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Go With Your Gut: The Body’s Exertion Monitor

April 17, 2015 0 Comments

These days, fitness enthusiasts around the world are spending hundreds of dollars on internal monitoring devices.
However, before there was a “Fitbit” or “Jawbone Up” or the “Nike Fuel Band” all we had to go off of was the body. Not to mention, many of these feedback devices lack one crucial feature for swimmers; they aren’t waterproof.

Natural Internal Monitors

love-313417_640On the bright side, the body has many internal sensors built in. It tells us when to eat and when to sleep. It tells us when we need to cool down or warm up. It tells us all sorts of things.
As it turns out, according to recent studies, our bodies are naturally good at detecting our exertion levels too.
“A new study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research finds that self-rated perceived exertion (RPE) (how hard an activity feels to you) is actually an effective tool in helping you judge how hard you’re pushing yourself in a workout.”

The Research Behind it

Here is how one study was conducted: Researchers tested and compared blood lactate concentration (which is a physiological indicator of exertion) with the ratings of runner’s perceived exertion.
“The blood test results revealed that the runners were pretty good at estimating their effort level.” Pretty cool, huh? So, I’m not saying you should hold off on buying a gadget if you run as well as swim. The immediate feedback is really cool and there are often other cool features too. It’s just great to realize every once in a while how awesome our bodies are naturally.

Underwater Audio

iPod made for swimming
Now, let’s talk about a device that IS waterproof and that you CAN use while swimming: Underwater Audio’s Waterproof iPod Shuffle. Listening to music while you swim is unlike anything you’ve ever done!
Trust me on this one. It’s totally worth it. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to write us in the section below.

Ally Henley
Ally Henley

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