Ampyx Swim Cap

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Ampyx - The Cap with Extra Space for Your Ears

Ampyx is the cap for the swimmer who needs breathing room for his or her ears. With extra space molded into the cap on both sides at ear level, your ears will be able to more comfortably fit earplugs or waterproof headphones, while still helping protect your hair from pool chemicals like any other swim cap.

Ampyx creates optimum fit to prevent overpressure, and fully protects your ears from chlorine, sand, and bacteria in the water.

Our swim cap is designed to fit the 3D mapping of a human head. It has more room compared to ordinary swimming caps, making it more comfortable to wear, especially for longer hair and bigger heads. Our cap is wrinkle-free and elastic. The unique 3D ergonomic design makes it easy and quick to take on and off without snagging hair.

Available in a one-size-fits-most model for teenage or adult swimmers. Our soft material with high durability results in long lasting wear.

Take your swim performance to the next level and wave goodbye to the competition while wearing the Ampyx Swim Cap.