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How to Buy Valentine's Gifts for Swimmers

January 29, 2014 0 Comments

Valentine’s Day can fill so many people with dread. Christmas is easy because you can get a list, but Valentine’s Day is supposed to be heartfelt, thoughtful, and a surprise. How do you buy Valentine’s gifts for swimmers?

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Welcome to every man’s nightmare (and some women’s too!) We want other men and women out there to take some peace. We have compiled a great list of things to buy for your swimming inclined significant other.

Small and Simple

I heart swimming logos can be found on anything your mate might like. Look at these awesome swim caps with it from aquagear for $10.75. Notice the adorable hearts to make it relevant to Valentine’s day!?

But you can find it on almost anything. T-shirts that they can wear to the pool. Water bottles to keep them hydrated. Key-chains to store in the locker room. This idea can go about 1-billion different ways. You are lucky enough to live in a time where lots of independent designers can produce things so you can look for ‘funny swim key chain’ and something is bound to pop up.

Sense of Humor

If your significant other’s gym bag is starting to sprout fur and a pair of legs, it may be a good idea to get them a new one. There are once again, plenty of options, but one that we found awesome was the Top 10 Swimmer Excuses gym bag for $31 dollars on cafépress.

This thing had me cracking up. “I have a cramp” or “the water is too cold” are just a few of the excuses.  Allow the bag to say the excuse for him/her so he/she can just jump right in and swim.


If you are a romantic at heart and think that women need jewelry and chocolates for Valentines day, consider getting her a swim themed necklace.
We found an adorable handmade swim necklace that I am already coveting. It is $50 bucks on the abellablue website. It looks worth every penny. This necklace will be a success for any girl who loves the pool.

Animal Lover? No Problem

If you are in a relationship with someone AND their dog, you can get them something for their dog to go swimming. Use this lifejacket to take your dog boating, floating, swimming, whatever you want to do in the water. It is a great idea so that your swimmer and their best friend can enjoy the water together. 

Book Worms

There is a lot of literature out there that you can get for your swimming inclined significant other.

You can go silly with Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel which is full of swimming pup pictures.You can go serious with Total Immersion:The Revolutionary way to Swim Better, Faster, and Easier by Terry Laughlin to help swimmers get more out of their work out. Or you can go for the entertaining with Swim: Why we Love the Water by Lynn Shear.
These books range from $2-$20 dollars so you can get them something while on a budget.
And don’t forget audio books are perfect to listen to on their waterproof iPod Shuffle while they swim!

Epic Gifts

If you are looking to spend some extra cash I have three suggestions for you:

Take steps to spice up your swim life. The cheaper way is to set up an excursion to a new swim location (beach, river, lake, etc.) This is obviously weather dependent. Or you can throw down some money to get them Scuba Certified. This can run between 250-500 bucks depending on how you go about doing it, but it will definitely be something new. You can also take them to the aquarium or maybe to a nice spa during the colder days of February.


For those who want to encourage your love in their work out aspirations you can get them a Garmin Swim watch. This thing counts laps, distance, calories, everything. It is pretty awesome. It also includes a program you plug into your computer so you can get lots of cool graphs and charts. This will cost you around $150.


And for those of you dating music lovers, do not forget about the Underwater Audio Waterproofed iPod. If you are ready to extend work outs, shatter your fastest swim times, and enjoy every minute of it, you need this iPod.

Purple Underwater Audio under water

If you want to hear your significant other praising your name for the next year and telling all their friends about how you nailed Valentine’s Day this year, get them one of these. $139 will get you everything they need to enjoy music in the water. For an extra $10 you can get their iPod engraved with an ‘I love you’ or your secret pet name.

How did I do?

Did you find swimming gifts on my list that you want to give this year?
If you have other ideas, leave a comment with suggestions for other people!

Ally Henley
Ally Henley

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