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HydroActive Waterproof Headphones iPod Shuffle Bundle

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Product Description

Designed With Serious Aquatic Athletes in Mind

Bundle Contains:

  • Genuine Apple iPod Shuffle, waterproofed by Underwater Audio (2-year warranty)
  • HydroActive waterproof headphones (1-year warranty)
  • FREE 1 oz AquaGuard Pre-Swim Hair Defense (US only)
  • Coupon for a FREE download of a 30-minute audio workout with Rebecca Soni ($30 value)

The iPod Shuffle Improved

We took a standard iPod Shuffle and improved it through our proprietary waterproofing process, creating the most reliable music player for swimming available on the market. As a genuine iPod Shuffle, this MP3 player is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. The Shuffle’s 2GB storage capacity enables users to upload approx. 500 songs, and with 15 hours of battery life, workouts just got more exciting.

HydroActive Waterproof Headphones

Athletes who want to invest in versatile, durable, high-quality sound, need HydroActive headphones. HydroActive headphones feature a short cord that is partially encased in a plastic band that goes behind the neck for easier management and maneuvering. Designed to stay put during intense workouts and through strong force, be prepared to enjoy fewer interruptions.

HydroActive headphones have the same interchangeable earbud tip system as our Swimbuds Sport headphones. This interchangeable earbud tip system has been raved about by customers and has received hundreds of positive reviews since its launch. Earbud tips provide a more secure fit, prove easier to switch, and are more comfortable to wear than traditional earbud tips. With each earbud tip’s distinct fit and unique advantage, you will find one that fits your ear and your sport.

Your Purchase Includes:

– A Genuine Apple iPod Shuffle (2GB) waterproofed by Underwater Audio (2 year warranty)

– HydroActive Waterproof Headphones (1 year warranty)

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38 reviews for HydroActive Waterproof Headphones iPod Shuffle Bundle

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  1. Alli Curtis

    Such a great product! Has completely changed my workout. I am more motivated to stay in the water. The range of ear buds included provide solutions for all ear types and needs. Still shoveled that it works so well, but it really does! Amazing!

  2. Angela Vanwinkle

    I absolutely Love the Underwater Audio!!!! Great Buy and works awesome while swimming!!!! I would Reccomend Underwater Audio to anybody who loves swimming!!!!

  3. Amanda Rose

    Easy to use and neat product for the swimmer. Glad it’s Apple so it will mesh with my established music library. Fun colors. Quick shipping. Good price.

  4. Thomas Mosley

    Love my new waterproof iPod. I use it to listen to books while I swim. Makes the time go by very fast. The clarity is excellent.

  5. Thomas Schrepf

    This unit has worked flawlessly in the water…small adjustment for the earphones was all! Excellent product!

  6. Liisa May

    I love this. I do water jogging vertically to loosen stiff muscles from sitting and riding a computer mouse all day. Having some tunes, or an audio book to distract me, helps me put in between 45 and 60 minutes.
    I treat myself at the end of the swim with a dance-stretch time in shallow water. I then go home feeling 40 years younger, about age 20.
    I also use it for walking on rainy days, and it performs like a champ. Regular shuffles are notoriously vulnerable to heavy sweating and rain.
    The shuffle is easy to use and sturdy I am on my second shuffle only because the first, which I had used for about 2.5 years, didn’t survive its second trip through the washer and dryer. My bad.

  7. Matthew Conroy

    Was a little skeptical, but I’ve used the iPod a few times in the pool and it works well. I ended up buying a second one for the wife.

  8. Amit Hasak

    Very satisfied. Unlike their competition, great customer service.

  9. Richard Wunderli

    Finally, great sound in a great product. After going through (and sending back) several Finis Neptunes, I have hit on the right combination: the waterproof iPod Shuffle with the more expensive “tree” earbuds. The standard earbuds just don’t fit well or have good sound. But the Underwater Audio “tree” earbuds are fantastic. Great sound, great fit, comfortable, and they stay in no matter what swimming level or strain is put on them.

  10. Sandra Oliver

    The ear buds and the ishuffle are awesome. I was bored in my swimming routine and with the device it has made swimming and exercising so enjoyable. I would recommend this to any sports fanatic who is bored with their routine and looking for some thing different and entertaining at the same time. Thank you audio.

  11. Angela Holmes

    My Waterproof shuffle is everything it’s advertised. It’s perfect for swimming laps. It’s 1 more song, one more lap and the time goes by so fast. I’ve only used them a handful of times, but I absolutely love them.

  12. Paul Bueza

    This iPod system is awesome! I really didn’t think I would find a reliable way to get music into the water with me but these guys did it! So glad I picked this up- now I’m super excited to do laps in the pool and plan on spending so much more time in the water. Underwater audio is so bomb!

  13. Teresa Bentley

    My son is in the Navy and swims often for exercise. He asked for a waterproof iPod shuffle so he could listen to his music while he worked out. I ordered this and asked for engraving because I thought it was a nice touch- His shuffle arrived quickly and in perfect order. I can’t wait to give this to him at Christmas- I think he will be very pleased!

  14. Laura Smith

    I love to swim but it sure can get monotonous. This is such a fantastic solution. I especially like the short cord on the new headphones and the wide range of choices for ear plug adapters. I have different sized ear canals, so this really provides options to make a perfect fit. And the shuffle is easy to use/update. GREAT all around!

  15. Karen Kittell

    The headphones were for my son for his Christmas present. He told me he absolutely loves being able to listen to music while he swims. Would recommend to everyone!

  16. David Black

    Used your buds for kite boarding for the first time and they stayed in place and great sound. Best earbuds I’ve used so far for kite boarding

  17. Garry Hart

    My life has changed. Nothing better than doing laps in the Pool with tunes in my ears. I now look forward to looking at the black line. I find the W/P shuffle easy to use and not so cumbersome. It sits nicely at the back of my goggles and with a quick push to change music. The best thing by setting the playlist, my training is more intense and I now achieve double to before.
    Great buy

  18. Alex Berezowsky

    Your product is amazing! I use it every single day at 5:30 AM during my Morning Ritual, which is going to the steam room, then the pool, then Jacuzzi, and finally cold shower. All with music. It is EPIC! You are awesome!

  19. Rich Di Pietro

    Thus far it has been nothing but great! The laps fly by and the music makes much more enjoyable!

  20. Thomas Evans

    I was very impressed by the headphones and waterproof iPod. Although I also enjoy quiet swims, I also love being distracted. Over the years I’ve tried various systems. This solution is by far the best. Thanks.

  21. Stig Lovas

    Thanks for super fast shipping to Norway.
    I love this waterproof ipod from Underwater Audio. With 3 different sizes on the earbuds its easy to find a perfect fit. I have been using this for a couple of weeks now, and I find that I swim longer and my laps are faster after I got this.
    Thanks. This is a great buy. Go get it.

  22. Chester Nassh

    Exactly what was advertised! It’s works perfect. Boring long swims now are a breeze. Just set up your playlist for a certain time length and swim till the music stops.

  23. Stephen Purvis

    I found the buying experience very quick, straightforward and easy. The equipment (which was a gift for my wife) came quickly and she loves swimming with it. We’re also spreading the word when we meet other people who are interested in regularly swimming (or SUP, kayaking, etc.), and will continue to do so. We’ve been impressed. Thank you.

  24. Danielle Gurnick

    Excellent product, exceptional service!
    I purchased this product and haven’t looked back! It works really well and is exactly what I was after. I’ve tried other underwater devices they were bulky and the earphones were just painful. These earphones are so comfortable I could swim for hours!
    The added bonus of quick shipping and prompt replies from customer service when I had a question was fantastic. I’ve already told my friends and strangers I’ve met at the pool about this brilliant product.
    Thank you!

  25. Mark Amoriello

    Love these! Can’t imagine swimming my workout without them. Quality product and service. Definitely recommend

  26. Jeni Ritchie

    My new waterproof iPod and headphones are all the motivation I need to get out of bed at 5am to go to the pool. Music is my life and makes exercise so enjoyable. Love, love, love them.

  27. Mark Obmascik

    If you’ve ever been bored swimming, this is the best money you can spend on your sport. Underwater Audio lets me listen to books while I swim. The result is that I swim faster, farther, and more often. The new headphones are a significant improvement over the originals — I no longer need a dab of Vaseline around the earbuds to keep water out of my ears, even during flip turns. Highly recommended.

  28. Karen Russell

    I purchased the waterproof iPod for water aerobics. I absolutely love it and it so makes the time go by much faster! I don’t understand how it stays waterproof but it is totally immersed in water for an hour at a time and I have had no problems with it to date. I even take it into the hot tub with me. I would highly recommend getting one of these if you are going to be in the water and want to listen to an audiobook or music. Far exceeds the ‘waterproof pouches’ available on the market to put your iPod in. With this waterproof iPod I don’t have to worry about my more expensive iPod in a pouch that could leak and ruin it. I also purchased the wrap-around waterproof earbuds and they work great as well. Love it!

  29. Danit Weiner

    I just ordered my second one and it is even better than the first (which lasted five years even though I was VERY rough on it). Swimming with the iPod has completely changed my workout and I can swim almost twice as long without getting bored. People always complement it, and its great for non-workout purposes too, like sitting in a lounge chair in the pool without worrying about ruining your iPhone. I absolutely love my Swim iPod and will be back to get another if this one ever goes.

  30. Alexis Chocianowski

    I love this product so much. I am a competitive swimmer and having this while I workout is awesome!! I love it so much. That is all.

  31. Teresa Allen

    I absolutely love my waterproof iPod shuffle. I use it for the pool and it’s so light I use it in place of my iPhone. I have to hide it from my son! It’s great to use when cleaning the house.

  32. Laura Slater

    TRULY REMARKABLE! Since my first purchase of an Underwater Nano & Headphones, I have since purchased 2 more sets for my family. My first nano purchased was not charging, and when I contacted Underwater Audio they were quick to respond on sending a replacement and I received it in less than a week! Customer Service is ON POINT! Every day I swim and having this to fuel my workout is amazing! Other swimmers ask about it every time I am at the pool and I love sharing how amazing the product is and how responsive your company is at making sure every consumer enjoys and loves this product! I have since upgraded my headphones and the case they are sent in with ear bud attachments is incredible. Not much more to say but thanks for a wonderful addition to my swim. Can’t wait to see more products you offer!

  33. Mark

    Awesome! Found my products no products no problem….I can now swim for a long period of time without getting bored!

  34. Alan Syzdek

    Swimming laps in a backyard pool for over an hour is great exercise and easy on the joints, however, it can get very tedious. I was searching for something to help me get through my swim workouts and was excited to find Underwater Audio and the waterproofed Shuffle. I have been using it for the past 2 weeks and it has far exceeded my expectations. Small, unobtrusive, excellent range of earplugs, and good sound. I highly recommend this product for those seeking to bring a bit of music to their swim workouts for added enjoyment.


    This product is remarkable and exceptional!!! Many thanks to Underwater Audio. I fall in love with my HydroActive Waterproof Headphones iPod Shuffle Bundle!!! Fins waterproof earbuds are my favorite!!! From now on, I can enjoy my swimming laps everyday!!! Grab it and enjoy a different life!!!

  36. Ronald Van Noort

    Great product. I know of so many people trying to find Bluetooth headphones for in the water but they require batteries.

    This is expensive but great experience. Compact & convenient.

  37. Maggy Murray

    I love the underwater audio..I swim laps for one hour every day. it makes swimming much more enjoyable…bought one for one of my son’s…And he loves it too…just bought my second one…after extensive use for 5yars or did not want to charge anymore…. Could not be comfortable with the ear buds and am waiting for the hydro harmony to arrive… You have in me a customer for life!!!

  38. Rated 5 out of 5


    I received Underwater Audio as a birthday gift, and it has made my swims so much more entertaining! A bonus is that it’s relatively hassle-free. Just put on your earbuds, plug in the cord, clip on your suit, and you’re good to go.