Swimmers Decrease their Risk of Alcoholism

Being a devoted swimmer sure has its perks!
For one, you’re automatically in the group of people who get a cardiovascular workout regularly. Which means you are less likely to acquire heart disease, cancer and diabetes among other health benefits!
There are a number of mental health benefits too.

Swimming Regularly Makes You Less Likely to Become an Alcoholic

safeBut did you know that you are also less likely to become an alcoholic? It’s true according to a recent study conducted in Denmark.
The studied followed groups of different fitness levels. Results showed that, “Adults who were more active over 20 years were less likely to need treatment or hospitalization for alcohol abuse than those who didn’t raise their heart rate in their free time.”

The difference between active and sedentary

wine-462396_640Of course it is nice to be in the more active group. But it is also better than nothing to at least be moderately active.
That way, you are avoiding the dreaded “sedentary” category. These studies never have any good news for people who fall into the “sedentary” group.
“In both men and women, being sedentary in leisure time was a risk factor for developing an alcohol use disorder.”

Consider Me Motivated

Underwater Audio ipod shuffle illustrationSo, we have more motivation now than ever before to keep it up! Let’s aim to swim 4 times a week at least, guys. I understand that it can be hard to work to take care of our bodies. But if we don’t do it now, we may have to pay for it later.
So, grab your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle and get going to the pool. I know that’s what I’m about to do. The music will help motivate me to get through my workout.
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