they don’t fall out when you’re doing flip turns! 🙂

  134. Joy

    I have so far swam twenty miles and also used this device and associated waterproof headphones for many more miles of running and biking some of which took place during heavy rain, most of which involved heavy sweating! I love this player….it is possibly one of the best pieces of gear I have ever invested in. I love that I don’t have to worry about it shorting out due to sweat and it makes lap swimming and running in the rain so much more enjoyable! I also really appreciate how light weight the device is….I barely notice that it is there. And unlike a lot of other waterproof mp3 players it has a shuffle function which keeps my music fresh. I am so pleased with this purchase….I recommend it to all my friends!

  135. LeaAnn

    I go swimming 5 days a week for 45 Minutes to 1 hour with the waterproof iPod shuffle swimbuds sports bundle and the time flies. A great investment

  136. Diane F.

    I love my shuffle and sport headphones. As a long time runner, I had to switch to swimming because of a serious knee injury. My underwater iPod helped me stay focused and motivated while learning to swim and increasing the length of my workouts. After 3 years of swimming, I love the sport and rely on my music to keep my workouts energizing. Underwater Audio also provides great customer service and warranties for their products. I highly recommend purchasing from Underwater Audio

  137. Jacqueline

    I live in the Bahamas and swim every day in the ocean. I loaded the iPod up with audiobooks, and now I can’t get out of the water! To listen to someone telling me a story while I swim, is a truly fantastic way to spend an hour or more doing exercise. The iPod is light enough to stay inside my bathing suite and the soft earphones are very comfortable.

  138. David F

    Great product. have had it over 6 months now and its going strong even after many lengthy pool and sea sessions and even a couple of washing machine sessions. Light, easy, and works great with the bundle that comes along with it. Good job.

  139. Cristiano Tapparello

    I am very satisfied of my new Underwater Audio iPod Shuffle! I tried different competitors’ solutions (mainly cases…) and I have to say that the Swimbuds Sport headphones are fantastic! They sound great outside the water and even underwater the sound is awesome. I highly recommend the Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swimbuds Sport Bundle!

  140. Robert

    As someone who is either training for or participating in endurance sports in a hot weather climate I’ve struggled for years to find an audio solution that can stand up to the elements. After sweating through countless music players and constantly struggling with headphones that won’t stay in I finally ran across Underwater Audio. These things just work. I no longer have to worry about a Ipod that flakes out randomly or headphones that can’t stand up to the challenge. Audio is now complimentary to my workout instead of being an obstacle. Thank you so much for developing products that just work.

  141. Nicole Reed

    I used my iPod and earbuds for the first time today and couldn’t be happier. They stayed in place and it was like I wasn’t even wearing earbuds! Swimming laps will never be the same!

  142. Neal R.

    The iPod sport package is awesome. Really does what it says and sounds unbelievable underwater. Sound is so good it has replaced my normal iPod for workouts whether in pool or not. Customer is also very good at helping with any issues. Thanks for a great product and company.

  143. Francisco

    This is a great product, I swim daily and have not encountered any problems. No deterioration of function has been noticed in swimming in a salt pool or in the ocean. The headphones supplied have not had to be replace in the near six months of continuous use. In comparison to the Waterfi shuffle, this has lasted longer.

  144. Wendy Parrish

    I love this thing! It makes all my training swims way more enjoyable. The sound is fantastic and it doesn’t get in my way at all. It’s the best thing to happen to my workouts in a long time.

  145. Kim B.

    The workers here were very helpful. When we ordered our waterproof ipod and headphones, they really helped us by leading us in a direction that will really suit my needs. The workers were really patient and I am glad they could help me order my things quickly.

  146. Maria Curry

    love the new tree earbuds and the swim iPod is very nice

  147. Jim K

    Just got the sport headphones and waterproof iPod. Tried them out in the pool for the first time and they are awesome! Great sound, comfortable feel and a flawless initial trial. I never used an iPod shuffle before, but had used iPods and an iPhone. I am also not one to read instructions, but glanced at the user guide to make sure I knew how to treat the battery and it worked perfectly right out of the box. This was the solution for rather boring swim sessions using my swim weather in a small pool. I highly recommend this setup to anyone who swims and wants to listen to their music (podcasts, etc.) at the same time.

  148. Mary Jo J

    Love my waterproof ear buds. They fit great. Along with my waterproof iPod, lap swimming is much more enjoyable. Shipping was quick.

  149. Robert T.

    Underwater Audio was absolutely the answer we were looking for in providing our swimmers with a way of upgrading the quality of their swimming workouts with the gift of music. Your completely effective waterproofing of iPod equipment, combined with your great selection of hardware, adequate for personally fitting ear interface for almost anyone, is a conspicuously winning combination!

  150. Greyson J

    Makes my long swims so much better

  151. Ellen M.

    Swimming laps is now a joy! The Shuffle is easy to use and works perfectly. The sound quality is excellent underwater (and on land). I tried the fin earplugs first; they are comfortable and stay in place. I have already recommended this product to others.

  152. Thomas Loomis

    I’m not a swimmer. I’m a runner. I clip my iPod shuffle on my waist band and run around for an hour or so, several days a week. Usually my iPod would last about 4-6 months before the sweat would do it’s work. Frustrating and expensive. The solution to my trouble was the waterproof iPod from Underwater Audio. I’ve had mine for more that two years and it’s still working perfectly without any sign of problems. I highly recommend this product.

  153. Paul D

    I swim 5-6 days a week in both a freshwater pool and the Atlantic ocean. My workouts vary from 45 minutes (pool) to 1.5 hours (ocean). I’ve used many different earbuds and MP3 players over the years but Underwater Audio has by far the best of both. The earbuds are perfect for flips, the best audio quality I’ve heard yet, and are durable.
    The IPOD mini is ideal for use in the water (very little drag) and you can operate the function buttons without having to see them. Its the best of many waterproof mp3 players I have owned over the years.

  154. Steve Wilson

    My waterproof iPod has performed beautifully. I have worn it while training for multiple triathlons including an Ironman. I wear it not just during swimming, but for running and cycling so that I do not have to worry about sweat affecting it.

  155. Odie M

    Love this product!! Only wish I had one 25 years ago.

  156. Terry Johnson

    I’m very satisfied with water proof shuffle and ear buds. It’s better than what I expected.

  157. Jane Hickman

    I love being able to listen to music of my choice while I swim. It makes exercising so much more enjoyable.

  158. Jo O.

    I couldn’t live a day without my waterproof iPod. From water sports, jogging in the rain, to just taking a shower, Underwater Audio makes sure you never have you worry about, well, “WATER”. Don’t rely on cases or plastic to keep your iPod or headphones dry save your money and time on all other fixes (you hope will work) just go to Underwater Audio, you’ll be glad you did.

  159. Kent

    I have been doing swimming laps in the pool and in open water more often now . Before I get bored easily with lap after lap. All thanks to underwateraudio ipod shuffle! Best workout companion while in water!

  160. Erica R

    I really like the waterproof shuffle because it can be also used for running which is the reason I bought it. The headphones don’t fall out when you run.

  161. Andrew

    Fantastic product, small, easy to use excellent sound. Has transformed my swimming experience.

  162. Linda H.

    Bought the ipod shuffle as a gift for my husband. He loves it and uses it regularly when he exercises in the pool. Great audio. Earbuds work well in the water. I often find myself borrowing it as well. Very happy with the purchase. Hope to get one for myself in the future. Thanks for a great product.

  163. Nuria C

    It is an amazing experience to be swimming and listening to music at the same time. The sound is very good

  164. Carlos

    Super happy with my underwater audio ipod. Amazing and works like a charm. Swimming is my therapy and has improved my life a 100%. Now with my underwater audio ipod its 110%. Love it alot!!!!!!!!

  165. Victoria B.

    I have used the product only once thus far and for recreational swimming. Of course it is a bit scary to put precious electronics into water but once the initial adrenaline feat passed it was the best thing ever. The headphones are designed specifically so they would minimize discomfort and falling out and the clip of the device can be harnessed on anything. I have yet to use it while practicing but I am sure everything will be perfect. The product was every penny and I completely recommend it to anyone who loves the water as much as I do.

  166. Susan

    What a great product! I bought this iPod shuffle to replace a subpar waterproof device. I wish I had found underwateraudio.com sooner.

  167. Ronnie

    it seems to do everything I expeted

  168. Nikki

    The waterproof shuffle makes swimming a dream! The time flies by. Just love it!

  169. Jim W

    My waterproof iPod has made my swimming experience more enjoyable and has encouraged even longer swims. I highly recommend this iPod for anyone who likes swimming. It’s terrific and I love it.

  170. Dany

    Very satisfied with the product and even more from the service they provided when needed!! Thanks

  171. Katherine

    Absolutely LOVE this product! Have sent one to 3 of my favorite friends and had a bunch of others order them. My kids are just now getting on the local swim team so I’ll be in the market for some more soon!!

  172. Catherine

    I just wanted to say what a great product my Waterproof iPod Shuffle and headphones are. I will never go into the water again without them. When I first started working out in the water it was so boring, and now the time just passes by. I cannot believe that I did my whole workout. The truth is sometimes I actually do more when I have time. Support is top notch, Underwater Audio is the best of the best in support. I’m a customer for life.

    If you want the best then here it is look no further.

    Thank you Underwater Audio

  173. Michelle

    I purchased my ipod and received it within 3 days! Customer service was great, answered all my questions, the experience was quick and easy! First day out of the box I swam 2500 meters in no time, great music and great quality…1/2 dozen people asked about the product when I was done…including the lifeguards 😉 I think it will motivate me to swim when I am not able to get to a Master’s workout…thanks!

  174. Joan C

    I love my waterproof iPod. I listen to books on tape while I run, bike, swim and do housework. The new swimbuds sport I got have been the best for actual swimming that I have had. I have been using underwater Audio products for several years now and highly recommend them. I tried many other waterproof listening devices and this is the best.

  175. Caroline

    The underwater audio ipod revolutionized my swimming! I listen to music and podcasts (including multiple ted talks) while I swim and it makes the time fly. This little device makes me look forward to getting into the water every day.

  176. Tony D

    I love my waterproof shuffle. Use it all the time for swimming. I don’t know what I would do with out it, oh wait, yes I do, not swim as long or as far.

    Thanks for a great product, and wonderful customer support.

  177. Bridget

    I really look forward to swimming while listening to trashy novels every day. I’ve even lost my stubborn last 5 pounds and fell better than ever!

  178. Laura B

    Very clear sound, in water and out. Makes swimming much more enjoyable so that now I swim much longer. Very happy with this purchase!

  179. Samantha R

    Ipod works great with headphones. Swim with it 2-3 times a weeks for an hour plus and the audio is fantastic! My ipod I used for running died so I use my Underwater Audio swimpod for running and swimming now. Great product!

  180. Mary Ann

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my waterproof iPod. I now own 3 of them (so I can rotate music, podcasts, and audiobooks). The customer service from Underwater Audio is simply WONDERUL! Product are delivered so quickly and they are so great about responding to customer service requests via email. Always fast, courteous, and customer oriented (something that doesn’t happen much in today’s world I find). With great prices and great service there’s no reason to order anywhere else. Enjoy your swim – it’s amazing with your iPod!

  181. Heather C

    This is my second iPod that I have purchased through Underwater Audio. My husband is an avid swimmer his iPod is heavily used both in pools and open water. He LOVES it and it has performed perfectly!

  182. Cate

    I love the headphones, & IPod Shuffle. I have told many people I know that swim, & they are considering buying one. It is really fun & relaxing swimming listening to your favorite music. So glad I found your website. The headphones are great!!

  183. GGDALY

    I just ordered my waterproof Ipod and it works perfectly. I was a little doubtful that the earbuds would stay in when doing flipturns and sprints but they work like a dream! I really like my new ipod and would highly suggest it to anyone looking for something to break up the monotony when swimming endless laps 🙂

  184. LeAnne

    Love it. It was easy to order, lots of help from staff when I was unsure what to get. Order arrived promptly. Will come back to you next time I need look for gear. My shuffle has worked ever since I bought it 4 months ago. I swim 3 to 5 times per week for an hour or more at a time. Only hitch is when I forget to charge it once a week. Awesome product.

  185. Catherine P

    Love this thing – has revolutionized my swimming workouts. Prior I could never go more than 30min b/c of the shear boredom. Now I regularly put in 1hr. I also really appreciate UA going above and beyond to extend the engraving to more than 10 characters so my entire email would fit. Additionally the Swimbuds sport bundle really is worth the extra $. Thank you!!

  186. Scott

    This is a game changer! I’m 52 and other forms of exercise are too hard on my body. I started swimming but how boring. I was developing my cardiovascular endurance but it was a real chore to get in the pool and swim for 30 minutes. Nothing to look at but cement . . .
    Then I discovered the underwater audio website and it has literally changed my workout routine in an amazing way. By listening to music or audiobooks, I’m distracted from the pain of the workout. Plus, having something else to focus on helps the workout to fly by. In fact, I’ve found myself doing extra laps just so that I can finish a chapter in my audiobooks.
    An added advantage is that the earbuds work perfectly as earplugs keeping the water out of my inner ear. Additionally, the audio is awesome as being underwater has the effect of muting all the surrounding noises, similar to noise canceling headphones.
    The best purchase of the year for me!
    5 stars and two thumbs up. Highly recommended.

  187. Barbara

    100% pleased. I use my Shuffle 2 ways: for aqua exercises on my own and for laps. What a fantastic way to Zen out and enjoy a workout. Had to practice attaching to goggles & straps but got that ok. No leaks, good sound. Perfect. Leonard Cohen, U2, Eagles (wow, did I just date myself or what LOL) No flips during laps so can’t comment. Ear pieces stayed in but I take the time to do it right. At last, a private workout to my own music. Relaxing. I’ll never be without one again. Thanks Underwater Audio for a great product.

  188. Charles S

    Absolutely adore my waterproofed ipod shuffle. I listen to books on tape as I swim laps. I won’t go in the pool without it. People at the pool are always asking me about it and I always recommend their buying one from Underwater Audio. They also offer great customer service.

  189. Kathleen

    I purchased an iPod shuffle and just love being able to swim to my own selection of music. The sound quality is excellent and makes the workouts so much more enjoyable.

  190. Adolph N

    Over the years I have tried several products claiming to provide audio while I swim (X1-Audio, SONY, Speedo). Your solution provides, by orders of magnitude, the best sound of any of these and is certainly the most elegant, easy to use underwater audio product I’ve tried. I love it. Thanks!

  191. Elise

    I could not be happier with my Underwater Audio iPod Shuffle! I hesitated a lot and read A LOT of reviews for all the different types and companies for waterproof mp3 players. Finally bought this and I know I made the right decision! My swimming experience is totally different and my time has improved drastically. Thanks Underwater Audio!!

  192. Brian M

    I recently bought the ipod shuffle for my swimming workouts and am very satisfied. The device makes for keeping my swims energetic and music to drown out the water noise. I am happy to have added this device to my triathlon toolbox. I would recommend this item to others.

  193. Beth Burbridge

    iPod works perfectly. Tested in shower first then lap pool. Tried several different headphone ear tips before finding the one that worked best for me. Need to find the one that has the best seal for your ears. But they provide several different sizes and designs to give you options. I like that. The buttons on the iPod are VERY stiff initially as expected. But after about 12 uses they are getting a lot better. I use it swimming, running, and cycling.

  194. Linda Brown

    These headphones with the shortened cord are the best! Not only does the short cord give you less to worry about, but the varying sized buds fit comfortably and keep the water out maximizing the sound experience!

  195. Chip Wahlen

    Just bought this product and am very satisfied. I saw someone in the pool at my club wearing these, asked about them and went to Underwater Audio to purchase my own. It arrived in less than a week and was super easy to start using. Great sound underwater and withstands well to flipkicks. There are several different earbuds included in the package to find a good fit for your own personal comfort, and the added bonus is that the buds keep water out of your ears while you get to enjoy your favorite music. I actually feel like I swim faster and with more purpose listening to music in the water and therefore get a better workout. A mile goes by in no time at all!

  196. Daryl Boyd

    I bought the Underwater Audio Shuffle in an attempt to NOT have it die from sweat while mountain biking… Little did I know it would be sooooo much more.. Due to a recent injury I started swimming also and this thing is great in the water.. What a pleasure to have your own tunes while swimming… Have had it over 2 months now and love it.. Cycle, swim, gym, it is all great….. Thanks for the product…

  197. Teresa Stinaldi

    I cannot imagine a day of swimming without my shuffle. I love listening to podcasts, music, and books. I’ve turned a lot of swimmers on to this by telling them how awesome the customer service. After 16 months of 5x week swimming, the shuffle function was failing. It still worked fine, but not fully. They sent me a new one and let me mail mine later, so i wouldn’t be without. Great service.

  198. Mike Mooney

    Had the headphones for 6 months and too busy enjoying swimming to write review! I was not competitive swimmer, and while liked the activity, could not get into workouts without music and finally found these. LOVE them, so much I leave them on when I shower after, which is nice! Now if you could make it wifi capable so I can get Pandora?!?

  199. Kyle Shirley

    This package is outstanding. The iPod works like an iPod so no biggie there other than it’s waterproof. The headphones are fantastic. After reading a lot of reviews I was worried about loss of sound quality, but with the Swimbuds sport headphones there is no loss, in fact since the Swimbuds act as headphones and earplugs, I don’t even turn the volume all the way up. Swimming is much more enjoyable now. I would definitely recommend these to anyone thinking about purchasing them without hesitation.

  200. Thomas Allen

    Great product, I train and compete in multiple ocean sports and depend on my Underwater Audio ipod for motivating tunes to push my performance. I highly recommend!!!!

  201. Katherine Walters

    Absolutely LOVE this product! Have sent one to 3 of my favorite friends and had a bunch of others order them. My husband left his in a hotel gym so I ordered him another and my Dad just got one as well.

  202. Chandra Fischer

    I am constantly recommending Underwater Audio on the pool deck. Swimmers see me wearing my waterproof ipod and headphones and are amazed. Yes, it’s true: a completely waterproof ipod. It makes swimming laps so much more fun and motivating. And more importantly, it works like a charm.

  203. Kayleigh Then

    I’ve had the Sport iPod bundle for just over a week now and have used it everyday for lap swimming. I have to say, so far so good! I’m loving having something to listen to while I’m doing my laps. It really makes time seem to go faster. I highly recommend these for people who, like me, prefer to work out to music.

  204. Neale Orinick

    I have purchased three Underwater Audio iPod shuffles, one for myself and two as gifts. My first one is three years old and still works great! I get a lot of questions about it at the pool where I train. I love the ease of downloading music right out of my Itunes account and not having to convert music files. The sound is crystal clear under water and the short cord headphones are perfect with my googles. I highly recommend them to everyone who does a lot of swimming or training in inclement weather.

  205. Anthony Rodale

    Just got my new iPod Shuffle and ear buds via Underwater Audio. Now ready for a long Ironman training season in my Endless Pool. Music makes the workout so much better, while I am on the swim tread mill! Now can’t live without it! Thank You Underwater Audio for fast service!

  206. Gregory Mertz

    My shuffle and headset works great. I use them regularly for long distance swimming. I don’t leave home without them.

  207. Robert Saunders

    Great product!
    A must for distance
    swimmers! User friendly
    Never be bored again
    while swimming !!

  208. Kevin Wager

    I absolutely love my underwater audio iPod shuffle….it makes my long swim workouts so much more pleasant!! So far, it has been very reliable and is an integral piece of my workout!!

  209. Michael Behr

    The waterproof iPod has worked as advertised, allowing me to get in a good workout in the pool and still enjoy listening to music. It only adds a few minutes to plug in and clip on, so for me an investment well worth taking. I would recommend it to anyone who gets bored with swimming laps.

  210. Audrey Downs

    This product is unbelievable. used it for kiteboarding and it completely changes the experience. amazing

  211. Thomas Maio

    Very pleased with the prompt delivery and with the performance of the product.

    I would highly recommend to a friend.

  212. Don Debord

    Underwater Audio has the only underwater earbuds I’ve found that work EVERY time. I swim daily and buy all my underwater audio products from Underwater Audio!

  213. Ryan

    Love my new waterproof iPod Shuffle! I use it when I swim. Sounds great in the water. I’m still figuring out which ear pieces work best, but I’m sure I’ll decide soon as I have 4 sets to choose from.

  214. Mary Jo Mcclelland

    This was a great gift for my husband, & a great company to work with. My husband loves swimming with his waterproof shuffle. He says it makes his workout much more enjoyable.

  215. Molly Shier

    Once I figured out how to sync the ipod to my music – typical Apple situation where the process is easy but figuring out the process is difficult – it works like a charm. The sound quality actually improves when you get yor head under water.
    Great product.

  216. Wendy Cruickshank

    Great idea! Makes my lap time more relaxed and fun.

  217. Mary

    I absolutely love my waterproof shuffle! This Christmas, everyone of my triathlon training partners is getting one. And the customer service for this company is exceptional. I have gotten immediate response to any questions or concerns I have had. They really want you to enjoy their product… and I do!!!

  218. David Nico

    I am so very pleased with the customer service as well as my shuffle and head phone .The headphones have really improved and the quality is exceptional.I think I should be a sales rep because everyday I am at the pool I am telling folks how pleased i am with your product and how without the music I could not complete my swim workout .I absolutely love them so much I also bought my daughter one as well.

  219. Drexell White

    If you want to listen to music on, in or near the water, buy an Ipod Shuffle from Underwater Audio. I’ve had mine for over a year,and it makes swimming laps a lot more fun. I did have a glitch with the very first one I purchased and UA’s customer service had a replacement to me in a couple of days. The replacement has worked flawlessly, ever since. I recently purchased a UA shuffle for my main squeeze, as I had made the mistake of letting her try mine; I had a hard time getting it back from her. Great product, great customer service and great tunes in the pool.

  220. Stephanie Harnaha

    One of the coolest inventions ever. Love being able swim and enjoy my jam at the same time

  221. Carlos De La Rosa

    My Son absolutely love his underwater audio. Not only he uses it for swimming but now he keeps it in the shower. Not too happy about that since my water bill will increase drastically. Lol. Great product and great service. Job well done Underwater Audio.

  222. Luanne Griffiths

    Used for the first time yesterday…made my workout in the pool awesome. Love It!

  223. Georgette Sermersheim

    Everything was great with the underwater bundle we purchased. It was a Christmas gift for my daughter and she loves it. Thanks again for a wonderful product

  224. Diane Schwartz

    I’ve been very happy with the product I purchased and the customer service I received

  225. Ellen Manasse

    Definitely a game changer. I’ve only been using this product for a week but I’m incredibly impressed by the sound quality, comfort, and service provided with this product. I swim for 90 mins 3-4 times a week and can’t explain how much more enjoyable my workouts are with the addition of the underwater audio headphones. I’ve recommended this product to several swimmer friends, all of which are excited to give it a try as well.

  226. Kevin Herring

    I have just purchased a second ipod for my sister. I have had mine for almost two years and would not still be swimming regularly without my “tunes” to motivate me and take away the boredom of lap swimming. Also, the unit easily clips onto my t-shirt for use in the weigh room with regular phones. Thanks for an excellent product and your excellent customer service.

  227. Randy Gescheidle

    My previous shuffle from another vendor didn’t last so long–about 17 days beyond the 60 day warranty. So I looked for a new vendor. UA was the only company that would spend time with me. They are proud of their products and it shows. That’s why they can offer a 1-year warranty.

    They also packaged a superior set of ‘all you need to swim’ products to compliment the shuffle. Great products, great customer service.

  228. Joe Piazza

    I swim a mile everyday which is about 70 laps in a 25 meter pool and I use my Underwater Audio every time to help me to push through the water. Swimming laps can be boring but with Underwater Audio it changes everything about your work out and you feel inspired because of the music but all you feel great because you completed your work out. Great product and I highly recommend the Underwater Audio iPod and earphones to make your swim the best it can be.

  229. Cindy Hayden

    My underwater iPod has changed my life! I love to swim and I love music and to get to do both at the same time has been so motivational! I can’t wait to go to the pool each morning! Working out is a blast!

  230. Kurt Simpson


  231. Robert Peel

    I’ve used them straight out of the box and so far pretty much a flawless experience – haven’t tried any of the other ear pieces because the ones already attached have worked so well – I clip the iPod shuffle to the back of my goggles and have yet to have an ear piece come out – definitely makes swimming laps more fun for sure!

  232. Kathryn Jones

    Thanks Underwater Audio! I was desperate for a unique Christmas present for my boyfriend. So when I saw your underwater ipod, I was so happy because I knew it would be a winning gift. My order arrived in a timely manner despite the Christmas madness. My boyfriend was so happy on Christmas day and has been cutting laps in the pool with a beat in his stride. Expect an increase in orders as my whole family were impressed and ready for their own musical water time. Thanks again!

  233. Mark Cargin

    This is my second bundle purchase from Underwater Audio, since my first iPod was stolen
    Great products that work very well, back up by a fantastic Customer Service.
    Would highly recommend Underwater Audio if you are in the market for some tunes while getting wet

  234. Mary Patricia Davis

    I bought my waterproof shuffle in 2013 and had some trouble getting it to work. I contacted customer service and received an immediate reply. I was told I could replace it but was given suggestions to try and thankfully my shuffle has been fine ever since!
    This Christmas I bought the waterproof iPod Swimbuds Sport bundle for my daughter and hope she is as happy with hers as I am with mine!
    Underwater Audio has provided quick, efficient and caring service and I am a satisfied customer!

  235. Allan Therrien

    My wife is very happy with her waterproof Ipod. It has added a whole new level to a somewhat solitary activity ( lap swimming ) and has offered her a renewed interest in getting back in to the pool. Thanks so much


    I have had my waterproof IPod for several months now and I love,Love, LOVE it! I went through my CDs and downloaded my fav songs. Makes my daily hour in the pool go so fast! 20 or so songs and I’m done! The sound is awesome and the earbuds comfortable. thanks for a great product at a good price.

  237. James Beyer

    As someone who is feeling the effects of age and life, the realization of the need to increase my workouts was getting apparent. By that I mean I gained weight and it hurts to run all the time. I hated swimming long distances in a pool because of the monotony. I’m not training for the olympics. I just want to have fun and enjoy music to keep my spirits up during my workout. With this product I am able to do just that. Also, I enjoy scuba diving. There is nothing like free descending and swimming around reefs in the Carribean while listening to Pink Floyd. It is some the most peaceful times on my vacations. This is the second waterproof iPod I’ve owned. The first one had a battery problem after 3 years of loyal service. I love the waterproof iPod.

  238. Carolyn Wood

    By far the best waterproof ipod on the market, a quality product for the least amount of money. I do mainly open water distance swims, however, they are a must in the pool keeping my training pace consistent. The Underwater Audio earphones are great on their own as well. I cannot run without them!
    Thank you! (I will be purchasing my 3rd one soon. Only because some one borrows and never returns!)

  239. Lea Ann Rocha

    I go swimming 5 days a week for 45 Minutes to 1 hour with the waterproof iPod shuffle swimbuds sports bundle and the time flies. A great investment.

  240. Jeff Melman

    The waterproof iPod is fantastic!! It’s changed my life! I now look forward to getting to the pool, swimming, and listening to whatever the current audiobook is on my iPod. With the right earbuds (the ones that look like a little christmas tree) the sound and tight seal is perfect. Thank you to Underwater Audio!

  241. Dan Sullivan

    This Underwater Audio Shuffle was a gift from my mother. I could not be happier with the product. I’ve been swimming my entire life and have tried several underwater radios and mp3 players and they all suck. But the short cord headphones that came with my Underwater Audio bundle sounds great underwater. Since I’ve had it I’ve increased my workouts in frequency and in length by listening to audiobooks while I swim. If the book is good I don’t get out of the pool. Again, I could not be happier with my Underwater Audio waterproofed iPod shuffle bundle.

  242. Jenny Harben

    My waterproof Underwater Audio iPod has changed my swimming. Its amazing, I love listening to my favourite tunes as I swim. The ear buds fit perfectly with no irritation.

  243. Gavin Harrison

    Bought this iPod and my swim training has become a fun and easy event. The seemingly unending back and forth was soooo boring but now I listen to music, podcasts and books. This is really a great product and I have already recommended it to a number if friends and family.

  244. Brittany Ulrey

    I have only used my waterproof iPod and sport earbuds for a week, but I’m already in love! I have always given up on my swim workouts out of boredom, but now I can listen to audio-books and I don’t want to stop swimming laps. I’ve already doubled my workout time. It’s so great being able to read AND work out at the same time!
    The buttons are a little stiff, and I had difficulty getting it to play the first time I used it. But as it says on the insert that comes with it, the buttons do loosen up. So far I’ve had no problem with the earbuds slipping out during my workouts, and the sound is crystal clear!

  245. Marley Iredale

    I am currently training for my first triathlon and I have to admit, swimming laps for 40-60 minutes twice a week is incredibly tedious for me. I use the waterproof iPod for audio books and it works amazingly well. I haven’t had any technical difficulties and the sound quality with the waterproof headphones is excellent.

    Underwater Audio also has excellent customer service. I forgot to check the box for the free iFloatie when I ordered my waterproof iPod and headphones, so I contacted the company about getting one. They responded very quickly and sent me my iFloatie separately, free of charge. The customer service reprentative was very helpful and kind.

    This is a great company with an awesome product!

  246. Steven Lipoff

    Never boring doing my laps and my pace has increased with the music.
    This is “Game Changer”
    Thank you!!

  247. Paul Bueza

    This iPod system is awesome! I really didn’t think I would find a reliable way to get music into the water with me but these guys did it! So glad I picked this up- now I’m super excited to do laps in the pool and plan on spending so much more time in the water. Underwater audio is so bomb!

  248. Matthew Miller

    My wife and I enjoy swim workouts almost daily and depend on our underwater audio shuffles! What a great way to do a workout while enjoying our favorite music. They really help to motivate us through the swim. Love it!

  249. Cynthia Lerner- Gilbert

    I Love my underwater iPod. It has worked perfectly. The ear plugs,for the most part, are far superior to the previous equipment I had. I wish they were more affordable- I would buy another one just for podcasts.

  250. Carolyn Bernell

    Love the swimming to music with the waterproof IPod and headphones. I have ordered from Underwater Audio 3 times and they are very professional. I placed my order on a Sunday, it was shipped on Monday and I received it Thursday with free shipping. Definitely would recommend them

  251. Justin Davidson

    This is so cool. I actually forgot I was under water while I was listening to my music. It makes swimming laps a lot more enjoyable.


    I have now had my UA ipod for several months and I am very satisfied with it. I had a very bad experience with another underwater ipod company so I was super happy to receive such a quality product. I was definitely not happy with the volume my last earbuds produced. The UA earbuds put out almost twice the sound and that is very important to my whether I am listening to jazz, blues or, especially, rock. I would highly recommend this product.

  253. Marion Johnstun

    The underwater ear buds I recently purchased are wonderful so far. I have had several cheaper sets which didn’t last very long, but these seem to be of high quality and have a year warranty. I love my waterproof iPod, use it almost every day, and recommend it to anyone who swims.

  254. Gina Godwin

    I have been so surprised how well this works I thought that I would have trouble with the ear head phones and ear buds but I put the Blue one in first time and havnt change with no leaking and the sound is terrific .I find myself doing extra laps to hear the end of the song

  255. Greta Zoesch

    Website was easy to navigate. I enjoyed being able to compare multiple different offers before choosing my device.

  256. Blaine / Rosalind Denning

    My headphones work beautifully!! Thank you!????????

  257. Gillian Carter

    I have loved my Underwater Audio shuffle since the moment I got to first use it. I was actually introduced to it from a friend who let me borrow it for a standup paddle board race. It changed my performance completely for the better being able to zone out to music. I also love it swimming. Don’t be discouraged initially if ear buds fall out, take the time to play around with the different choices provided to figure out what fits you best. Additionally, the customer service at Underwater Audio is awesome. I called after receiving my shuffle with a special request and they not only helped me out but I received the extra part within 2 days. They’re generous and I would definitely recommend purchasing from them directly versus any third party.

  258. Anne Holmes

    I love my waterproof ipod. The headphones are also the best. I usually have a hard time finding one’s to fit but these are exactly as described. The sound quality is awesome. I’m so excited to have my music while I’m swimming. It’s the best!

  259. Joan Battaini

    excellent service, speedy delivery. package intact and enclosed all ordered items!
    FYI- the product is excellent as well

  260. William

    Underwater audio was EXCELLENT in getting my new waterproof iPod and headphones. I used my next workout and they worked GREAT. Thank you underwater audio.

  261. Samantha

    The service was good arrived in 3 days of ordering.I have only used it once since it arrived.First time in the pool and no problems sound was great made the swim go with ease instead of a chore.

  262. Caitlyn

    I absolutely love this product! I usually work out with music and the pool was the one place that I couldn’t because well water. With Underwater Audio it makes swimming laps a completely different experience that makes it so much better! 🙂

  263. Julia

    Earphones are fantastic. Highly recommended swimming is a breeze. You get lost in it with music

  264. Michelle Vogel

    The waterproof iPod is the best invention. I love it. I do laps in my pool and listen to music. It is as clear as a normal iPod. Now I don’t have to blast my music while I swim to be able to hear it. I will probably get another one for my husband.

  265. Helen Ma

    Last month I purchased the waterproof iPod Swimbuds Sport bundle pro and have used them about 7 times. So far I have enjoyed listening to podcasts while swimming laps — listening to podcasts keeps me going. Actually, the waterproof iPod provides an incentive for swimming laps; if I want to listen to the podcasts, I have to go swimming in order to hear them. I used the smallest size of the tree-shaped waterproof earbuds but they probably were too small (water leaked in, etc.). Today I switch to the medium size tree-shaped earbuds (the size originally on the earbuds when they arrived) and had no leakage — just fine sound quality.

  266. Teresa Levy

    The waterproof iPod shuffle is perfect. The earbuds stay in even during a turn. I love having my own tunes when I swim. Underwater Audio ROCKS!

  267. Thom Kurtz

    Very pleased with Underwater Audio products. My waterproof ipod has been awesome for over 2 years now, and they have greatly improved the waterproof buds. Even the sound is better. Best of all, I have always received great customer service.

  268. Mary Ehrler

    Excellent design

  269. John Powell

    I am very satisfied with the purchase of your waterproofed IPod Shuffle and the waterproof headphones. I tried a few other possibilities from other companies and was very disappointed, I am very excited about my purchase. Thank you

  270. Joanne Garcia

    Underwater Audio is top notch #1. Excellent products and customer service. I absolutely love my Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones. Well worth the investment. Thank you for such a high quality product that makes you forget you are swimming laps in the pool.

  271. Sarah Bulanda

    I would highly recommend these products to anyone. I’ve purchased one of the ipod shuffles and a few different types of their headphones. I wear the ipod on a necklace and haven’t taken it off in almost two years and it still works perfectly. Personally I prefer the waterproof sport headphones over the regular ones because the fit is better and they stay in a bit better when doing butterfly.

  272. Aubrey Bucholtz

    This is a wonderful product. Makes me love swimming even more. I would recommend this ipod to anyone that spends time in the water. I even use it during my water aerobics class.

  273. Kent Nerburn

    Over the years I have tried other products that purported to allow you to listen to music while swimming. Sadly, they were all junk: “penny wise and pound foolish.” They broke or did not work, and the companies that sold them were no help at all because they were just pass-through operations with no viable customer service. When I came across underwater audio and the ipod shuffle I refused at first to consider it because of the price. Their stuff is expensive, no doubt about it. But when I finally bit the bullet and purchased their Ipod I realized that I had made a superb decision. Then when the charging connector didn’t work quite right, I called them and a new one was in the mail within hours. They’re good folks with a good product and a good vibe about their business. I’m so glad I made the decision to drop the dollars for their waterproof Ipod. It was worth every penny and I’m enjoying it every day.

  274. Eugene Javellana


  275. Doreen Stubbe

    Compact, easy to use and has great sound.

  276. Diana Bergner

    My husband spends many hours on weekends in our pool trying to decompress from his crazy job.
    I had the idea to search for some kind of waterproof headphones to be able to get him to stop playing the radio so loud as he floated!
    We are in our sixties so when these came he had his IT guys download his music on the iPod. And when he told them he was looking forward to listening to music in the pool, they freaked….saying “No, you can’t get this wet!!”
    When he told them they were waterproof, they were really surprised!
    My husband has enjoyed this iPod immensely!
    And you will probably get more sales from the IT guys as well!

  277. Lyne Hamel

    Always very much satisfied of the products bought at Underwater Audio.

  278. Jodie Housman

    Thank you for creating great underwater headphones. Started back swimming in June four times a week and up until last week I have been using Sony underwater earphones. I have a competitive background in swimming and the Sony headphones were so annoying, I would have to adjust these every 50m. Last week I purchased the iPod sports bundle from Underwater Audio, tried them yesterday and amazing. I used the mid tree size headphone pieces, a little bit of Vaseline and they stayed in for the 3 km with flip turns every 25 m. My hubby tried them for his last km and loved them. You just lose yourself. I had the sound on mid level and sounded better than the Sony on max. Never cut out and the headphones stayed in my ears. My hubby is keen to purchase a pair for Christmas (he has an elite swimming background) and my brother is also keen. Thank you for creating a great product. Finally underwater headphones that work!!!

  279. Aaron Pelman

    My waterproof shuffle is beautiful and got here before the estimated delivery date. Can’t wait to hop in the water!

  280. Alain Ducros

    I experienced some of the best costumer service in a very long time. great work guys.
    AL Ducros

  281. Steven Jacobson

    I was so pleasantly surprised with Underwater Audio’s product. When I’m in the pool swimming I feel like I’m in my own world with their waterproof iPod and sports swim buds. It is truly amazing. It is actually extended my workouts by 50%. Pair that with their guarantee and their warranty and Underwater Audio is unbeatable. Don’t trust any of the other brands out there go to Underwater Audio

  282. Armando Davila


  283. Karyn Hascal

    Great product! Easy to order

  284. Karen Warner

    Very easy to order/cancel items. Once ordered, shipped very quickly. How’ve not yet used product as I purchased for an xmas gift. Can’t wait to hear how iPod.ear buds work so I can by a pair for myself!

  285. Eric Benoit

    The ordering was super simple and delivery of iPod was much faster than I had anticipated. I know where I’ll be ordering from when it comes to getting more of these for my 2 other children and wife.

  286. Tim Hughes

    I’ve tried several different combinations of products to listen to audio while swimming. I swim in both the open ocean and a pool. The Waterfi underwater ipod and earphones are the best I have found. I have and will continue to recommend them to others

  287. Susan Long

    My ipod and waterproof headphones came very quickly; everything looks great and works perfectly! Very happy customer!

  288. John Mertz

    Nice product, works well and sounds great. Stays in my ear with all the choices of earbuds.


  289. Art Gallegos

    A couple of years ago I bought the UA iPod and headphones, unfortunately they were stolen out of my bag. I decided to buy the Swimbuds Sport and iPod combo. I LOVE the newly designed headphones! The sound is so much richer. It looks like they are using a larger driver due to the slight size increase. The standard earplugs are more secure in my ears than the older earplugs. The buttons on the iPod seem more responsive and are easier to press. I highly recommend the Swimbuds Sport and iPod combo.

  290. Joel Henry

    My girlfriend is an avid swimmer, a mile a day sometimes two. I bought her the IPod shuffle for her birthday over two years ago and she loves it and has never had one problem with it. Thank you!!!

  291. Jason Toomey

    Love it,listening to your favourite as you swim along is unreal,it pumps you up,l swim 5km sometimes,doesn’t get boring now,makes it more challening,just love it.

  292. Evelyn Taylor

    Great service–delivered quickly as promised. Am giving it to my daughter as a Christmas gift–I know she’ll love it!

  293. Shane Halcomb

    Awesome! So excited to be able to swim with music to keep me motivated!

  294. Leslie Brennan

    Love your product and was very glad to have the option for personalizing!
    Timely delivery for the holiday and gift wrap was an added bonus!!!!!
    Thoroughly satisfied. Thank you!

  295. Michael Enriquez

    Fantastic product. My wife swims quite often and she’s never had a device that she could listen to music underwater with. This was the best Christmas present she could’ve asked for.

  296. Lee Taylor

    The underwater i-pod shuffle is fantastic! It works exactly as advertised. I thought I might have trouble with the volume during my workout. I didn’t. In fact I had to turn it down! An excellent product.-Lee Taylor

  297. Lee Taylor

    The underwater i-pod shuffle is fantastic! It works exactly as advertised. I thought I might have trouble with the volume during my workout. I didn’t. In fact I had to turn it down! An excellent product.-Lee Taylor

  298. Patricia Bobbitt

    I purchased a gift but the recipient has been happy with it.

  299. Jim Hawn

    I am a recovering swimmer. I have not been in the pool for many years because it was such a boring workout. I am excited to swim now with my new Underwater Audio. I got the Swimbuds sport bundle and am very happy with the earbud tips.

  300. Bonita MacDonald

    Very pleased with the product and the ease to navigate the purchase from your online store.

  301. Brian Price

    This is the best waterproof iPod available. It syncs music like any normal iPod and is is easy to use in the pool. I attach it to googles while swimming laps and then attach to bathing suit with the longer cord for water aerobic activities.

  302. Linda Carvel

    Best purchase ever! Makes my swim workout go faster. Now I do laps to songs and not minutes on the clock. People are amazed and frequently remind me that my shuffle is getting wet. I love to show them that it’s waterproof….love it. I even wear it doing a cycling class and on the treadmills..I’m 67 years old and I love my music. Thank you Underwater Audio.

  303. Jd Brossard

    Im hooked! I have used them going on two weeks now and it makes time in the water so much more bearable for exercise/laps. The headphones work awesome (I use the trees) with no problems of falling out at all. Ipod works great as well and I would highly recommend!

  304. Lisa Gigliello

    I love the ipad/swim bundle. I was able to add 400yds to my swim and increase my pace the first time I swam with them! It made the workout so much more enjoyable. Once I found the right earpieces to use, they stayed in perfectly for the entire swim and the sound quality was perfect. I would highly recommend this product to any swimmer out there!

  305. Richard Gross

    Makes 45 minutes of laps tolerable. I swim longer with less boredom. Easy to use. After 2 years the headphones went bad. I contacted the company and while they weren’t under warranty, they still gave me $20 off new ones. Great customer service.

  306. Layton Hart

    Love it. Awesome product, comfy earbuds. Now I don’t have to listen to the aqua aerobics!

  307. Jeanine Benjamin

    WE love our waterproof ipod and sport ear buds! I have given this as a gift 3x! Each person thanks me profusely because now they can workout longer and harder because they are totally entertained by their tunes! Plus the sport earbuds are a perfect fit. My boyfriend cannot wear standard earbuds and these sport earbuds are so comfortable he doesn’t even feel like he’s wearing them! It’s a win win situation for me and them! Everyone is happy.

  308. Jeffrey Young

    I purchased Waterproof iPod Shuffle Swimbuds Sport Bundle. It is exactly as represented. Waterproof Ipod with multiple ear bud choices. Now when I swim I don’t want to stop because I want to keep listening to the music. Great product. I would definitely buy again.

  309. Rob

    About a year ago I purchased Underwater Audio’s iPod shuffle with headphones. It has completely changed my swimming experience. I regularly swim 10000m without thinking about it or cursing the very boring lines at the bottom of the pool. Listening to music or a podcast while swimming is AH MAAAY ZING! The headphones alone are great for everyday headphones too.

    Recently I had a small tear in the extension for the headphones. After emailing Underwater Audio they sent me a replacement pair within the week. Excellent company and customer service. The way it should be. Among the best purchases I made in the past year. Highly recommend!

  310. Jennifer Monsivais

    I received my Underwater iPod as a Christmas gift two years ago… and it was the BEST GIFT EVER! Having the ability to listen to music and podcasts while swimming has completely changed my workouts. Like I said I have had this iPod for over two years and it still works great. I have used it for swim workouts… and all my other workouts. This was a great gift!!

  311. Reatha White

    I am a longtime swimmer and needed something to kick my workouts into a more energetic zone. Music! And underwater audio’s waterproof ipod shuffle was an obvious pick for. I already own other apple products, had an itunes account and set up was a breeze. I was nervous and skeptical that this little shuffle would truly be waterproof. I tried it out in the bathtub first and it was awesome! On my first swim with music I was thrilled at the quality of sound and the many earbud options are great. Now I look forward to swimming in a whole new way…I would recommend this product to anyone.

  312. Robert Owen

    This was a present for my wife, and she absolutely loves it! She uses it multiple times a week for swimming. The size is great, as is the length of the earbud wires – the shortened size is perfect to keep them out of the way. I purchased the extra earbud tips as well, which gives her the flexibility to see which work best for her, and provides a whole host of back-up options. She’s been using it for a few weeks now as has no complaints, only positive things to say. She was able to download about 19 hours of music onto it, so she’ll be happy for quite some time!

  313. Brenda Schmitz

    My waterproof iPod makes swimming laps fun, I download a rockin’ playlist, and I actually put more time in the pool because of the music. I have turned on a few swimmers to the iPod and they love it! Mine holds a charge a long time, and hours of music.

  314. Laura Patterson

    Was a little skeptical at first thought of this really working …… Mine came last week and I can not say I will Never Feel the same about boring exercise- It is All I needed (lap swimming is boring ) This has changed my whole look on getting in the lane……. Still trying to really get a good seal and I think it just figuring out a few things – I Give this a 5 Star!


    I love my waterproof iPod. Makes the 1 hr workout fly by!

  316. Phyllis Sarkin-D’Addario

    Love my new waterproof iPod! Trying a different headphones with this one. So far so good. Love being able to swim and listen to music. Great product. Thank you

  317. Donald Coutoumas

    I was impressed at the ease of downloading and once I found the earpiece that fit me best, I enjoyed my workouts more and improved my times. Looking forward to years of use.

  318. Phyllis Sarkin-D’Addario

    Love my new waterproof iPod! Trying a different headphones with this one. So far so good. Love being able to swim and listen to music. Great product. Thank you

  319. Lori Kelley

    Very good product I was surprised at how clear the sound was and the iPod stays on the swimsuit very securely. Very happy with it.

  320. Michael Artley

    Working on your web site was seemless and very simple to order and recieve the gift in a timely manner thank you very much this made for a great Mothers Day and birthday gift.


    I received my shuffle …. I was impressed with the fact the underwater audio sent 12 ear piece attachments to help customize the fit. It took a few trial runs to find my fit. After that…off and swimming with clear audio. It helped to tuck the earbud cord in my swim cap and clip the shuffle on my goggle strap. Love…love…love.

  322. Tim Ahern

    Excellent product! I love it.

  323. Allison MacEwan

    I’ve been using my underwater nano for years and couldn’t be happier. The new sports ear buds have improved the audio quality to make the experience even better. I’m a fitness lap swimmer and the music gives me an energy boost every time a new song comes on and I’ve created playlists for various parts of my workout. I rarely swim without them.

  324. Vivian Mendoza

    I absolutely love my underwater audio ipod shuffle. Ive been using it at least 2 to 3 times per week over the last three years without a problem . Ive just recently replaced my earbuds because the wires have become a little stiff. I listen to audiobooks and music. Keeps me in the pool for long calorie burning workouts!!!!

  325. Jacqueline Davis

    I spend a lot of times in the pool and when I contacted Underwater Audio to see what they could do to help the tedium, they prepared and shipped me really quickly an ipod shuffle fully waterproofed with perfect short cord earbuds which fit perfectly and don’t get caught in my strokes.
    The service was great, very fast and the product is fantastic since I use the device at least 4 hours a week ans I have had it for over 2 years. The sound is also great. Thank you Underwater Audio

  326. David Duncan

    I love my underwater player. I listen to musics, audiobooks while I swim. I can’t imagine not having my player on my long swim workouts. It keeps me company. Its extremely sturdy. I have a total of 3 for different locations and one is several years old and still works great. The earphones work great but the last generation of earphones are the best. Highly recommend.

  327. Kirk Sessions

    Needed a solution for keeping sweat/perspiration from ruining ipod shuffles while running and MTB riding and competing in long distance events Underwater Audio has the perfect setup and you can still use your favorite headphones

  328. Judy Ingersoll

    My husband Ray bought me the Underwater Audio music system as a 67th Birthday present since I swim laps seven days as a week at our gym. I LOVE them! Instead of being bored as I swim for 30-35 minutes I listen to old school music by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong and yes Elvis’s The Wonder of you. Under Water Audio was recommended by the Masters Swim Coach and all of the swimmers that swim to music. They are worth every penny and I couldn’t be happier!

  329. Kathryn Klepinger

    The Underwater Audio ipod is a life saver in the pool. I do a lot of training for Ironman and this gets me through my workouts. This is my second one. The first one still works, I just wanted another one for running. I don’t have to worry about my ipod getting wet on those rainy runs since they are waterproofed. The headphones are the best fitting ones I’ve found. I’ve tried others and they keep falling out in both swimming and running.

  330. Joanna Davenport

    I love this iPod. It stays securely clamped to my suit strap when I swim, and keeps a charge forever. The best thing is that listening to it makes the time go fast, and the music sets the pace

  331. Lora Shanks

    I love my Swimbuds iPod bundle. I suffer from extreme anxiety and have been using alternative forms of therapy over medication. Primarily meditation and REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) also known as a Sensory Deprivation Chamber. My iPod has been paramount to my therapy and recovery. I’m grateful.

  332. Ronald Brunson

    Replace my original Ipod shuffle recently after using it for over two years. Purchased a new Ipod shuffle and water proof head phones. They were in good condition and work very well. I am still a fan of Underwater Audio. R Received the ipod shuffle, ear buds, and earphones. All were in good condition. Have used the ipod and ear buds three times so far and all is good. I have now been using the ipod shuffle with several different styles of ear buds for 7 months. I am very happy with the products and will probably purchase a second ipod shuffle. This is a good product.

  333. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert Peel

    I’ve used them straight out of the box and so far I’ve had pretty much a flawless experience – haven’t tried any of the other ear pieces because the ones already attached have worked so well – I clip the iPod shuffle to the back of my goggles and have yet to have an ear piece come out – definitely makes swimming laps more fun for sure!

  334. Rated 5 out of 5

    James Lytle

    Now that I’m spoiled to the benefits of Underwater Audio’s waterproof iPod, I wouldn’t (can’t) swim without it!

  335. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kate Soileau


  336. Rated 5 out of 5

    GeorgiAnna Schurr

    What a fantastic product!!! It has increased my desire to head to the pool. It has improved my sessions and helped reduce my times.

  337. Rated 5 out of 5

    Wendy Landers

    Fantastic- just got my shuffle love it- game changer for swimming 2.5 miles daily… time flies now!! Customer service so easy to contact and work with. Thanks for a great experience. Will continue to order from you.

  338. Rated 5 out of 5

    Barb Fetsch

    Wish I knew about this company sooner. So glad I purchased waterproof iPod, love listening to music while swimming. It definitely makes you swim faster. One drawback, if you subscribe to apple music plan only the songs you buy sync with this device. Also can only use one set of earbuds that are small enough and comfortable.