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Benefits of Water Aerobics

Water aerobics isn’t just for elderly, injured, or pregnant people! This form of exercise is great when you’re specifically looking for a low-impact workout, but there are a number of other benefits to water aerobics as well. After reading this post, you might be ready to give water aerobics a try!




Low-Impact Workout

This is the biggest reason why many choose water aerobics. According to the American Council on Exercise, being in water makes you 90% lighter. This means that any activities you do in the water are going to cause far less strain on your muscles, tendons, and ligaments compared to similar activities done on land. Because it is much gentler on the joints than other forms of exercise, water aerobics is often recommended for those who are overweight or undergoing physical therapy. However, anyone who runs or relies on gym workouts for exercise can benefit from a low-impact water aerobic workout to give their joints and ligaments a break.

Builds Strength

Water aerobics is great because it combines strength training with aerobic exercise! Water has more resistance than air, which helps your muscles build strength. In fact, water is between 4 and 42 times more resistant than air, because the resistance of water changes depending on how fast you are moving through it. This makes working out in water like using an instantly-adjustable weight machine. Plus, water offers resistance in all directions, so no matter which way you are moving, your muscles are getting a workout.



Stress Relief

Simply being in water can help both your physical and mental health. Submerging your body helps your muscles relieve tension, which in turn can reduce stress. Positioning yourself upright in the water relieves stress on your spine, which helps to improve balance and can even reduce back pain.

More Discreet

If trying to perform complicated dance moves in front of a room full of people doesn’t sound like fun to you, water aerobics might be a great alternative to a traditional aerobics class. Most water aerobics moves are relatively simple. Plus, you’ll be doing them underwater, so no one can see if you’re routine isn’t perfect. If you’ve been intimidated by the idea of going to the gym, it might be time to give water aerobics a try!




Burn calories – Stay cool

Working out in the water has a cooling effect on the body. With the average public pool temperature at 78 degrees Fahrenheit, your body has to burn additional calories to maintain your core temperature while you’re in the pool. In fact, according to the Aquatic Exercise Association, you can burn between 400 and 500 calories per hour by doing water aerobics! The cooling effect of water can also prevent overheating, and it means you won’t feel sweaty and gross after your workout!
Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or a rookie in the water, water aerobics can be an incredibly beneficial way to exercise. Today there are all kinds of water aerobics classes available– from underwater step classes, to Aqua Zumba, to aquatic versions of kickboxing, cycling, and yoga. Check out your local gym or aquatic center to see what is offered near you. And don’t forget to bring your Underwater Audio waterproof iPod so you can pump your own tunes when you hit the pool!

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