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3 Ways to Perfect The Butterfly Stroke

April 29, 2014 0 Comments

The Butterfly Stroke is one of the most well known swimming techniques.
Chances are you have heard of it, whether you are a swimmer or not. It also happens to be very technical, making it hard to master. You must consider momentum, kicking, your body position, arms, breathing plus much more. Here are some tips to help you improve and perfect the butterfly stroke.


Timing and momentum both play key roles in the butterfly stroke.
The head only moves a couple inches throughout the Butterfly Stroke.  It moves slightly up (leading with the chin to prevent excess movement) to provide air throughout the swimming.  If the head moves too much it will create drag throughout the swim and if compared to a dolphin there head does not move too much.
You must focus on your timing and momentum simultaneously, which can be difficult, especially at first. But once you have these key factors under control you will begin to notice a change in the rest of your performance.


Next you should practice mastering what is called the Dolphin Kick. It was given the name because of the way your legs must move.
The dolphin kick is the name given to the dolphin-like kick of the legs used in butterfly stroke. Imagine kicking your legs like a dolphin would kick its tail underwater. With the dolphin kick, both legs move simultaneously, and should be pressed together to avoid a loss of water pressure.
The key here is to focus on a smooth, continual kick, without tensing your body or muscles. If you keep your body relaxed, you will be able to move faster and more effectively, which saves you time and most importantly energy.


Breathing may seem like the easiest thing to manage as it comes naturally to us, but it’s actually one of the more difficult things to master during the butterfly stroke. You must know when to breathe, and more importantly, how to breath.
The correct point to take a breathduring butterfly stroke is when your arms are just coming out of the water at the beginning of the recovery phase. As your arms are about to come out of the water, raise your head until your chin is just above the water and take a breath.
Do not turn your head to the left or right – it should be kept straight. Don’t breathe on every stroke as this will slow you down and make swimming difficult. Try to limit your breathing to every other stroke, or even less if possible.
Be sure to remain loose and relaxed while breathing. Often times people hold their breath without even knowing it because they are focusing on everything else they need to be doing with their body. Be aware of your breathing and remember to stay relaxed.

To wrap up

There are countless other factors to be considered when trying to prefect the butterfly stroke. Begin with practicing these techniques and in no time you will be on your way to conquering the perfect butterfly stroke.
Do you have any extra tips on how to perfect the butterfly stroke?
Let us know in the comment section:

Ally Henley
Ally Henley

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