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Tri Sports: Gear, Tips, and Tricks to Get Your Best Time

Any athlete who has participated in a Triathlon knows it’s not just about how strong or fast you are. It takes a lot of hard work to get there. But there are many tricks that were designed to help ...

The 5 Best Pointers for Triathlon Training!

Running a triathlon is no joke. It takes a lot of time and training to get your body up to the shape it needs to be in. It can be overwhelming and you may be wondering where you can start, … Contin...

4 Tricks to Meeting Your Fitness Goals

It’s hard to get motivated about fitness. Which makes the goal setting/achieving process so daunting. I understand and want to help! These strategies and tools will help you succeed in both working...

exerciseHow to Sabotage Your Swim

How to Sabotage Your Swim

Feeling lucky today? Is luck part of the winning strategy? Most athletes are going to tell you NO.  Instead it is a combination of PRACTICE and MENTAL STRENGTH.  Are there things that you can do th...

dietWatch Out! 3 Meals a Day is a Bad Swimmer Diet

Watch Out! 3 Meals a Day is a Bad Swimmer Diet

What is a swimmer’s ideal diet? Our culture has dictated that we are supposed to eat 3 meals a day. Unless you’re a hobbit, who eats 7 meals a day (Breakfast, Second Breakfast, … Continue reading →

did-you-knowChlorine Trivia: True or False?

Chlorine Trivia: True or False?

Chlorine. Every swimmer is intimately aware of it. Even casual pool goers can’t miss it. No one enjoys the smell or what it does to their skin and hair. Not to mention the destruction it wreaks on ...