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25 Awesome Ideas For Custom Swim Caps

June 24, 2013 0 Comments

Custom swim caps are a great way to show team spirit. They’re also fun if you simply enjoy standing out from the rest of the blue or gray swim caps taking over the pool. Check out 25 awesome ideas for  cool and custom swim caps!

1) Critter Creeps Cap: Want a crazy critter on your head? Then check out Speedo’s Critter Creeps line…you’ll have two sets of eyes instead of one! The caps are available in different colors with each critter displaying, uh, different teeth sizes.

2) Fruit Punch Silicone Cap: Another fun idea for kids or adults, these caps are available in different “fruit types,” such as watermelon, lemon, strawberry and orange.

3) Mug Shots Cap: Do you worship Michael Phelps or dream about Ryan Lochte? Show your love with a custom “mug shot” cap of one of these Olympians!

4) Retro Floral Cap: Show your love of all things retro with this pretty floral swim cap. Wear it while splashing around or performing synchronized swimming!

5) Petal Swim Cap: Another cap ideal for synchronized swimming, this retro version is simply covered in “petals.” It was also featured in the pages of Vogue.

last summer swim

6) Gator Swim Cap: This cap is simply hilarious. The person swimming behind you is likely to get a kick too–the swimming gator’s facial expression is priceless.

7) Hawaiian Retro Cap: A pretty retro flowered swim cap with a few embellishments, you’ll look super chic lounging around the pool in this option.

8) Peace Love Swim Cap: Show your groovy side with this tie-dyed cap that reads “Peace Love Swim” complete with a peace sign.

9) Chillin Cap: If you’re as obsessed with penguins as most people, the penguins on this cap with the caption “Chillin” is perfect for ya.

10) Leopard-Print Cap: This turban-style, leopard print cap is undeniably chic. It’s adjustable, too!

11) Fish Cap: The adorable blue fish cap is perfect for little ones who enjoy the water. Find it in red if you can and you’ll have the live-action version of Dr. Suess’s ‘One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.’

12) Creature Cap: Have you always had a fascination with creepy creatures from the deep? This green monster cap is arguably a take on the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

13) Don’t Bug Me Cap: Don’t want to be bothered during your training? Allow your swim cap to let everyone know!

14) Skeleton and Crossbones Cap: Fascinated with skulls? Then consider rocking this cap-wearing skull-and-crossbones cap.

15) Girls Rule the Pool Cap: Show off girl power pride with this fun and sassy cap.

16) Black Sequined Swim Cap: Swim caps have never looked so chic. Ideal for a synchronized swim team.

17) Luchadores Cap: Show off your love of Mexican wrestling with this Luchadores cap.

18) Zebra Print Cap: Rock this black and purple cap and show that swim caps can be all sorts of fashionable.

19) Multi-Colored Petal Swim Cap: Wear a garden on your head with this retro cap.

20) Mustache Cap: Admire Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, and the other mustached men of the world? Pay homage with this mustache cap!

21) Eat, Sleep, Swim Cap: Wear your dedication to swimming on your head with this “Eat, Sleep, Swim” cap. 

22) Cat Cap: This pink kitty cap is another great option for children. Or you. No judgement.

23) Spider Web Cap: This awesome spider web cap will certainly help you stand out in the pool!

24) Eat My Bubbles Cap: Tell everyone else to “eat your bubbles!”

25) Floral Embossed Cap: This molded pink cap is another good one for splashing around or performing simple exercises.

Check out these and other cool custom swim caps to rock in the pool!

Ally Henley
Ally Henley

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