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open water swimming

Underwater Ambassador: Patrick Cobb

Patrick is an avid swimmer and enjoys swimming in his neighborhood pool frequently. BUT he wasn't always a swimmer and when it was ...

delphin3 Things I'm Grateful For

3 Things I'm Grateful For

This pandemic has taught me that while I can’t control what’s going on in the world, I can control my mindset. For me, this looks like finding a few things to be grateful for each morning... With ...

delphinFour Spotify Playlists To Improve Your Workout With The Delphin, According To Science

Four Spotify Playlists To Improve Your Workout With The Delphin, According To Science

Exercise should be invigorating, challenging, and rewarding. Regular physical activity increases your health, can provide you with greater longevity, and increase your happiness — the benefits a...

headphonesThe Road to Swimbuds Flip

The Road to Swimbuds Flip

In the beginning, there was nothing. Just the sound of the water sloshing against your ears, and sometimes deep into them, for what seemed like hours. That was all you could listen to while you wer...

gearA Guide to Swimbuds MP3

A Guide to Swimbuds MP3

The first Swimbuds headphones, released in 2011, were created to fulfill a need - headphones that could be used by swimmers, whether they were swimming laps, participating in water sports, or simpl...

BluetoothA Guide to Swimbuds Bluetooth Headphones

A Guide to Swimbuds Bluetooth Headphones

First introduced in the 2017 Kickstarter campaign for Delphin, Swimbuds Bluetooth headphones have become a force in the waterproof headphones market. Featuring full-fledged Bluetooth connectivity, ...