Swimbuds Bone Conduction

100% Waterproof

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Swim with music with no wires!

This all-in-one player combines an 8GB mp3 player with premium bone conduction headphones to create a seamless waterproof listening experience.

Load your favorite tunes from your computer directly onto Swimbuds Bone Conduction, hit play, and dive in!

Swimbuds Bone Conduction is best for those who already own a bunch of their own music.

This all-in-one player/headphones combo is easy to wear, super secure, and doesn't plug up your ears with any earbuds.

This makes it a great choice for swimmers who want a low-hassle way to swim with music.

Surfers and other athletes will value the situational awareness provided by Swimbuds Bone Conduction's open-ear design.

Hearing through bone conduction is not a new phenomenon, but it has only recently been applied to consumer products at scale.

Bone conduction is how Beethoven was able to hear his compositions clearly after losing most of his hearing (it's also how many ocean mammals communicate).

Instead of passing sound waves through the air to be processed by your eardrums before reaching your cochlea, bone conduction devices translate sound into physical vibrations which are sent through your cheek bone directly to your cochlea. Essentially, bone conduction headphones act as external eardrums.

This means you don't have to insert anything into your ears to listen.

Swimbuds Bone Conduction

Ultimate comfort Our first open-ear music player leverages bone conduction technology to create a truly seamless swimming experience. No cables, no earbuds. Only your favorite tunes.

All-in-one design. We’ve combined quality headphones with a flexible, easy to use music player to make swimming with music simple.

Premium sound. Rich bass, clear high end, and plenty of volume. The best sounding fully waterproof bone conduction headphones on the planet.

Woman dives into lap pool to swim with Swimbuds Bond Conduction Waterproof Headphones

Made for swimmers

Easy to use

Easy to use


Volume up: press and hold

Next track: press once


Volume down: press and hold

Previous track: press once


Power on: press and hold

Play/Pause: press once

Toggle shuffle: double press

Drag & drop files via USB

Drag and Drop Files Via USB
Drag and drop your files

Drag & drop files via USB

  • Easily transfer your music files directly from your computer via USB.
  • Supports most common file types, including AAC (Post-2009 iTunes files), MP3, FLAC, and WMA.
  • MAC and PC compatible.

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    Paulette R.
    United States United States

    Bone conduction swimbuds

    So far I love these. For a few years I used the ones made by Finis, they never lasted more than a few months. I have only had these a few weeks so time will tell.

    Judith O.
    United States United States

    Great sound while swimming.

    Love these Swimbuds. Much easier to use than other brand. I download mp3 audiobooks, and barely notice I'm swimming hard. The sound quality in the pool is very good.

    Anne S.
    United States United States

    The next generation of waterproof music players!

    I've been using my waterproof iPod Shuffles for swimming for more than a decade, but with the discontinuation of the Shuffle a new solution had to be found. This product is amazing! The bone conduction works so well, it incorporates headphones and player in one, it has a shuffle function, and because of the design it has really no location to let water leak into electronic components. I've learned to adapt my iTunes playlists to mp3s so that they can be installed on this device and it's very straightforward. If software becomes available to make playlists in the future that would be especially awesome! I've bought 3 of these devices so far so that I can travel with them and I expect them to last a long, long time!

    Mary K.
    United States United States

    Customer service

    Amazing…. Very helpful

    Roy B.
    United States United States

    New Swimbuds Bone Conductors

    I just got my new swimbuds bone conductors and I’m looking forward not to having to deal with the earbuds that one has to insert into one’s ear. These types of earbuds usually wear out after 6 months or so. I’ve been using underwater water waterproof MP3 players for at least three years. I could not do my daily lap swimming without them. I don’t listen to music but rather listen to various podcasts. I found my swimbud bone conductors to be much easier to use, so far. However, I find that the maximum volume setting isn’t quite loud enough because when doing the crawl stroke the noise of my stroke is enough to interfere and can’t get good audio reception/volume. I appear to have come up with a solution by using a old pair of the hydroactive swimbuds (don’t connect them or insert the earpiece in ears) to create a ‘tighter fit’ for the swimbuds bone conductors. I find this creates a clearer audio sound. If you just listen to music this might not be a problem. However, I listen to podcasts so it is/was an issue.

    Technical specs


    1.2 ounces


    Durable composite body
    Flexible band

    Waterproof Rating

    IPX8 100% Waterproof - Submersible up to 10ft

    File Compatibility

    MP3, WMA, FLAC


    One size fits all


    Magnetic charging and data usb cable


    8 Gb

    Computer Compatibility

    MAC & PC