The History of Portable Music: Tech King

Ever wondered how technology and music have evolved to what it is today? The last 15 years or so we’ve had iPods and other advanced, compact listening devices that only continue to improve. What about before that though? What had to happen so that we have the personal music listening experience that we enjoy today?
Music has become such a regular part of our daily lives, and especially as we choose the music we listen to. Now, listeners can have their music as they run, at work, in the pool, and virtually anywhere else they want some tunes. It’s been over half a century since the first transistor radio was available, and technology has only sky rocketed from there.
Check out this infographic below made by Tech King that explains the history of portable music going from radios in the 50’s, boomboxes in the 70’s and of course various generations of iPods in the 2000’s and on! Let us know what you think. What devices did you own? Are there any missing?
The Evolution of Portable Music - Infographic

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