3 Ways Swimming Earphones Change the Pace of Your Swim!

So the new trend in water sports is music. Whether it’s speakers on the tower of your wake boarding boat or earphones in your ears while swimming, you can have music with you wherever you want to go!

Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones

Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones

I think that is awesome! I can remember when you had to pack a boom box and tapes and cd books down to the river or on your boat. And now, with Underwater Audio waterproof players and headphones, I can have a life soundtrack and not look awkward while I sing off key to the song in my head.

But best of all is that I can now go underwater with my music and swimming earphones. So here are a few reasons that earphones and music rock and can change the pace of your swim.


This won’t hurt a bit

So for me the worst thing about swimming is getting swimmer’s ear. Swimmers ear occurs when water gets stuck in the outer ear and causes inflammation and infection.

Lets just say it’s all bad news. What I have found is that using the earphones as I swim helps to prevent this because of the great fit of the earphones. They fit snug so water really can’t get in and cause problems.

We’re here to pump you up!

There has been a ton of research done on how music can improve workouts and it is full of large scientific words that don’t help much when you’re trying to understand it.
So let me put it in my terms and hopefully that helps. The framework of any music is the beats per minute.
As you listen to music while you work out, you naturally start to workout to the rhythm of the music. The faster the beats per minute, the harder you tend to work. With this knowledge, you can create a playlist that will help to dictate the best workout for you.
For a long time, swimmers couldn’t use this method to improve their swim times. But now we have waterproof headphones that allow you to use music to improve your swim speed and timing. This can help you achieve a better workout and more excellent performance.

EditedPhoto2But coach…

I don’t know about you but I never know what to do with my hands as I swim. And I never know when to breath so that I don’t mess up my rhythm. So what is an amateur swimmer to do?

Download some help.

Underwater Audio now has instructional clips that you can download. These will give you useful hints that help with pro techniques and assist you in improving your pace.

With your earphones in, it’s like you have a coach in your ear helping you be the best swimmer you can be.


Let Me Sum Up

With an Underwater Audio player and a set of underwater earphones, you can:
1) Prevent Some Pain
2) Pump Up Your Workout
3) Improve Your Swim
Sounds pretty rad to me. If you can think of even more ways that earphones are an asset in the pool, please leave your comments below. And swim well and prosper!

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