Father's Day Gifts

The sun is out, summer is starting, and we’re all getting ready to celebrate the father figures in our lives! Below you’ll find different Underwater Audio bundles that include a 100% waterproof iPod paired with various waterproof headphones. It’s the perfect way to show the men in your life that you care while giving them a way to prepare for the splash-certified summer ahead!

If he Swims

He may feel that lap after lap in the pool is getting kind of tedious. Lap swimming is a lot more fun with music! The Swimbuds Bundle and Swimbuds Sport Bundle are both great options so he can listen to his favorite playlist or even an audiobook during his workout.


The Swimbuds headphones have great sound quality and include three sizes of flanged earbud tips to make sure they fit in the ear properly. They also come with optional hooks which can be placed on the ear for extra security when you’re not in the water.
Swimbuds Sport

Swimbuds Sport headphones have an even more advanced sound quality and include four different styles of earbuds in various sizes. This ensures a watertight seal and the perfect comfort while swimming. Your dad will love being able to flip turn while keeping the earbuds snug and the music crisp and clear.

If he’s a beach bum (or a river floater)

What your father figure needs is a HydroHarmony Bundle! These headphones have a wrap around band on the back of the head so the cords won’t be a problem. Though they won’t seal the water out of your ears like our SwimBud models, they are 100% waterproof. The HydroHarmony bundle is perfect for relaxing in or near the water!

HydroHarmony Bundle red


If he does water sports

The HydroActive bundle is the way to go! The headphones are designed to stay in the ears through water sports and wipe outs. They wrap around the head and also include 4 different types of earbuds to get that watertight seal mentioned earlier. If your dad does a variety of activities in the water, these are your best bet as they are perfect for lap swimming too.

Whatever your gifting needs, Underwater Audio offers many ways to listen to music and audio books in the water! The man in your life is sure to love receiving the gift of music this Father’s Day.

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