Chlorine Stench Removal Part #3-Swimsuit Edition

Chlorine Stench Removal Part #3-Swimsuit Edition

Chlorine is a bad word in my vocabulary. Everything about it should be shunned, in my opinion. I understand its purpose but I still can’t help but loathe the smell. And it gets everywhere. It lingers on and on.
After many attempts at washing, you may have also wondered, “How can I get the smell out of my swimsuit?”.
I went on an internet journey to find the answer. Here is what I discovered:


The Best Method

The best way to manage the damage is to hand-wash your bathing suit as soon as possible. So, right when you’ve finished swimming and get home from the pool is the time to do it.
If you’ve been using a normal detergent, you may want to switch to a swimsuit cleaner. For instance, something specifically formulated and designed for chlorine removal, like Canyon Beachwear Swimwear Cleanser. It also claims to maintain your swimsuit’s color.

How To…


Here is how you actually clean the swimsuit: Fill a sink with cold water (it has to be cold). Pour a capful of cleaner into the sink.
Let your swimsuit soak in there for a few minutes to give some time for the cleaner to penetrate the fabric. Rinse your swimsuit and roll out all the water with a towel. Try not to pull, twist or wring it. Then, lay it flat to dry.
If that doesn’t work and your suit still smells like chlorine, there is one more soaking tip you can try. Fill up the sink with diluted vinegar and leave the suit sitting in the bath over night. That usually does the trick.

Underwater Audio

Wearing waterproof ipod Swimbud Bundle. Short-Cord clips to swimsuit

Once you are done getting the stench of chlorine out of your swimsuit, you will inevitably be forced to repeat this cycle when you crave a dip in the pool again.
And when that time comes, don’t forget to bring your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle, because we all know that swimming is so much more fun when accompanied by your favorite music playing in the background. If you have any comments or questions on this blog or on our product, feel free to write to us in the section below.

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