Making Playlists for Workouts

Swimsuit? Check.  Goggles? Check. Waterproof iPod? Check. Underwater Earbuds? Check. A killer swimming playlist for your iPod? … No? It’s OK. Take a deep breath. We’ve got some tips to help you figure out what exactly makes a good music playlist. Add your tips in the comments below!
1. Songs With a Good Beat
UA 01Studies show that high energy, upbeat music yields the best results for your workout. You want to have your music push you to a new level. So chill acoustic, singer-songwriter or piano-driven songs are probably not the best choice.
And it’s probably a good idea avoid classical, jazz or elevator music during your workout. In other words… “easy listening” music is not advised for those underwater buds.
Remember, you want songs on your playlist that will pump you up and get you excited to work out, not put you to sleep! So save the Enya and Mozart for a lazy day at home, not a day at the gym.
2. Songs With Motivational Lyrics
There are so many different kinds of songs out there. They can be happy, sad, aggressive, romantic, silly, or anything in between. Pay attention to song lyrics. In general, try to avoid songs with any negative lyrics. It’s way harder to find the motivation to work out when you’re feeling bummed out by a sad or depressing song.
Look for songs with positive, uplifting, motivational lyrics. Songs that put you in a good mood and put a smile on your face. Those are the types of songs that will inspire you to hit the pool when you don’t feel like it. Because we all know there are 753 reasons to just stay home and watch Netflix, so the more ways you can pump yourself up to work out, the better.
3. Decide If You Want Variety or a Theme

Some people have a wide taste in music and listen to music from a variety of genres and decades. If you’re one of those people, the sky is the limit to what you’ll put on your iPod. Have at it when building your playlist and add oldies to classic rock and modern songs, too. As long as the songs have a good beat and motivating lyrics, they’ll be perfect to help you work up a sweat.
Other people like to stick to one genre or music era. That could mean a playlist built around 80’s hair rock bands, or 90’s hip hop, or 90’s and 2000’s alternative rock. Or you can fill up your playlist with a bunch of pop hits, techno, whatever suits your fancy. The key is to have fun and pick songs that will get you excited to work out.
How do you pick your swimming playlist? What songs do you have on it? Share in the comments below!

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