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Interview with Triathlete: Dr. Robert "Bo" Landry

September 11, 2018 0 Comments

For many people, the idea of competing in a triathlon race seems like a difficult feat. But for Dr. Robert “Bo” Landry who is a 48 year-old triathlete and Equine Veterinarian from Kentucky, this idea becomes a reality through hard work and dedication. He is new to the triathlon world, but he has been an athlete for years. We were fortunate enough to ask him a few questions about how he got started, what his day-to-day routine looks like, and even his setbacks as an athlete.


How did you get started?

I was always a runner. I’ve done several marathons, and I’ve always wanted to venture into the triathlons. I finally got some free personal time and I also did some lifestyle changes. I got started with training about a year ago.

What keeps you motivated?

I've always been a person to set goals and it’s always been a goal of mine to do a triathlon. I enjoy the physical activity aspect of it and staying fit. I’m 48-years-old and I’m probably in the best shape of my life. So that's sorta the good side effect from all of this.

What are some obstacles you’ve faced along the way?

Unfortunately the last one I did (triathlon) - I didn’t have a great bike. In fact I’ve had a few flat tires and got disqualified because I didn’t get back to transition. So, I didn’t get to finish the last race.

Also, I’m actually a veterinarian, so it’s hard for me to get the time. It’s difficult to find the time to get training in - but I always seem to at least try.

How intense is your training?

I train 6 days a week. I have a coach, so I think it’s pretty intense. I’m looking for a little bit of break after this race. I’ve got some foot issue, my foots been bothering me a little bit. My coach sets out a plan and I try and follow it as best as I can.

What are your favorite parts of doing triathlons?

I like the atmosphere. There is so much good energy associated with this kind of stuff. The competition is good, but I’m competing against myself more than anything else.

When you were younger did you think you were going to be a triathlete?

No, never really. When I was younger this really was never popular as it was now. I was more of a baseball player. Team sports kinda guy. But as I got older I ran quite a bit and then that transferred over to the triathlons.

Do you listen to music while you train? If so, what are your favorite songs to listen to while you’re training?

Yes I do. Swimming, biking & running - all of them I have music to some extent.

I like classic rock like Led Zeppelin. But I also like some upbeat dance songs too. I’ve got Shaggy on one of my Pandora stations. So, it's definitely a wide spectrum of music.

Good luck to Bo on his triathlon journey! If you’re an aspiring triathlete, we’d love to hear about your journey down in the comments section below!

Alyssa Estrella
Alyssa Estrella

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