Waterproof iPod Shuffle HydroHarmony Headphones Bundle

Waterproof iPod Shuffle HydroHarmony Bundle

Rated 4.67 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings
(54 customer reviews)


Our waterproof iPod motivates athletes to get to the pool.

  • HydroHarmony headphones designed for watersports
  • Conveniently switch out songs and audiobooks with iTunes
  • Wrap-around headphones stay securely in place
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    Reviews (54)

Product Description

Save $25 when you purchase during our limited time sale!
This Bundle includes:

  1. Genuine Apple iPod Shuffle, waterproofed by Underwater Audio, with a 2-year warranty
  2. HydroHarmony waterproof headphones for above-water sports, with a 1-year warranty
  3. Waterproof extension cord for greater ease of use
  4. 4 Sets of different sized earplugs for a more personalized fit
  5. Original Apple USB cable
  6. The Underwater Audio HydroHarmony Bundle includes a free download of Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni. Olympic Medalist Rebecca Soni offers tips on alignment, efficiency, timing and technique.


How to Get your Free Audio Tracks:

After you purchase from our website, you should get a confirmation email. There you will also find the downloadable audio for free! Click on the links and the audio will download to your computer.


1. Order iPod bundle.  The coupon code will arrive via mail with your iPod.
2. Go to the Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni product page. Use this link here if you need.
3. Add the product to your cart.
4. Apply coupon code.
5. After you ‘checkout’ you will get the tracks for free via downloadable audio.

Underwater Audio uses a proprietary process that is unique to the industry to waterproof your iPod from the inside out, giving you a 100% watertight music player.

About Our Waterproofing Process Underwater Audio’s pioneering two-stage waterproofing technology has been exceeding customer’s expectations since its introduction. Often imitated, never replicated, Underwater Audio’s waterproof iPod sets the industry standard and was the first to use a double layer of defense to protect against water and corrosion. Each iPod meets the rigorous IPX8 standard (tested to 200 feet for use fully submerged) and will go with you from land to sea and everywhere in between.

  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Hundreds of songs
  • Long battery life
  • Strong clip keeps it attached
  • Small and drag free
  • Control your music with just a click
  • Voice Over feature allows you to navigate while keeping your eyes on your sport

Need more information before you buy?

* For safety reasons, these and all headphones that create a tight seal should not be used below 10 feet.

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54 reviews for Waterproof iPod Shuffle HydroHarmony Bundle

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Now I can swim my laps with this little bitty thing pumping out great music to keep me motivated. I just got mine and love it, love it, love it. I clip it to my swim suit and use the HydroHarmony Headphones which also work great. I live in FL and I’ll swim til the pool water is colder than the springs. That’s 72 degrees.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Enne B.

    I purchased your Underwater Apple iPod Shuffle with the AQS-02 Waterproof Headphones a month ago. I am so happy with this product that I want everyone to know about it.
    I have had a bad back and can’t swim, but my doctor recommended pool therapy, so I go to the pool at the gym once a week and kick with a board for an hour. The workouts are so boring. I’ve tried several products like underwater radios and MP3 players with no luck. Last Christmas my daughter bought me a Dolphin MP3 player that was also an inferior product. The player gave off static. The company was hard to deal with and she never got her money back.
    I tried to find a product once again and tried the waterproof Apple iPod shuffle. I am so happy with this product. It makes my workouts so enjoyable. I am not a high tech person, but with the help of Apple and Underwater Audio, I learned how to download songs from my CDs. What a great product! I would recommend this product to everyone. It’s my Christmas present to me this year.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Wow! Something that eliminates the monotony of laps in the pool but more importantly won’t corrode when I run. I sweat profusely and live in the hottest part of the country. I have had this for close to a year but barely getting to this review. The customer service is amazing, timely, quick, and NO HASSLE!! I can’t live without this thing.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have had my waterproof ipod for nearly a year now and it still works wonderfully and I cannot imagine swimming without it. Many people have asked me about it so I give them info on how to order one.

  5. Debra W

    Love the underwater Ipod… referred a friend and he loved it too! Thanks.

    Debra W.

  6. margaret

    I’m very statisfied with the customer service I received. I’m enjoying swiming and listening to music.

  7. Henri Stein

    Very compact and practical. It makes swimming long distances more enjoyable.

  8. Kamuela

    Great product! I love being able to exercise and not worry about my iPod getting wet from sweat or rain!

  9. Michelle

    I love all of the products. I have had 2 I-pods in 3 years. I love the earphones called hydro Harmony. The music is very clear. I have recommended these products to many satisfied customers!!

  10. Janet Barlow

    Great product for the active water lover!

  11. Bridgett Sullivan

    I love it!

  12. Lillian

    The waterproof iPod has changed my life while swimming. I glide along loosing track of time and swim happily listening to show tunes. It is easy to use and never gets in the way. I am the envy at my swimming pool.

  13. Teresa Wilson

    I love this product! It helps me to stay motivated with my water aerobics!

  14. Sherry Llamas

    love this product.

  15. Melinda Oldroyd

    These are by far the best underwater earphones I’ve ever used!! I spend A LOT of time in the pool doing really long sets and having my favorite music is a great motivator! The ear buds won’t slip out even after swimming 3000 yards! They are great to use while cycling or running as well. The cords stay out of your way and the MP3 is light; I almost forget it’s there! Thanks for making a great product!!

  16. Marie Fanget

    I love my underwater ipod and headphones! I had been waiting for something like this for a long time. They work really well, great sound!
    I Highly recommend this product.

  17. Jim W.

    It works very well. Have used a couple of years and no problems.

  18. Joan O

    I love my waterproof iPod and headphones. I love doing water aerobics while in Florida where I cannot attend classes. By using these I do not disturb anyone else in the pool. I have been asked by many where I purchased them and have recommended Underwater Audio to all of them. Thank you for a great product!

  19. Thaddeus Shalek

    Very easy to work with, quick delivery, and product with Great results!

  20. Kenny Schwabik

    Phenomenal sound quality! iPod Nano gen 3 finally died. Needed a replacement. Wanted the shuffle because I didn’t need the extras. Went with underwater audio because the idea of swimming without the bulky waterproof box I previously owned seemed great. Blown away by the customer service. Fast delivery is an understatement. First swim was amazing. Turned more than a few heads. Will definitely shop again!

  21. Tara Monaco

    I got the waterproof iPod as a birthday gift and it works great!! It is such a treat to be able to listen to music while swimming laps — makes such a difference in breaking up the monotony of swimming laps. Highly recommend!

  22. Steve Quinn

    I am 66 years old and I swim a mile 5 days a week for exercise. I could not stick with it without the music. Thanks for a great product!

  23. Jennifer Bushor

    I was nervous about ordering this iPod and how well it would work. I am so happy. It has totally changed my swimming workout to make it so much more enjoyable. The sound is amazing. It is a life changer for me and my workout. Thank you – it is all about the music!!!

  24. Scott Harry

    Well worth the extra money you spend for a shuffle. My first shuffle from UnderwaterAudio just died, but I have had this product for more than 3 years and use it almost daily – am buying another today – no hesitation. Fabulous. Used to burn through shuffles at a rate of 1 per 3-6 months just from using for running. Great value

  25. May Lavorata

    I do water aerobics in the pool, music sounded really clear I was very happy

  26. Kelly Klingman

    Headphones fit great, sound is great. Makes water walking/jogging go by so much faster!

  27. Veronica Wegener

    I bought this for rowing and I love it. It clips to my shirt and the earphone cord is short enough that I am not battling the cord. And just in case I end up in the water, well it’s waterproof. My friend MaryBeth turned me on to this, she is a swimmer and she has wonderful things to say about underwater audio’s customer service. If your a water person and your missing your tunes, this is the hot ticket!

  28. John Wells

    My shuffle was delivered timely and has worked to perfection so far. Instructions were clear and all accessories were stored neatly in the delivery box. I used it first day and I am very pleased.

  29. Kimberly Saad

    Love my waterproof ipod shuffle and hydroharmony headphones from Underwater Audio. I never want to swim without again. I swim laps with them about 4 to 5 times/week and I’ve had no trouble at all with them. The headphones are perfect, they fit well, they stay in place and the sound quality underwater is great. My first waterproof ipod and headphones were from a different company, Underwater Audio’s are superior. I will only go with them for future purchases. Great product and fast delivery!

  30. Elizabeth Cook

    I love my waterproof shuffle! I swim twice a week and it has made my workouts so much more enjoyable. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to swim or workout in a pool.

  31. David Share

    Great product. preveously had a Speedo Waterproof MP3 and this is 100% better. I would recommend for any regular swimmer

  32. Ashlie McGee

    I was skeptical about this product. Would it really work underwater?? What about the sound quality?? But I can now say that I am very pleased with it. Swimming without music is a thing of the past for me now. My sister and her husband want one too. Maybe I will get them each one for their anniversary.

  33. Tom Reynolds

    Excellent product, good value for the money. The product has performed flawlessly underwater daily for over a week so far. I would highly recommend this product!!

  34. Jason Lanigan

    Mailing notices very reassuring – *****
    Very prompt delivery –
    Very satisfied product –
    My favorite swimming and running investment to date –
    Will be a repeat customer, and certainly recommending site and products to friends –
    Many thanks Underwater Audio –

  35. Lynnette Hazard

    Very user friendly website and products are of good quality. I use my waterproof iPod and headphones in the ocean in windy conditions and it works perfectly.

  36. Kierstin

    Just received my waterproof iPod and have only used it once, but it worked great! The iPod shipped quickly and even came two days early. I opted for the HydroHarmony bundle which (so far) seems to stay in my ears better than the traditional iPod ear pieces.

  37. Dana Coston

    Great product, exactly what I wanted!!!

  38. David Josephson

    Excellent product makes workouts a joy.

  39. Francine Gertelman

    I love my new waterproof headphones and shuffle. I was able to program it easily by myself and I have used it daily for two weeks and it is better than what I used before. I got the headphones that go behind your head and the ear pieces to don’t fall out!! I also ordered by phone and got my package a day early. They are GREAT!! ENJOY!!

  40. Cynthia Glass

    I have a 2-year old waterproof iPod Shuffle and it’s still going strong. I use it almost daily either while swimming or running. I just ordered a second Shuffle as a gift for a friend. Great product!

  41. Susan Blake

    WOW! To start with, I need to stay in the Therapy Pool (92 degrees) for an hour, it is boring, listening to other peoples conversations and the loud Aqua-Robics instructor/music in the other pool. So… The Underwater Shuffle keeps me focused, smiling and bouncing with a beat to ABBA and Dr. Hook, unless Mozart/Bach and Brahms are playing. The most serene music in the world (Oliver Poole/Piano) is wonderful to float and unwind to.
    When I saw another person in our pool with the Underwater Shuffle, I asked, he told, I bought, fumbled my way through uploading process (I’m nearly 70, so my tech skills are waning) and have been in Heaven ever since. I even wear it through the shower, putting my curlers in and make-up on! Ta-Da, the best buy this century.
    Thank You, Susan


    These folks are a rarity in todays world of customer convenience. I have just bought my second, (my first, after wearing it for almost 4 years was stolen at the pool I attend), shuffle. I swim laps every day for health as I cannot do any other type of exercise without causing more pain than I live with, and the shuffle helps keep my mind off my pain and I can swim much longer. When it was stolen I was heartbroken and wrote to Underwater Audio ad told them my circumstances. They gave me 15% off a new one “since someone stole your other one”. These things work very well too. The sound is good and I wore my first for four years with no issues other than my new pup eating the first pair of ear buds which UA even gave me a discount for replacing. They even helped walk me through how to get my old 70’s rock music on the shuffle because I’m an old lady who is very “Technically Challenged” in the new things of today. I would recommend, (and have many times which led to purchases by some folks who noticed mine at the pool) UA to anyone, knowing I would never hear them come back to me and say anything negative about their experience.

  43. Randee Rubinstein

    What an awesome device! Unlike other products that I have tried, Underwater Audio’s waterproof iPod shuffle + headphones worked perfectly! Comfortable, easy to use, and great sound. No fussing, no adjustments, no problems during my swim. I highly recommend their product to anyone who is listening underwater.

  44. Chris Rossi

    great site

  45. Margaret Dales

    The shuffle ipod has done so much to enhance my swimming time. I have downloaded some fabulous music such as waltzes, ABBA, etc. I have also increased my swim time because of it. I have come to the point where I do not care to swim without the shuffle. Thank you to whoever came up with this great idea!!

  46. Pamela Glavis


  47. Rated 3 out of 5

    Ben Junta

    I use this surfing and love it. I am not sure there is a perfect solution to the fact that at times if the ocean is strong enough, it will knock the earphones out no matter what I seem to do. But that is not on the product, that is just the strength of the ocean… It’s really cool to have the option to surf with music. Definitely worth the cost!!!!!!!

  48. Ben Junta

    I use this surfing and love it. I am not sure there is a perfect solution to the fact that at times if the ocean is strong enough, it will knock the earphones out no matter what I seem to do. But that is not on the product, that is just the strength of the ocean… It’s really cool to have the option to surf with music. Definitely worth the cost!!!!!!!

  49. Susan Trunk

    As a beginning swimmer in my early 50’s its often hard to get motivated. I recently purchased an Ipod and headset to listen to music while I swim. It has been delightful and keeps me in the water longer.

  50. Vance Deruise

    Good product


    I have tried other waterproof ipod shuffles, and was a loyal customer to Underwater Audio’s competitor for over 10 years. Sadly their product no long embraced the quality that originally attracted me. I went though 7 units before I thought I’d give Underwater a try. I was skeptical; because, I bodysurf with my music, so the little shuffle is truly tested. Even though I’ve only had it a short time, it’s already outlasted its competitor. I plan to pre-order the Delphin. Underwater Audio puts a great deal of craftsmanship into their units; the quality truly reflects this. I highly recommend.

  52. C Fred Partin

    This is an incredible product!! Way outclasses even their closest competitor for quality, durability and performance.

  53. B Landsman

    delivered so quickly! packed perfectly, clear directions, excellent product!

  54. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jonathan Feder

    Unique product. Works perfect! Super fast shipping!