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35 Ways to Use Your Waterproof MP3 Player

May 23, 2013 0 Comments


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What to do?
If you’re like me, your first thought at stumbling upon Underwater Audio’s iPod shuffle was “What would Ido with it?” (After “Wow, how cool!” of course)
Before committing to a purchase, you have to make sure it’s a worthwhile investment. (E.g.: when my current swimming-to-loose-weight goal runs out of steam, will it still be useful or end up gathering dust in the back of a drawer?).
Alternatively, for those who already own an Underwater Audio iPod shuffle, you may be wondering what to do with it once the last rays of summer are gone and your outdoor pool isn’t quite so tantalizing.
To help answer these important questions, here is a list of 35 things (serious and silly) for you to try with your favorite music and waterproof iPod shuffle!
1. Swimming
Often the first activity people think of, competitive swimmers should be pleasantly surprised to find that Underwater Audio also offersshort cord Swimbuds headphones to accompany your swim. Even if you’re not a serious swimmer, you can still take your iPod out on a Lazy River, or just float in your backyard pool, with out fear of ruining the device if you accidentally capsize.
2. Hot Tub
When the weather turns cooler, why not soak up the heat in a hot tub while listening to an audiobook?
3. Rain
Now, being located in the Pacific Northwest, rain is always on our minds and we know you can’t always schedule your workout around it. If you’re game though, this iPod will be with you every step of the way— rain or shine.
4. Mud Run
These have become rather popular lately, and what could be better than running in the mud to your own personal soundtrack?
5. Snorkeling
Hanging with the fish in the Caribbean while grooving to Jamaican steel drums.
6. Wash a Car
Whether it’s personal or as a fundraiser, I’ve never stayed dry if there’s more than one person involved.
7. Splash Zone at Sea World
You always wanted to as a kid right? Now you can have front row seats to see Shamu or the dolphins with no electronic worries.
8. Log Ride
Same idea as Sea World, but with roller coaster action!
9. Niagara Falls
Good for standing at the edge in a yellow poncho or going over the edge in a barrel (though we don’t recommend that…)
10. Party Trick!
The look on their faces when you “accidentally” drop it in your glass of water? Priceless.


11. Bubble Bath (or shower)

What better reward for mom after a long day of working than a big, bubbly bath and her audiobook ofPride and Prejudice.
12. Training
Many people swim as a way to train for many different things: triathlons, swim meets…. Tests? (Think talking flash cards)
13. Water Fight
Can you think of a better way to ambush your best friend then with the Mission Impossible theme song playing in one ear? I didn’t think so!
14. Gym Workout
Everyone sweats (or glows), but now you don’t have to worry about it killing your music player.
15. Fly Fishing
A peaceful outing in the woods—just you, nature, and no one to complain about your choice in music. 
16. Puddle Jumping
Grab your yellow coat, rain boots, and splash to your heart’s content!
17. Water Aerobics
Show up to class with this and everyone will be jealous.
18. Polar Bear Swim
You’re sure to score extra points if you add in a dance routine before the plunge
19. Boating
 Paddleboat, rowboat, sailboat, or yacht—if it sinks and you have to swim 14 hours before rescue, you can have music for at least 8.
20. Synchronized Swimming
Then everyone on the team can be in tune with each other.
21. Cliff/Bridge Jumping
Psych your self up before the jump; just make sure it’s clipped on securely so you don’t loose it at the bottom!
22. Trash Your Wedding Dress
Another activity that’s growing in popularity, you can jump in a pool or do any of the suggestions on this list (and many more) while in your wedding gown. The Internet is full of sites with ideas, like this one.
23. Snow Fun
While not as immediately wet as other forms of water, snow can melt and be dangerous to your electronics. With the waterproof iPod shuffle, you don’t have to bury it under layers of clothing and then shed those layers if you want to skip a song.
24. Sprinklers
This could be either purposeful on a hot day or an unexpected pleasure(?) while relaxing in the grass.
25. Mountain Biking
When it rains, it gets messy and mudguards can only keep so much off…
26. Underwater Basket Weaving
It’s always nice to have music during those important elective classes.
27. Ocean Sports
Surfing, windsurfing, body boarding, parasailing, jet skiing, deep sea fishing… you name it, you can do it (although we don’t recommend scuba diving because of the pressure on your ears while wearing headphones). Just try not to loose it in the waves!
28. River/Lake Sports
Water skiing, tubing, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, wakeboarding… again, the possibilities are many and now you can add music to them. Underwater Audio also sells Aqua Sonic headphones with a wrap around design to stay on your head and in your ears through all the flips and turns.
29. Unexpected Plunge
There’s always that one friend who’s willing to just push you into the pool without asking first to check what electronics you’re carrying….
30. Unique Decor?
Why not store the iPod in a fish bowl (with or without fish) and hook it up to speakers to play in your house? When visitors notice, it’s sure to spark a conversation.
31. Water Park
You can treat your self or bring the kids along to enjoy large pools and giant water slides. Even if you’re just a sideline observer, you’ll be protected from over exuberant splashing.
32. Hike to a Waterfall
While this can often be a leisurely activity, there are also those—like this one in Hawaii— that require swimming up a river before you reach it. And once you’re there, if possible, you can walk around, under, and/or swim at the bottom of it.
33. Slip N’ Slide
In the summer, you can always build your own water slide with a large tarp and a garden hose. A small hill is always a bonus too!
34. Wash a Pet
Whether it be big or small, your beloved pet is not always cooperative and it’s easy to feel like you’re the one getting the bath instead!
35. Underwater Hotel
If you’re looking for an exotic vacation, you could stay at a luxurious underwater hotel. Imagine spending the night surrounded by colorful fish while enjoying all the water activities you could think of right outside your door.
And there’s more!
Remember, your waterproof iPod shuffle also functions flawlessly on land. So next time you take a camel ride through the desert, don’t forget to pack your Underwater Audio iPod!


Your Thoughts
Where have you taken your Underwater Audio iPod?
What’s on your watery wish list to do?


Ally Henley
Ally Henley

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