Inspirational Quotes From Famous Swimmers

Inspirational Quotes From Famous Swimmers

As fellow swimmers, sometimes it’s nice to get some inspiration from those who have paved the way to success.


This blog is dedicated to providing motivation for those trying to meet their swimming goals. So, here are some inspirational swimming quotes from famous swimmers. They have accomplished so much and we can learn a ton from them.

Michael Phelps

“Nothing is impossible. With so many people saying it couldn’t be done, all it takes is an imagination.” – Michael Phelps (USA gold medalist in swimming)
“Swimming is normal for me. I’m relaxed. I’m comfortable, and I know my surroundings. It’s my home.”  – Michael Phelps (USA gold medalist in swimming)

Summer Sanders

“The things you learn from sports – setting goals, being part of a team, confidence – that’s invaluable. It’s not about trophies and ribbons. It’s about being on time for practice, accepting challenges and being fearful of the elements.” – Summer Sanders (USA gold medalist in swimming)

Mark Spitz

“I’m trying to do the best I can. I’m not concerned with tomorrow, but with what goes on today.”
“If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.” – Mark Spitz (USA gold medalist in swimming)

Missy Franklin

“The goal is to keep having fun. Not let that pressure get to me and still be Missy.”– Missy Franklin (USA gold medalist in swimming)
“A huge part of swimming for me is I love it, and it is so much fun.” – Missy Franklin

Dara Torres

“Never put an age limit on your dreams.” – Dara Torres (USA gold medalist in swimming)

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Extra Motivation For Reaching Your Goals


Something that really helps me push through when I’m training is music! That’s why I always bring my Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle to the pool.

When you need a little push to get through a set, turn on an epic song like, “The Final Countdown” by: Europe. It’s just what I need to make it to the end of my swim.
I hope this blog was both inspiring and motivational. If you have any other uplifting things to add or more motivational swim quotes, feel free to leave a note in the comment section below.

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