4 Reasons for Investing in Waterproof Music

lap swim


I love swimming! Laps are a great way to start the day and I always feel good and ready for my day afterwards.
But after months of swimming laps, I started getting kind of bored. You can only count your strokes so many times before you start to lose it a little, especially in a contained area like a pool.
A great way to add variety? Music! It seems like it’s possible for every other sport, so why not swimming? If you are looking for some solid reasons to invest in waterproof music, go ahead and use mine.

not just the pool


The first great thing about waterproof music is that I can take it anywhere!
I can rock out to Metallica on the snowy mountain slopes, or Beethoven’s 5th while I cut across the wake behind a boat.
With waterproof music, you are granted the freedom to take it wherever you are going.
You never have to worry about dropping your player in water again, because I know I’ve done that more than once.

keep up the pace

As I’m swimming, I try to keep up the same speed and intensity throughout my whole workout.


I try…but I don’t ever really make it.
Each lap is always a little slower than the last. Humans are wired to move with a tempo. With waterproof music, that problem is solved.
The beats of the music I listen to help me stay on pace. I can keep the same speed all the way through my workout.

make a workout for me

The best type of swimming workout out there has to be interval training. High and low intensity movements timed for the best results can really help you.
But the question is, how do you make sure you are going at the right pace at the right time? Easy, just use your waterproof music to create a playlist with fast and slow songs set at the intervals you want.
As the music changes, so does your action.

One last thought

Underwater Audio’s waterproof iPod is a worthwhile investment when it comes to amping up your monotonous lap swimming. It’s versatile, keeps your pace and tempo, and offers other options to keep you going. Swim fast and have fun!

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