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Waterproof iPod Shuffle

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Our waterproof iPod shuffle will go with you from land to sea and everywhere in between! Designed for swimmers, water lovers, and runners in the rain, this sleek and lightweight music player has all the features of the latest 2GB iPod Shuffle, with the added bonus of being waterproof!

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    Reviews (357)

Product Description

  • Underwater Audio uses a proprietary process that is unique to the industry to waterproof your iPod from the inside out, giving you a 100% watertight music player.

When we started searching for waterproof headphones, we couldn’t find anything on the market that worked for swimmers. Finally, Swimbuds Sport waterproof headphones arrived on the scene. These headphones stay in your ears while you swim and don’t have a long cord that gets tangled and becomes difficult to manage.

What if you want to use your iPod for activities other than swimming laps? What if you don’t need headphones designed specifically for flip turns every time you use your waterproof iPod?

Enter HydroHarmony waterproof headphones.

These wrap-around headphones have better sound quality and slip right onto your head. The good news? With Underwater Audio, we give you both brands of headphones with our Waterproof iPod Swimbuds Sport Mega Bundle.

Talk about a great deal! The HydroHarmony Waterproof iPod Bundle and the Swimbuds Waterproof iPod Bundle are also available.

Why waterproof Apple’s iPod Shuffle?

  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Holds hundreds of songs
  • Long battery life
  • Strong clip keeps it attached
  • Small and drag-free
  • Control your music with just a click
  • Voice Over feature allows you to navigate while keeping your eyes on your sport

The waterproofing process that Underwater Audio uses to waterproof iPod Shuffles is specifically designed to exceed everything available in the industry today.

Do you want to know what makes us different from the competition? Learn all about it on our advantage page. Do you have questions about how to wear the waterproof iPod? Read our instructions for wearing the waterproof iPod.

What you get:

  • Genuine Apple iPod shuffle (4th generation, 2GB) waterproofed by Underwater Audio
  • Original Apple USB cable and earbuds
  • 2-year warranty on iPod against manufacturer’s defects
  • Does not include waterproof headphones
  • 1-oz tube of AquaGuard Pre-Swim In-Hair Defense (US only)
  • Free download of Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni. Olympic Medalist Rebecca Soni offers tips on alignment, efficiency, timing and technique.


How to Get your Free Audio Tracks:

After you purchase from our website, you should get a confirmation email. There you will also find the downloadable audio for free! Click on the links and the audio will download to your computer.


1. Order iPod bundle.  The coupon code will arrive via mail with your iPod.
2. Go the the Swim Work Out with Rebecca Soni product page. Use this link here if you need.
3. Add the product to your cart.
4. Apply coupon code.
5. After you ‘checkout’ you will get the tracks for free via downloadable audio.

Underwater Audio uses a proprietary process that is unique to the industry to waterproof your iPod from the inside out, giving you a 100% watertight music player.

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357 reviews for Waterproof iPod Shuffle

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sue Habernigg, Former NCAA Champion

    I just used your product for the first time today. It is great, it’s life changing. I am a former NCAA champion and USA national team swimmer and am now a middle aged (well getting old ) woman. I haven’t been swimming much because I fight boredom swimming laps and get frustrated by my performance. Day 1 with your product, today, Jan 1, 2012. I swam 2000 yards with great music. I swam farther than planned, with a smile.

    Sue Habernigg

  2. Carleen

    I absolutely LOVE it. At 81,I am thrilled to be around long enough to experience these wonderful innovations. The sound is wonderful and so far,neither the device nor I have given out yet.
    With great appreciation

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have tried other mp3 players which have stopped working after a couple of months. I have been using my ipod player for 7 months now, and it works great. I love it.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Martha (Tucson)

    I gave this iPod to my daughter-in-law, and she loves it; plus it’s cute as a button.
    I’d say more but I’m not the one using it.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve owned this ipod for a couple of months and use it in the pool 3-4 times a week for 35 minutes. It takes a charge wonderfully, unlike 2 other IPODS/mp3 players I had owned previously. The IPOD is easy to work; just plug in and start swimming! The only suggestion I have is that sometimes it isn’t easy to advance songs–the IPOD seems to stay on play. Other than that–it’s the best underwater IPOD I’ve seen and used! : )

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    My best purchase EVER!!!
    Swimming laps can be sooo boring. However, I actually swim laps NON-STOP for two hours straight everyday at my Gym. I can do this because I am taken away by the audio books and music I carry with me on my ipod, totally waterproofed by Underwater Audio. I love this little machine! It is so easy to use. I download new book CDs everyday. (I check them out from the library.) Then I leave my shuffle plugged in to charge in my computer ’til I head for the gym next. This way I avoid misplacing it ’cause it is so tiny. I wear it clipped to my swimsuit. EASY!! I have had other waterproof audio devices. I really liked and used one from Oregon Scientific, but they no longer make it. (And this ipod is so superior!) I have spent too much money on others that were just too much of a hassle to figure out and use. I actually threw a $200 device away in disgust ’cause I could never get the playback to work correctly… It was worthless! (It was a Speedo device.) This ipod allows you to play books back with all of the tracks in order OR to shuffle your music selections. I just have to say… This little player keeps me going back to the pool ’cause I need to find out what happens next in the mystery books I listen to. You won’t regret this purchase!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love it. Not bored anymore on long swim workouts! Used it frequently for 2 months now without a problem. I recommend it.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    Wow, after a running injury it was necessary to rehab in a swimming pool. Very boring until I googled underwater audio and was pleased to discover the underwater iPod. It works incredibly well – Just like my nano, only water proof. I highly recommend this product and this company to everyone.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brody Anderson

    I felt compelled to send a quick note to say THANK YOU!
    I am an amateur Xterra triathlete, who is a horrible swimmer (boring lap after lap). No matter how much I tried to enjoy the water workouts, I couldn’t drag myself to the pool as often as I needed to; and I’m a pool guy! I had mentioned your product to my wife before Christmas and she rush ordered one. Since Christmas morning, I now look forward to my swim training and I look for excuses to stop by the pool for some quick laps. Your product ROCKS!
    Thank you, again; very cool.

    Brody Anderson
    VP, Anderson Poolworks

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    My mom (the original person I purchased this product for) absolutely loves her waterproofed iPod Shuffle.

    In the past three months she has lost over 30 pounds all because she has really switched her focus to working out consistently and eating healthy foods and portions. She’s been overweight since I was born (26 years ago), and has tried different programs in the past; but now, not only is she feeling incredibly motivated and excited to exercise, she is also really doing it on her own with supporters always rooting for her (e.g. on Facebook and in daily life).

    Anyway, that relates to Underwater Audio because one of her favorite forms of exercise is swimming at her local aquatic center. And she’s told me it’s significantly more fun and motivating with some good music! A few years ago I ordered her a waterproof case for the first gen of the iPod Shuffle and as your site points out, the connection between the earbuds and Shuffle is eventually hindered due to the casing.

    I’m pretty sure my mom has already easily convinced a couple of her friends to buy a waterproofed iPod from Underwater Audio. She even let a woman at the pool borrow hers for a few minutes because the woman thought it looked so neat.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5


    I received this yesterday, got it working last night and used it this morning and so far so good, I love it! A word of advice, if your desktop computer does not recognize the device (and you have the latest version of itunes)plug into the back of your computer. It worked for me!

  12. Rated 5 out of 5


    All the advantages of a real iPod while fully waterproof. Works perfectly. Fits easily on goggle strap. Secure headphone jack with no ‘wobble’ or chance for poor connection. Blows the Speedo Aquabeat away. Worth every penny. Hats off to these guys for getting this right!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’ve had my Waterproof iPod for about 18 months and I love it. I’ve had no problems, and I can’t imagine swimming without it.
    Underwater Audio is a great company. They responded promptly to my questions and ship their orders fast too.
    I would not hesitate to order from them. You’ll enjoy your swim even more.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    abstract 668

    I grew up in competitive swimming and have always said that it makes teenage girls crazy to go all that time with your head under water. This product solves that problem, as well as the boredom issue for those of us who are still (or back to) swimming at elder ages (I am now 58).

    The Underwater Audio iPod Shuffle and headphones arrived very quickly, and work perfectly. I was skeptical about the headphones as they didn’t seem to fit as snugly as the earplugs I was using, but they were very effective in keeping the water out and the sounds in. I thought the performance on the headphones was better than the usual Apple earbuds for dry land. I don’t use the earhooks, and the plugs stay in place with no problems.

    I started thinking about the perfect playlist: Rock me on the Water (Jackson Browne), Smoke on the Water, Wade in the Water, Handel’s Water Music, etc.

    This is the best thing I’ve done for myself since I joined the YMCA in January and started swimming a mile a day. It is well worth the price for this brilliant device.

  15. Rated 5 out of 5


    I got mine from Amazon about a month ago. I’ve used it for 45-60 minutes 5 days a week and I just had to charge it for the first time. It’s totally amazing. I had gotten a different companies version and it only worked 11 times {they were very good about taking it back} This one is still perfect. I am very happy. Totally worth the money. It makes my swimming PT so much more enjoyable.

    Thanks, Vin

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sally P

    I love it! I have an endless pool in my basement and I try to swim three times a week for an hour. I have had another brand, but it was not supported by iTunes and could never get my audible books on it. With my Underwater Audio iPod, I can listen to a multitude of things. Thanks!

  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ryan I

    I absolutely love my waterproof iPod and waterproof earbuds. A few months ago I took up swimming in order to lose weight and get in shape. I quickly decided swimming was definitely going to help me meet my goals– the only problem I had was that it was boring. So I purchased my iPod and earbuds from Underwater Audio. It was surreal the first time I put them on and pushed off the side of the pool with crystal clear audio in my ear. Now I swim 4 miles per week (1 mile per day, 4 days per week), all while listening to music or podcasts using your great equipment. I’ve never had any problems whatsoever. Thank you so much for putting out a great product!

  18. Rated 5 out of 5


    Once I figured out the perfect set up…I LOVE it!! It makes swimming so much more tolerable! I had the case before, which worked but this is way more convenient!!

  19. Rated 5 out of 5

    Misti in Seattle

    Just got my Waterproof Shuffle and took it out for its debut at the pool yesterday. I ended up doing three straight hours of water dancing! The over-the-ears headphones with the short cord were fantastic. Just attached the iPod to my swimsuit strap and it was the perfect length! I was also impressed with the incredibly fast shipping and customer service responses to my questions. And it is incredibly easy to use. I was the envy of others at the pool, and two people have already come up and asked me where I got it! This is one of the best purchases I have ever made!!! Thanks, Underwater Audio!!

  20. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m a 61 year old guy that has been swimming for a long time. This iPod and waterproof headphone have made my daily swim a lot more enjoyable. I went with the headphones with the short cord and the earbuds stay in my ears better than anything I have ever tried. The sound is great and my swim flies by. The only problem I have is people stopping me and telling me that my iPod shouldn’t be used in the water.

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brother Bricktop

    Even sweat from working out will kill an ipod shuffle – Apple will tell you so, and do not warranty ipods for water (sweat) damage even though they show people working out and running with ipods. I have killed many 6+ ipods in less than 6 months. So I did not hesitate to invest in Underwater Audio’s protection. I have had my ipod for 1.5 years now, swim or work out 5 or more days per week. Battery life seems unaffected and my shuffle keeps me in tunes. May seem expensive, but actually is a great value. Great upgrade to a good product for dedicated exercise junkies that can’t run or swim a 100 yards without music.

  22. Rated 5 out of 5


    Works flawlessly and has transformed my 40-60 minute swims, as part of triathlon training, from boring to enjoyable experiences. Controls work well. Very highly recommended!

  23. Beryl

    Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. Had
    previously bought one for a friend (who is a competitive swimmer) and
    they raved about it so much that I have finally (after too many years)
    gotten back into the pool myself near every day in order to use my own.
    People regularly ask us where we got them and we direct them to you with
    our hearty recommendations!

  24. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am so happy with the waterproof Ipod – I have tried several different MP3 players for swimming, and they have all been kind of a hassle, but this is so easy! very easy to control when in the water. The sound is great! I definitely swim faster listening to my tunes! I love it!

  25. Rated 5 out of 5

    Corey Brown

    I just received the product and have already used it a couple times whilst swimming. This is an excellent product that works perfectly, attaches to your goggles and you don’t even notice it is there. Best purchase I have ever made, and now I’m counting down the minutes until I’m back in the water. I highly recommend listening to Kendrick Lamar’s swimming pools, whilst swimming in a pool. Peace!

  26. Virginia

    I am VERY satisfied with my waterproof IPod. You guys did a fantastic job. It makes such a difference having music to swim to. After being a competitive swimmer for 20+ years without music, I wonder how we could stand the “boredom”. Where were these nifty gadgets 30 years ago…… Thanks again

  27. Steve

    It’s so nice to be able to swim with music. I look forward to my workouts thanks to my new waterproof iPod. I may try taking it surfing. You need to market this at all the outdoor stores.

    Can you do this to my iPhone? I bought a case that claims to be waterproof but leaked and broke my phone the first time I swam with it. That’s why I invested in your device. Just love it.

    Thanks for developing the first ever truly waterproof MP3 player.

  28. Rated 5 out of 5


    This product is well worth the money! My wife and I both got the iPod with swim buds and couldn’t be happier. Swimming has become much more enjoyable. The earbuds stay in your ear very well.

    My headphones were having a few issues and they sent me new headphones no questions asked. Great customer service. Will be buying from them again!

  29. Ben

    My underwater iPod has added 500m to my daily swim. Being able to tune out the sounds of the pool and listen to just my music is awesome! I love it!

  30. MIchael

    Hello UWA,
    You have done a great job!! Very happy with the out come of this ipod!! Thought a little pricey but have done over 100 laps with no problems.

  31. Paulette Maglaque

    I bought this as a gift for my husband. He has used it every day and absolutely loves it. Says that it makes his swimming a much more enjoyable experience For now, it works perfectly. If there should be any problems, we will certainly contact you.

  32. Vincent cappello

    One word AWESOME I love it, it’s the best thing I ever bought for swim gear it makes my exercise FUN.Wouldn’t trade it for anything, good job.

  33. Karen Hollyfield

    I finally got to use my nano and I love it…makes my workout rock.

  34. de Biasi Severina

    It is the best thing I bought for myself in the longest time! Not only I enjoy the music and swimm more, but it prevents water to go in my ears, a problem that afflicted me a lot.

    Beethoven and water! You can’t beat that!

    I totally love it.

  35. Tim Barron

    I got my wife the waterproof Shuffle for her pool therapy, and she doesn’t know how she lived without it! Thanks for a great product!

  36. Tessa Stoltenburg

    I would like to share with you that I am absolutely loving my waterproof IPod! It has made my long-distance swimming so much more enjoyable! The time flies when I have music playing. Many others have asked me about your product, and I definitely recommend it to them! So thank you!

  37. George P. Stoe

    The IPod Shuffle is outstanding. My only wish is that I would have purchased it sooner. I swim 2,000 meters almost everyday and the time flies while I listen to my favorite music.Thank you for a great product!

  38. Megan Conry Cordonnier

    I LOVE my underwater iPod. I swim 2000 m twice a week and it has made my workouts even better than before. I think it is amazing to hear music as I swim. I also love that the ear buds came with multiple sizes as my seven year old also uses it to swim her laps. She was literally dancing as she got into the pool the first time when she wore it. Thank you for making such a revolutionary product! I love it!!!

  39. Peg

    I have been swimming with my waterproof Shuffle for the past month and so far it is the best underwater player I have ever owned … and I have had lots of them! I have been swimming with underwater music players ever since the late 80s, when I used the “Aquatunes” waterproof pouch for my Sony Walkman cassette player. Since then I have had all kinds of waterproof cases for different types of players. I have even had two previous waterproofed Shuffles (not from Underwater Audio): one gave out just after the warranty expired, and on the other, the buttons were too stiff and never worked right, so I sent it back a few days after getting it. I was reluctant to try another one, and for the past few years I have been using a regular Shuffle inside a waterproof case. The trouble with most waterproof cases is that you only need to make one mistake in sealing it shut and it will leak and ruin the Shuffle inside. So I decided it was time to try the waterproof Shuffle again — this time from Underwater Audio. This one worked fine right away. I love not having to deal with a case, swimming with something so small and light that it clips right to my goggles strap. I like being able to attach my own pair of waterproof earbuds that fit my ears snugly and deliver great quality sound. And if something goes wrong with one pair of earbuds, I keep a few spares — they are easily replaceable. I plan on sticking with this waterproof Shuffle for as long as it lasts — and I do hope that’s at least a few years.

  40. Peggy Robin

    The waterproof Shuffle that I have now is from Underwater Audio. I had previously had a waterproofed Shuffle from Waterfi, but it came with the buttons too stiff to press. Their customer service was very nice and helpful, and gave me a lot of tips to loosen the buttons, but I never could get it to work easily, and they gave me no trouble about sending it back for a refund. So I went back to swimming with a regular Shuffle inside a waterproof case for a while (from X-1/H2O Audio). Then I got tired of hassling with the case and worrying about leaking from an incorrectly sealed case, and gave the waterproofed Shuffle another try. The one I’m using now is everything I want in an underwater music/podcast player. The only question in my mind is how long it will last. But assuming it lasts for a year or two, I will replace it with another one if the battery dies.

  41. Erica

    I have actually have used the set I bought… the IPOD is a dream!! Totally boosts my workout 100%

  42. Mike

    It’s awesome – works exactly as advertised. Perfect functioning even while fully submerged. Very satisfied.

  43. John

    I’m really enjoying it. I had my doubts but I’m sold!
    Well done!!

  44. Deena Seifert

    I’ve been a runner until I had major surgery and had to switch to the pool for exercise. Swimming is so boring, but not with my Underwater iPod Shuffle! I actually enjoy my workouts in the pool with this waterproofed iPod. It sounds like surroundsound when I am in the water. I can swim farther than I thought possible. I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks.

    Underwater Audio has great customer service. For some reason the battery on my first iPod Shuffle died and then were able to send me a replacement with little hassle – even when I originally ordered it through Amazon. I highly recommend this waterproof iPod Shuffle! No excuses to not workout in the swimming pool!

  45. Mary

    I almost never read product reviews because I think that they are probably made up my the product advertisers just to sell their product. And I have never written a review for the same reason. But I HAVE to say how amazing this product is! I absolutely LOVE my waterproof shuffle and headphones!!! I have been training for longer and longer triathlons, and the extended pool workouts were starting to get extremely boring! My hubby was nice enough to get these for me for mother’s day and they have made all the difference. I have been listening to the Game of Thrones series Audio Books and it makes my two-a-day swims enjoyable. I would even go so far as to say I look forward to them! They also work nicely for runs in the rain! 🙂
    I would recommend the white headphones since I got the bundle and my black over-behind-the-ear headphones broke after a few weeks, but the white ones continue to go strong. Thank you so much for your innovation!!!

  46. Rojhat

    I bought my ipod shuffle 2 months ago, and the only problem I had was with the customs whom wanted me to pay a tax for the ipod.
    This was something that had never happened to me so I was a bit annoyed but since then I have read about the matter and understood what happened.
    The ipod it self was and is still working without a glitch! I have swam only once without them since I got them and I can’t ever imagine doing that again.
    Thank you Underwater audio!!
    One of my best purchases.
    Also thank all of you who wrote an review and gave me the courage to buy a pair. Never thought it would work, but it works perfectly.

  47. Kasey

    I love my underwater iPod! As a competitive swimmer, having an iPod in the water makes the time fly during really long workouts.

  48. Mark

    I have had several years of enjoyment using their waterproof Shuffle. The thing that really sets them apart though is their personal touch and great customer service. I recommend them to everyone at the pool.

  49. Karen R.

    I have had my underwater ipod for about 1 1/2yrs and absolutely love it ! I swim 5 + times a week and my music goes with me everyday. It is fabulous for those distance swims. If you like your music and you swim – you need one of these 🙂

  50. Gary N

    Awesome product. I have been using my waterproof shuffle for over two years twice a week. Never one issue. If you are concerned that this product will not last, I can attest that mine is still going strong! I must have recommended it to at least ten people! Great Product!

  51. Michael Nichols

    I love my waterproof shuffle and take it everywhere. Jet ski, paddle board, kayaking or fishing it goes with me. If I lost it tomorrow I’d buy another one tomorrow.

  52. Jacob

    This has made swimming so much more enjoyable. I am a medical student, and any time spent exercising is time not studying. But I am able to listen to lectures while doing my laps. I love it.

  53. Gretchen C

    My husband purchased a waterproof ipod for me to use when I walk in the pool. I download podcasts of Car Talk, and Wait, Wait Don’t tell me. It works great.. I use it 2 to 3 times per week. I make sure it is unplugged from the waterproof headphones in between uses. I have had it for over a year. It keeps me entertained and I work out longer!

  54. Jeff B.

    I love the iPod. It makes boring laps exciting especially programming music for intervals.

  55. M Sagi

    Wow! I can’t believe how great my iPod has been. I’ve had mine for about 2 years. It has been such a great help when I water walk. Have had others in the pool ask me about my device and I say check out Underwater Audio!!

  56. Theresa

    I tell everyone about this waterproof ipod. It’s fantastic to swim with music. Makes my distance swims more enjoyable.

  57. Kristen Montor

    The underwater shuffle is amazing and has revolutionised my swimming! No longer any boring lengths up and down the pool, I can achieve the same escapism as when I’m running on the treadmill listening to music. Such a great idea, and I am always being asked about it when I swim. Thanks Underwater Audio!

  58. Wayland Kunitake

    I’m very satisfied with my underwater iPod. I used it everyday swimming in the pool, getting my workout. People always ask me what kind of devises I’m using and always refer them to your website. Never had any problems with the equipment I purchased from Underwateraudio.

  59. Jonas C.

    I swam 640 kilometers all across Sweden last summer and my waterproof i-Pod was a lifesaver!

  60. Steve

    Really helped motivate me to swim more laps & faster…one more song!!!

  61. Betty Fry

    My husband & I each have had a waterproof iPod for years of enjoyment as I do water exercise & he swims. Plus, we had to return one for replacement & it was promptly & professionally handled by the company. We are frequently asked about ours while at the pool & have always referred them to this great source for waterproof iPods – Underwater Audio.

  62. Rod Eaton

    Great product. I have recommended it to several people, I know of two that have purchased a shuffle. I plan to purchase another one this year.

  63. Donna Reutter

    In searching for an underwater MP3 device, I came upon Underwater Audio’s website. I took the plunge and purchased the waterproof Ipod Shuffle. After placing the purchase, I received an immediate email confirmation and continuous updates as to the status of my purchase. I was confident that I was dealing with a reputable company. Afterwards, I needed to call customer service and they were extremely helpful and truly wanted me to fully satisfied. Thank you Underwater Audio for standing by your word. Donna NY

  64. Robert Ledford

    Since I got my under water iPod my distance has tripled. This is truly a modern day miracle. The ability to listed to music in the tranquility of the water is awesome. Thanks Underwater Audio

  65. Thanh Ngo

    I’ve bought the waterproofed ipod last year the first time. I love it and never had an issue of it being destroyed by water. I use it for my long hours at the pool doing my lap swims. It definitely helps with the boredom of long swims. Unfortunately I recently lost my first purchase but now just bought another!

  66. Susan

    I love these little things. After I bought the first one I called Dave up and said how nice that someone finally invented one I dreamt about. They make my daily swim so less boring and I listen to alot of books. I am so happy there is Underwater Audio I can’t tell you. I have gotten a couple of people at the pool hooked on them.

  67. Bret

    I have referred your waterproof iPod product to three different people and they all tell me they love it as much as I do. The waterproof iPod has completely changed my swimming experience, it is phenomenal. Everything from the quality of the sound to the ease of use to the guaranty make this one of my favorite “toys” I own. I don’t know what I would do without it.

  68. Laura Smits

    Small, compact, works great. Makes it exciting to swim. I swim harder and don’t even realize it. Great training partner.

  69. Dani Hilton

    I have been using my underwater iPod for 12 months now and I absolutely love it!!! I can swim for kms and don’t even realise it as I groove along to my tunes. Underwater Audio have handled my purchase and all further dealings with courtesy and professionalism. Thanks so much for fulfilling a dream I have had since I was little swimming up and down the black line humming to myself. Cheers Dani from Australia

  70. Ana M

    Love my new gadget, makes every swim a unique experience! Also happy to have referred to friends, nice to hear them all also enjoying their new iPods underwater, we all rave about it and wish the business continued success

  71. Lisa C

    I truly truly love this product!! Can’t swim now without it!! Works great and the charge stays for about a week!!

  72. Debra R

    I had my shuffle for several weeks before I got brave enough to wear it in the water. After trying it though, it truly is waterproof and a great asset to my swim routine. I used to be so bored after 10 minutes and now I swim 45 minutes and enjoy myself. I see all these people with their big clunky music things, and I am so happy with my virtually weightless shuffle. LOVE IT AND SO DOES EVERYONE WHO SEES MINE!

  73. Michael M

    The best investment that I have made in a long time! Swimming is not the most exciting activity in the world but I needed a good cardio workout to break up my routine. I was getting so bored counting the laps. Finally purchased the Underwater Audio i-pod and now enjoy my favorite music while swimming and no longer counting the laps down until I’m done. It works perfectly. Great sound, longer than expected battery life and easy to use. The headphones I ordered with it work great and don’t leak. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I have never written a review of anything that I have bought online but this deserves praise. I tell anyone at the pool that will listen that they have to buy one.

  74. Natalie Moore

    I purchased my underwater iPod over two years ago. I use it at least three times a week for two hours. I am so completely impressed and satisfied that I referred four friends who also are completely satisfied. I am so happy to have this device. My swim workouts are sooooo amazing. I’m so thankful to have it. Even when I don’t feel like working out, this device pushes me out the door into the pool. Thank you for creating this device.

  75. Lawrence Cohen

    It is excellant. I have been using it for over two years and it helps make my swimming experience more enjoyable.

  76. Marcela

    I do not speak English very well, because I am from CZ. So this will be short message. My frient has waterproof aplle iPod Shuffle and once he lent me his iPod. It was my best 1 hour of swimming. I like it.

  77. Stephen Bustos

    I absolutely love my Underwater Audio waterproof iPod! Consistently the last swimmer out of the water, I actually enjoy my swim practices etc. because I can listen to music. 🙂 If you have never tried swimming with my music, I highly recommend doing so. Happy Swimming!!!

  78. Jeffrey E

    What a wonderful concept. Swimming a mile in our local pool takes 44 laps which makes for a tedious workout. With music keeping me company it makes for the perfect workout. The equipment works perfectly, I just wish they invented it earlier.

  79. Stephen

    What a joy to swim with my own music! Don’t know how I would spend the hours in the pool without them. Perfect for long distance swimming, pool running and very light as well.

  80. Diane

    I have had my Underwater Audio Ipod for over 2 years now and it still amazes me! It works perfectly, the sound quality is what you would expect from an Ipod, and my swimming workouts are more fun (and now longer!) with great music! I have tried so many things over the years, but Underwater Audio is the solution I have always been looking for!

  81. Mel

    Great product, great service.Have been swimming with my iPod for years and love it.

  82. Paul Quinn

    I have used under water music for many years, starting with the first technologies that encapsulated the device. Needless to say they always ended up getting wet and damaging the device. Even the most recent competitor puts the shuffle in an enclosed case – they have still gotten wet. This is the only system that is easy to use and sounds great. I am a true believer – I swim off shore to train and find it very useful. Paul Ironman Finisher Frogman of Tampa Bay Finisher

  83. Kathleen P.

    Your products have helped me get in shape! I am 63 and have been swimming laps on and off for most of my life. Listening to music has made my workouts much more fun and invigorating. I don’t think I could ever do laps again without your products. Your customer service is SUPERB!

  84. Sydney Moss

    this is the ideal solution for people want music while they swim. It’s convenient portable and no hassle and absolutely waterproof.

  85. Mark D

    Love love love it. Your underwater iPod is amazing I use it every day, and I can’t live without it. Thank you.

  86. Lizabeth

    I loved the service I received when I bought my swim pod. I didn’t really know much about them at the time but the information I got at underwater audio was really helpful and I didn’t need to look anywhere else. The ordering was easy and I got my swim pod quickly. I use it all the time and will definitely order from Underwater Audio in the future. Lizabeth Bishop, Very Happy Customer

  87. Kristin L.

    I bought the waterproof Ipod shuffle with waterproof headphones and I love it! It shipped quickly and I had no problems navigating the website! I have been using it for a few years, countless hours in the water, and I have not had any issues. I love using it for my runs as well, lightweight and I don’t have to worry about it getting sweaty or running in the rain. Love, love, love it!

  88. Daivd Olson

    Hey, I forgot…I’m swimming! Was immersed in my tunage, and am happy to be getting a good workout at the same time. Excellent product!

  89. Lin Gu

    It was very enjoyable to swim in the ocean and listen to nice music from Underwater Audio’s waterproofed iPod shuffle!

  90. Robert Bohanek

    The product is awesome. I used to use something that encased my shuffle. I didn’t have access to changing playlists, which I really wanted. I have had good long workouts with this and have been extremely please. Bob

  91. Maya

    I’m rocking the lanes with this. Hardest part is creating a playlist with the right tempo.

  92. Jeff Gagnon

    I actually love my waterproof iPod shuffle. I swim long distances training for triathlons. It keeps my mind occupied and focused on improving. It’s easy to use and works great. I always tell my wife it’s the best present she ever gave me!

  93. Michelle W.

    Can not be happier with it! Strongly recommended!

  94. Kelly T.

    Works well. Extremely light and does not get in they way.

  95. Anna

    If you love music and swimming don’t wait the waterproof I pod is fantastic. You can get quite a work out with music in your ears I get lost in the music and you don’t even know your exercising Iove it love uit!!! Anna bowerman

  96. Drew D.

    I purchased my shuffle from underwater audio in early 2012. It has endured hundreds of hours in the pool and thousands of miles of running and still functions perfectly. Great product.

  97. Michael

    Love the product as sound is great and makes exercise that much more enjoyable.

  98. Kathleen D

    Just got one for a friend and she is loving it!

  99. Gregory Bamberger

    Love it, makes swimming even more enjoyable!

  100. Rick H.

    I swam 100 miles (50 hours) last summer (Memorial – Labor Day) with my new “SwimPod”. I don’t get bored mis-counting laps any more, as my music takes my mind other places. Each 1/2 hour counts as 1 mile. Now I just have to figure out how to coordinate the timing of singing and breathing. Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel, and Modest Mouse never sounded so good!

  101. LINDA V

    ipod waterproof shuffle from Underwater Audio – LOVE IT! It works great! Using the shuffle during my water work out helps the time pass quickly.

  102. Ben

    Excellent product. I’ve been using it now for 18 months, and can honestly say it’s the best portable audio product I’ve ever invested in. Has transformed my swimming/sauna routines and has made swimming on holiday a unique experience. It’s never really missed a beat either in terms of reliability, and I’ve recommended them to everyone! Many people have seen me swimming with it and asked about it. Would definitely buy again.

  103. Carol S.

    I love it. I use it every day. I have all my music on it and I always have an audio book on it. I have never had a problem with it. The sound is great and I can hear it even in the hot tub. It was one of my best purchases!

  104. Virginia

    I got my first underwater iPod shuffle almost three years ago and I have used it whenever I swim laps or work out. It has been reliable and most of all it never gets in the way of whatever workout I am doing. Since my first purchase, I have gotten two more units for my children and they are extremely satisfied as well.

  105. Judy

    My underwater Audito Shuffle is the best thing I have ever received! Thankfully I let my family know I wanted it. How amazing to swim to tunes and I use it running too! My swim buddies have bought them too after I showed thm – makes a swim workout fun!

  106. Virginia

    Great product, I’ve swum with the ipod about 5 times now really pleased cant fault it.

  107. Tasmin Craig

    Love my new Underwater Ipod. I was a little skeptical at first but have had it more than a month and it keeps me rocking in the pool.

  108. Lida W.

    When I go swimming I like to listen to my music and for my birthday requested to waterproof Apple iPod. Now I can have my music on land and in the sea.

  109. Paul H

    couldn’t get through my swim workout without this great device! good sound quality

  110. Alex Lockhart

    Works just as advertised. Have been using multiple times per week for months now with zero problems. Makes swimming much more enjoyable and really makes time fly by.

  111. Chloe W

    I LOVE my waterproof iPod. I have used it upwards of five times a week for over a year and it is still going strong! It was quite the investment for me, but the important thing is it got me back into swimming. My customer service experience has been awesome, too – I thought that the iPod had bitten the dust last month when it got all glitchy, and I worried that the waterproof coating had been compromised. I emailed customer service to look into getting it replaced under warranty, and received a response within hours offering troubleshooting suggestions. After trying them, the iPod worked again! My experiences with the product and with customer service have been excellent. I recommend my iPod to everyone who will listen!

  112. Maggie M.

    These people are the best and their products have changed my life! I have to swim for disability reasons and they have me it enjoyable rather than work. Thanks so much!

  113. MERLE

    Great Product. Great Company. Great Purchase. Great Idea. Great Gift. These underwater iPods changed swimming for us altogether! We use them every day and its been more than two years now and they are still working perfectly.

  114. Keely B

    I love it ! I had purchased about 3 other devices before this one . Mistake ! This is the one . So for me it was expensive . Don’t make the same mistake as me and buy this one first

  115. Nicole Markja

    I couldn’t be happier with the products and customer service at underwater audio. Any problem or concern was handled and fixed immediately and with the help of excellent employees. Once I started swimming laps with music there was no way I could ever go back to not. When I was having an issue with my iPod not charging, it was fixed and I received my new iPod within days. I could not be happier with a company and refer everyone who asks me about my iPod to underwater audio.

  116. Suzanne Chapanar-Colby

    Very satisfied-works just like it’s supposed to no problems!

  117. Jack Weissinger

    I love my water proof iPod. Use it all the time for open ocean swims and pool lap training. Makes time fly with music, buy one and you will glad you did. Big thing is getting good pair of water proof headphones. Good luck and happy training

  118. Maria D

    The waterproof ipod is fantastic! It makes swimming laps so fun, enjoyable, and the time pass by quickly!

  119. Brenda M.

    I use this waterproof iPod 3 days a week when I swim laps. It makes the experience fun, and much more enjoyable. I have had this for over a year and I have never experienced any problems with it.

  120. Jennifer Gerrow

    Great product! I have swam with the waterproof ipod i purchased from them for probably at least 3 years now with absolutely no problems!! Thanks for making my swims much more enjoyable!

  121. Colin

    The ipod is unbelievably good. I’ve even run it through the washing machine (by accident), without headphones plugged in. It keeps soldiering on. I’d recommend it to anyone and not just swimmers and triathletes, but also runners who want reliability and don’t want to worry that rain might wreck their ipod.

  122. Desiree M

    The waterproof iPod is a great purchase. It is easy to use, the sound is clear… and I am able to swim lap after lap without boredom. I can’t swim without it!

  123. RIK F.

    I gave the waterproof IPod to my wife for Christmas. She was in the midst of getting over breast cancer & the swimming she was doing was getting “boring”. WELL, BORI G NO MORE- SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES GOING SWIMMING WHILE WEARING HER IPOD. THE EXERCISE SHE’S GETTING HAS HELPED HER RECOVER SO MUCH QUICKER THAN NORMAL. THANK YOU FOR SUCH A GREAT PRODUCT.

  124. Julianne

    Best exercise motivator! Love my waterproof ipod. Came quickly, the ear plugs stay in, the music plays and my lap swimming is blissful!

  125. Barbara Bell

    The underwater ipod has made all the difference in my swimming workouts. The time goes faster and I am not bored. My 85 year old mother also bought one and uses it every day

  126. Laurie

    Unlike so many other things you can purchase online, the Underwater Audio iPod shuffle performs EXACTLY as advertised…I tried others but they were difficult to ‘load’ with music and cumbersome to organize in the pool. Music is my companion and quite important when doing laps to ‘keep me company’ without getting in my way while I do the necessary work. Not only WOULD I recommend this to friends – I HAVE.

  127. Kathy

    I absolutely LOVE my underwater iPod.In fact I have convinced all of my swimmer family and friends to get one and they feel the same way. It has transformed my swim from 1/2 hour to 1 hour and it is now so much more fun and enjoyable. I listen to music and feel like I am dancing underwater. I want to try a book as well and I am sure that will make the time in the pool fly by. Its a great product! One time my battery was dead and I really missed having my music during the swim. I won’t let that happen again. Plus this company is very responsive and accommodating.

  128. Kathi

    Love my aqua ipod. I not only use it for swimming but it is great for paddleboarding. I have had great experience with the company too.

  129. Cherie R

    I purchased my underwater I pod about two years ago. I enjoy outdoor activities as well as swimming and it does exactly what is advertise. Great investment! !!

  130. Bridget R.

    Your Underwater Audio is the best! I can swim for hours listening to my favorite music! What a great invention!!

  131. Kathy M

    I’m so happy with my underwater iPod shuffle as I can exercise and listen to my book at the same time. You just slide the on button half way to listen in order and not shuffle mode

  132. Gayle Thomas

    Absolutely love my waterproof iPod!!! It makes swimming an hour per day bearable. Listen to whole album.s, books on tape, whatever!

  133. Tara Monaco

    I got the waterproof IPod as a birthday gift and it works great!! It is such a treat to be able to listen to music while swimming laps — makes such a difference in breaking up the monotony of swimming laps. Highly recommend!

  134. Ken Kaiden

    Best thing any lap swimmer can own. Quality sound one charge lasts for days. I never swim without it!

  135. Angeliki

    The underwater audio iPod made my swimming exercise a great experience !

  136. Charles M

    Have used my waterproof iPod for surfing I’ve the past two years. Couldn’t be without it.

  137. Bob P

    Love my IPod Shuffle. I think I’ve sold over a dozen for the company with people asking me about it at the fitness center when I am swimming. I do 100 laps, three x a wk. Makes an hour go by more enjoyably. Had a little glitch in the beginning and they had to send me a new one, but all worked out well. I change my music weekly, easy to do. It was an absolutely wonderful Christmas gift from my children!

  138. Peter

    Wonderful, great…i love it. Swimming or running..or just relaxing in whirlpool….dont know hiw i managed without it. Want muss it

  139. Nancy S.

    I love my ipod nano shuffle; have been using it for more than two years to swim laps once a week in heavily chlorinated water, and it’s held up great.

  140. Amy Bassinger

    Great way to pass the time in the pool!!! Motivation comes in such little packages.

  141. Gabby

    I got this as a gift for my husband when he was training for an Iron Man. He loved it! It worked well in the pool, and it kept his mind off of the endless number of laps he had to complete.

  142. Peter James

    Being virtually weightless and swimming with my underwater audio, I am in a singular dreamtime of musical heaven totally consumed by sounds of glorious purity. If there is a heaven I will it to be like the endless joy of underwater audio!

  143. Kaden R.

    I am very satisfied with my experience. I have purchased 3 underwater ipod shuffles from your website. Thank you for your quick responses to questions and concerns, extremely fast shipping, and wonderful products! Thanks!!

  144. John Hennessey

    Received my order prompt and have been more than satisfied with the product. It removed the monotony of lap swimming.

  145. Lauren P.

    I am not a swimmer but I have to use swimming as a way to cross train. Since I don’t swim very well it’s hard for me to be motivated to stay in the pool for an extended period of time. Now, with the new waterproof iPod system by Underwater Audio, my swimming workouts are way more enjoyable and keep me in the pool longer for more effective workouts. Genius invention!!

  146. Mellissa Stubbs

    AMAZING customer service. Any review written that gives Underwater Audio a poor rating didn’t contact customer service, guaranteed. I LOVE my player. I’m seriously addicted to it. I’ve been swimming to my tunes since September 2014 and I can’t even imagine swimming without it. Best thing ever.

  147. Jonathan W.

    Most happy with this device. It was everything I wanted in an easy to use, non cumbersome, audio device. I highly recommend it.

  148. Susan K

    I love my waterproof shuffle! I’m an endurance runner. Having a waterproof source of music during day long training and races is key!

  149. Larkin Jarvis

    I love my waterproof ipod! I use it to train for triathlons and it keeps me focused and on pace.

  150. Terri Smith

    I love the iPod, it energizes and inspires my workout. It helps motivate me on difficult days when I don’t want to swim, when I get in and start i swim more then what I intended . It’s a tool every swimmer should have .

  151. ANTHONY

    the waterproof iPod is the best purchase ever!. just buy one and you won’t regret it.

  152. Claudia S

    I simply adore my swim time here in often rainy Juneau Alaska @ our town and valley municipal pools. I rock to an aquatic beat and move like a frenzied fetus. Makes me feel young! Your swim iPod shuffle was one of my best purchases ever! Thank you so much.

  153. Margaret

    I have been using the underwater iPod for over a year. Works great. I find the music relieves the tedium of swimming laps. I usually swim for an hour.

  154. Cathy P

    I love my waterproof iPod shuffle. It makes water jogging not boring anymore. Underwater Audio’s customer service is outstanding!

  155. Diane Williams

    Works great! Just what I need for triathlon training.

  156. Robert

    I really enjoy using my underwater audio iPod shuffle for working out in the pool and listening to music in places like the beach! Great quality and lasts a long time, would recommend to anyone.

  157. Terry B.

    This is my 2nd purchase. I lost my 1st IPOD but was working great after 2 years. Great product. Fast shipping.


    The waterproof iPod makes long workouts so much more pleasant and more productive since I am much more likely to add a few more laps if Im in the zone with my favorite tunes. Thanks Underwater Audio!

  159. THERESA

    I bought a waterproof iPod for my son, who swims laps at he health club. He loves it, makes the monotony of swimming silent laps past history. It is so motivating to play your favorite tunes that he has extended the number of laps. Great product, I wish it was available many years ago when I swam two miles a week. Thank you for making life so much better!

  160. Roger H.

    I have purchased four of these waterproof ipods. I have given one to my son who swims in the ocean and in a pool. I have given one to a friend who laps swims with me and I have two myself. They are fantastic, reliable, and make lap swimming enjoyable for this land locked person. Being 66 I continue to enjoy the workout because I love music and it makes the experience wonderful.

  161. Jason S

    Great product. Exposed mine to over 5 years of ocean waves and sweat. It is still going strong and has outlived all of my other apple products.

  162. Dawn M Molitor

    I love my waterproof iPod shuffle! It helps me swim many more laps without getting bored. Underwater Audio’s customer service is fantastic, too!

  163. Shaun O

    Amazing product. It did a great job of easing my swim workouts and drowning out the noise of the other swimmers. Highly recommend this for everyone who loves music AND swimming.

  164. Katherine

    I am a avid swimmer who got tired of feeling like my workouts were an hour of lost time. I now have an awesome waterproof iPod loaded with books and language tapes so that I can relax and listen to a great book or learn Spanish as I swim. I can’t wait to try listening to the soundtrack from Jaws as I scuba dive for fossilized shark teeth.

  165. Darcie K.

    I love it! I use it to swim, to run in the rain, for skiing and snowboarding and at the beach. I don’t know how I enjoyed life before I had one.

  166. James Malloy

    Have had the unit for almost 30 months ands it’s worked flawlessly.

  167. Paul Ross

    I’ve been swimming over 8 years. I often swim 8,000 meters a week and the Underwater Audio iPod has been with me the whole way. It has made my workouts way more enjoyable, a lot less boring and simply more motivating. Thanks for making this product. I can’t imagine swimming without it.

  168. Todd I

    I LOVE my Underwater Audio iPod shuffle. I combined it with a swim snorkle to get in a zen zone of swimming bliss.

  169. Ciaran

    They were very helpfull and informative with all my questions. The delivery was swift, allowing me to track the package which was really important since I live in ireland. The ipod I got as a gift is perfect, never a problem with and I’ve recommended it so well 3 of my friends bought one aswell. Well worth the purchase

  170. Julie C.

    I love my waterproof iPod…i get noticed and questioned every time i wear it kiteboarding….people are amazed when i tell them its waterproof and I get to enjoy my favorite music and my favorite sport at the same time..:)

  171. Dawn Sinko

    I love Underwater Audio! My underwater Ipod literally changed my life. I can’t imagine swimming without it. Hearing music while swimming is a truly surreal experience and I wish everyone who loves to swim as much as I do gets the opportunity to experience it. Oh…and Scott Walker and his team were truly exceptional with their knowledge and customer service!

  172. Melanie

    This is a product that I can wholeheartedly support . It really improves my swimming experience

  173. Lance

    I purchased these for my grandchildren and wife and became the super hero of the neighborhood. I was happy because they were happy. Great product excellent service and there are four very very happy and excited people swimming in the pool.

  174. Gary Martin

    I enjoy the waterproof IPod shuffle. I especially commend the customer service I received when I was having trouble charging the device. The company issued me another short cable at no charge. Gary Martin

  175. Janice R.

    I haven’t yet used the Underwater Audio for a swim workout but it has weathered light rain, down pours and lots of sweat and still works beautifully!

  176. Maxime B.

    I’ve put this thing through the ringer, it’s been 3years and it still works great. Just used my own headphones and I’ve been swimming and running without any issues. Would get another but it still works…

  177. Jeff S.

    Awesome product! A MUST HAVE for anyone who runs or swims. I used to destroy iPod Shuffles due to sweat. Now I’m able to run and swim while listening to music, podcasts and even books. Underwater Audio has been tremendous addition to my training regime. I highly recommend purchasing this product to improve your workouts and yourself. It is such a value at a great price.

  178. Jack Guccione

    Underwater audio’s device is excellent. I use it for swimming every day. It makes my work out 10 times better. Couldn’t live without it. Their customer service is also fantastic.

  179. Jacqueline D.

    The underwater iPod was gift for my son. He said it was the most thoughtful and useful gift he had received. He uses it daily. He had a problem with the device and contacted customer service. They were able to take care of the problem promptly and he’s back to swimming with his iPod. He really is pleased.

  180. Rovena Valek

    I love my underwater music. I used it all the time when I’m swimming laps or just relaxing in the pool on my own. It makes swimming less boring and now I stay in longer and get a better work out with motivational music. I definitely recommend Underwater Audio!

  181. Alina H.

    The waterproof iPod that I bought is a five star purchase as I use it regularly for my swimming practice, when I am running and it is just perfect!! I even accidentally put it in the washing machine as It was attached on my T-shirt and it came out just fine!! Playing like before! I am amazed!! Thanks Underwater Audio!!

  182. Andrea

    What wonderful customer service and a fabulous product. And your company stands by its products. You replaced an item without question. I have told many people with whom I swim about your company. Thank you. Andrea Kustin-Mager

  183. Pilar Zurita Martinez

    Amazing ipod sensations! Quality product very well finished, and very good underwater behaviour. I’m very happy with this unique ipod, it follows me in every adventure!

  184. Mary Ann C.

    I love my fully water proof i-pod. It actually helps me to swim for longer periods of time because I don’t like to stop until the song is done. Everyone at the pool always asks me about it as well. It’s really awesome to swim with music, allows me to escape to my own world and block out all the noises around me! I love it! I wish I had purchased it months ago.

  185. Renee H.

    I LOVE my underwater waterproof iPod. I bought it at the beginning of the summer and it has definitely kept me in the water swimming laps for 3x longer than when I swim without it. I checked out several swimming audio products online before deciding to purchase this one, but the others just didn’t have high enough reviews to convince me it was worth it. Some were extremely affordable but not reliable. This one has the sweet spot of being so incredibly useful (and it’s something I can still use out of the water) that it’s absolutely worth the affordable price. I also appreciate the help support – when I emailed a question, I was responded to within a couple hours. Thanks Underwater Audio! Renee

  186. Gail F.

    I own 2 ipod Shuffles (so I can rotate charging and using) with waterproof buds, and both have gone the distance. I swim about 8 miles a week and have never had a problem in 2 years. Love the product – love the company.

  187. Bill Fussell

    This is the BEST swimming mp3, acc, etc player that I’ve used! I tried a number of others before I found this one. I enjoy long swims (usually a couple miles at a time) and this iPod is great for distracting the mind with an audiobook or an energetic beat. I have never had any problems with it and it is so light that it feels like I have nothing attached to my goggles. I’ve had several other swimmers ask me what it was and I encouraged them to buy one. It really is great!

  188. Jennifer Salvemini

    great website and wonderful product. love it.. works so well still and its like 4-5 years old

  189. Jon

    Great product! I could not swim laps without it. Great customer service! If you are around water why not have one. This product is superior to any ‘water proof’ case I have tried.

  190. Alex

    I got my waterproof ipod shuffle in January for my birthday. I swim three times a week and it has been great. It makes swimming laps more enjoyable when I can listen to music and it’s really been the best birthday present! I’ve had no problems with it whatsoever. It also came with headphones that also help keep the water out of my ears. Great buy if you swim a lot and want to listen to music while you workout.

  191. Shelagh M.

    Works very well! My workout times have increased because I completely lose track of time because I’m busy swimming along to the music. Wish I had bought it years ago.

  192. Jerry

    Watching the black line is boring. The view never changes when you’re doing laps in the pool. Thank goodness for my Underwater Audio iPod! It has a much better sound than the SwiMP3 I used previously, and it lasts much longer as well — still using my first one! I bought another for my dad to use, and he loves it too. I also use it for running; since it’s waterproof, sweat and rain don’t affect it.

  193. Deborah L

    I placed my order for the waterproof IPod, headphones, case and extra headphones last year. This is the second time I have purchased items from Underwater Audio. My old waterproof IPod still works after 4 years of constant swimming laps. I just decided to treat myself to a new IPod and share my old one with my wife. I can’t be happier with the customer service and products. I recommend Underwtaer Audio to everyone who asks about my IPod at my gym.

  194. Daniel Stubleski

    iPod works great for swimming and running. Don’t have to worry about getting wet when outside.

  195. Patti W.

    I love my Underwater iPod! I am training for Ironman, so lap after lap after lap can get boring…….without music! My swim workouts are much more enjoyable now! Thanks for the quick shipping. You guys ROCK!

  196. Patricia C

    It works perfectly! Makes swim workouts much more fun!

  197. Steve Setteducati

    I am very happy with my waterproof ipod shuffle and with Underwateraudio.com. They stand behind what they sell and are a pleasure to do business with.

  198. Blaine D.

    The waterproof IPod shuffle is awesome!!! It is compact yet powerful! It has been truly enjoyed!!! Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!

  199. Kathleen E

    I recently purchased the underwater ipod shuffle. Fast service and it included the free open water floatie! they have lots of tutorials and love swimming to the music. thanks

  200. Reena G

    Coolest iPod I ever got. Swim with music.

  201. Matt D

    I’m a return customer. Excellent customer service. the first time I purchased A waterproof iPod and so my wife wanted one. I returned to underwater audio and they helped me by shipping my product To my daughter so she could put my wife’s favorite music on it. they were so helpful and courteous I will definitely do business with them again

  202. Kermit C

    My waterproof iPod has changed my life. Now that I can listen to podcasts and audiobooks while swimming, exercise doesn’t feel like an indulgence; it feels like I’m maximizing my time. Learning new things, thinking about new things, and getting pumped.

  203. Sotiri D.

    Make my long swims go by quickly, keeps my mind off counting laps and into keeping my stroke in line.

  204. Mike Finney

    Great product. I swim laps for 45-60 minutes 2-3 times a week. No issues for over three years now. Definitely a product I would buy again.

  205. Moira O

    Love my waterproof shuffle – changed the way I workout!

  206. Emily Z

    Not only does the waterproof iPod make swimming much more fun, I listen to music and podcasts, Underwater Audio has taken great care to make sure that the product they offer continues to function as promised. When I had trouble with my device, they emailed back swiftly and took care of the problem without hesitation. Purchasing the iPod was a big investment, I had to carefully consider spending money on what seemed like a luxury item, but it has been totally worth it. Swimming laps can get so tedious, now I look forward to my time in the pool and it’s a great conversation starter in the locker room, people are always fascinated and maybe a little jealous.

  207. Cindy Young

    All of a sudden, swimming laps becomes even more enjoyable..I am in my own little world with my favourite music!! I love it!

  208. Juan M

    When I was looking for an underwater MP3 player, I looked all over the internet and ended up purchasing from Underwater Audio. Customer service I received was excellent. I had an issue with the mail service and customer service was quick to help-out. This company backs up their product 100%. I’m glad I chose them. I highly recommend them..

  209. Cindy G

    I have had my shuffle for 5 years now and it still works great!

  210. Mar B.

    My waterproof shuffle is everything I’d hoped it’d be. It’s got great sound quality, it’s easy to attach to my suit, it’s small, holds tons of songs and I love it!! great investment! It’s ideal for long swims or short ones too!

  211. Andrea

    I sing your praises. I worship your company and all of your staff. Your product has kept me going when the going got beyond tough. You are simply the best, and I share your product wherever I go!

  212. Nancy M

    I just purchased my 2nd iPod from Underwater Audio. The first one lasted more than 5 years and I used it two to three times a week for an hour at at time. I love this product and would highly recommend it to anyone who swims and wants a fully waterproof music aid.

  213. Carmen

    Just what I need it to make my pool excercise enjoyable and fun… Fantastic resolution and sound… Love it

  214. Randy B

    Great company to deal with. I will always tell people what great service and product.

  215. Jeffrey

    Great product- changed my swimming life!

  216. Suzie E

    It’s so great to swim and surf with music!

  217. Kindra R

    Underwater Audio has made my swim time much more enjoyable. I have been listening to my favorite music while I swim for the past year and have absolutely loved it! Thanks Underwater Audio for a great product!

  218. Teresa

    This is my second waterproof iPod. I misplaced the other so I went ahead and bought a second. I absolutely love them. The first one I bought a few years back, something was wrong with it. I sent it back and immediately received a new one without any problems. They make swimming very enjoyable and I swim longer when I use it. I would highly recommend products from Underwater Audio.com to anyone who loves to swim laps. Well worth the money.

  219. James

    This product was more than I expected. I was concerned that it would work—but it worked great—rehabbing from knee surgery, swimming was my best workout, and without music it is boring

  220. Joshua Son

    This is a great company and a great product. I’ve had great customer support and have been very satisfied. I’ve recommended this product to probably almost a hundred people.. they are always curious to see someone using an iPod in the water.

  221. Alex

    Just received my waterproof Ipod and it works great! I have used many other swimming devices and this is the best by far…Thank you!!

  222. Laurie

    I am repeatedly amazed at Underwater Audio’s customer services. I was a customer of the “other” company for many years until I got tired of waiting around, sometimes for months, for my order. Underwater Audio has always provided me with prompt and courteous service. I have referred many friends and acquaintances to your products. Thank you!

  223. John Ardell

    I have always heard swimming is one of the best things you can do to stay in shape, however I found it extremely boring. A friend recommended a snorkel, and that does help my technique. The waterproof iPod nano was the key ingredient to make this an enjoyable experience. The music puts me in a zen like state and after one month I can easily swim for an hour at a time. The music was a game changer.

  224. Allison Eustace

    I was given a waterproof iPod for my birthday a couple years ago. I love it! I swim laps at least three times a week and it keeps me from getting bored and even motivates me to go farther just to hear one more song. I’ve never had a problem with it. It’s so great that I just bought one for my sister for her birthday. She is very excited.

  225. Kyle Palmer

    I have really enjoyed the iPod. It’s super sleek and easy to use. I use it for swimming and love it so much, that I forget I’m even swimming. I recommend this product to all of my friends. Thanks underwater audio!

  226. Kevin Stratton

    Works just as advertised. iPod clips nicely to the back of my goggles and isn’t the least bit noticeable once there. Music is nice and clear while swimming- even sounds better underwater.

    I swim laps each morning and having music makes the exercise way more enjoyable.

  227. Wendy Tulloch

    Underwater Audio has great customer service and stands by its products. I have both spoken to them and communicated by email. In both circumstances I found them to be great. And my iPod makes my daily lap swimming so much more pleasurable.

  228. Sarai Sheinvald

    I love the Underwater Audio bundle! The waterproof iPod is just the thing I’ve been looking for. It’s small, light, easy to use, the sound is incredible, and has definitely upgraded my swimming experience. I’ve just used it for a three mile open water swim too, and have had zero issues with it. I would warmly recommend it to any swimmer.

  229. Inga Kornitsky

    Love your waterproof iPod !!!
    Great in the ocean and pool
    It was a perfect gift for my husband . He is doing a lot of walking in the water and swimming.
    Thank You!

  230. MUHAN GAO

    I have bought two waterproof ipod shuffles from Underwater Audio. They are both pretty reliable and the customer service is nice whenever I have small problems.

  231. Michael Cavallo

    Makes long distance swimming a breeze. Enthusiastic staff and responsive customer service.my second unit, awesome.

  232. Seth Warner

    My wife just received the waterproof ipod shuffle and she is very excited to start swimming with it. the website was easy to use and i appreciated the gift wrapping option. thanks!

  233. Joe Holland

    I bought the waterproof ipod for my wife to use during her workouts. The product was shipped promptly and was exactly as described. What a wonderful product which exceeds her expectations.

  234. Sharon Bilyk

    Great fast service. Waterproof iPod works great, nice color too.

  235. Martin Bridges

    I received my IPod quickly and it works perfectly. My swims are far more enjoyable with Underwater Audio!

  236. Pamela Hunter

    Very happy with our underwater iPod. Excellent sound, easy and comfortable to use. fulfilled all our expectations.

  237. Travis Parigi

    The Underwater Audio iPod is simply the best waterproof music player to use when you swim. It’s great – get one!

  238. Jackilyn Daw

    OMG the best product, “Waterproof Ipod” ever invented!!
    You guys have done an AMAZING job with this product!! Recommend this product to everyone!!
    Thank you!!

  239. Mark Eissing

    I have had several years of enjoyment using their waterproof Shuffle. The thing that really sets them apart though is their personal touch and great customer service. I recommend them to everyone at the pool.

  240. Susan Dunlop

    Great little tool to help the time pass while swimming lots of laps or doing pool running. I love it!

  241. Dave Marvin

    I haven’t had my swim Ipod that long but so far so good. It easily attaches to swim goggles and the ear phone cords are just the right length. I also use it while doing yard work, wearing it like a necklace and sticking the Ipod down my shirt.

  242. Blair Larsen

    This is the second waterproof headphone system I have used and have to say this product is far superior! Very happy with every aspect from the speed of delivery to the performance of the waterproof iPod Shuffle and headphones.
    Thanks for a great product!

  243. Andrew Hamilton

    Good product really made swimming much less boring

  244. Ashley Turkowski

    This is one of the best purchases an avid swimmer can make! This ipod has completely changed my swimming workouts. I am able to get in much longer workouts without the boredom of swimming alone. I am so glad I found such a great product!

  245. Brad Schael

    I am currently considering buying my second Underwater Audio iPod Shuffle although I do not need one. I bought my first in 2008 and to this day I am still using it. It is my go to device for the gym- 4 days a week, pool 2-5 days a week depending on season, and biking and the Shuffle still performs as expected. Over all these years the battery is still charging and holding a charge that lasts a few days. I have switched out headphones over the years- somewhat a trial and error process and getting the right seal to fit your ears. Outstanding product that continues to shape my workouts and performance.

  246. Joshua Henry

    I have been impressed with my iPod and will continue my business with underwater audio, I love being able to swim and listen to my own music and with a name brand product.

  247. Nicole DiFrancesco

    I swim laps about 4 times a week. This has been the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. I love swimming because I am able to escape, just count the laps, and not think of anything else, but sometimes I would find myself wishing I had some background music. Enter the underwater shuffle. Since purchasing, I have extended my swim time about 15 minutes – I literally has changed my life!

  248. David Verzino

    Great product. Audio quality is better than expected. Buy one.

  249. Kevin Walsh

    I am an avid swimmer and received my IPOD shuffle over a year ago and absolutely love it. It makes my swims easier and helps keep me motivated. I would highly recommend to anyone.

  250. Tracy Siegel

    I have used my new ipod shuffle everyday since I received it and I LOVE IT. I have always used an ipod for working out in the past but am now restricted to water only due to health reasons and being in the pool without music was miserable. Having the music makes the time pass and makes my workouts so much more enjoyable. So happy to have found this product.

  251. Richard Mayer

    A liberating little piece of technology for my exercise activities in the rain and water. My UA ipod keeps me going when the wind, rain, sleet, snow & water are pushing back at me.

  252. Gary

    I love my waterproof iPod!

  253. Sean Olssen

    Fantastic product and service. Amazed it works so well. Changed the way I swim.

  254. Nini Young

    I’m a “senior” and was relieved that I could successfully use my ipod the very first time. Swam twice as long as usual!

  255. Margaret Boss

    I just purchased my 4th underwater audio ipod. ( I gave away a few as gifts) It came quickly and the service rep I spoke to on the phone was very helpful. I love the ipods!

  256. Philippe Voisard

    Can’t swim without it!!!
    So awesome!

  257. Janice Bell

    Pleased with your product, replaced a waterproof case I use to use. Less cumbersome and easier to use. Thanks for your product.

  258. MaKayla Williams

    This website provides the most amazing products! I bought a waterproof iPod to use while swimming and it has changed the way I feel about working out. I love it!

  259. Dana Anderson

    Just wanted to say how much I LOVE my waterproof I pod! I’m a tri athlete and could not do my training with out it! Makes my hours in the pool not so long! Thank you!!

  260. Lloyd Williams

    I love the underwater audio ipod. It has changed the way I swim for the better

  261. Kelly Ginther

    No more boring swims for me anymore.

  262. Michaela Moss

    Very satisfied with the product, the delivery time, packaging and the website for ordering the product. The ipod shuffle has made swimming longer a musical experience. Thank you!

  263. Christine Davis

    My workouts in the pool have increased by 50% since I can now listen to music on my awesome waterproof ipod!!! Thank you so much!

  264. Tom Hodo

    I am enjoying my swimming more so have increased my distance.
    My waterproof ipod makes exercise fun.

  265. Selmar Meijer

    Nice experience with Underwater Audio. Had some trouble with delivery time but they handled very well. Ordering goes smooth so I am happy. Used the iPod allready and I must admit it’s the best solution for music while swimming I have had up to now.

  266. Jan Merrett

    I just adore waterproof I pod I use it every day awesome

  267. Carrie

    The best underwater music player! I have had mine for about 2 years and love it, the customer service is still wonderful!

  268. Jason James

    I absolutely love my waterproof iPod! Makes the laps fly by. It knocked 5 mins off of my mile time. Couldn’t recommend the bundle any higher.

  269. Kathleen Gardinier

    I am an Aqua Zumba and Aqua Aerobics instructor and purchased the waterproof ipod nano for the purpose of practicing my routines in the water. I was very pleased with the product and found it to be extremely helpful. It was shipped quickly and the best part was that I received them just before my vacation to Aruba!! So I spent much time in the water with them. They even sounded amazing underwater. Thanks for a great product!! Have been telling all of my students and other teachers about them.

  270. Kelly Ferris


  271. Valeria Villarreal

    It’s the greatest gadget I had bought ever, if you like swimming for exercise is a must have!

  272. Mark Smith

    Purchased the waterproofed iPod shuffle for my wife so she can use it during her swim workouts. So far it is working as advertized…we shall see how water proof it is as she swims 3-4 times a week.

  273. Clint Light

    I’m a long course triathlete, which means I spend a lot of my time training in the water. While those hours of silent thought and introspection are undoubtedly good for me, what I really wanted was a way to listen to music or the news (Economist audio edition) to help pass the time. Underwater Audio solved that problem! The shuffle works just like an iPod should (good sound quality, clasp securely holds to my cap or goggles, and buttons don’t stick like some reviewers had warned), and I feel like I’ve reclaimed a significant portion of my weekly routine.

  274. David Roher

    I love my Underwater Audio MP3 player. I’m training for the Ironman. I swim over 3 miles every week. I need a light weight durable music player that can stand up to the corrosiveness of chlorine. I’ve tried many players, but the Underwater Audio MP3 player is the only model not to let me down. The player delivers great sound, long life and a low battery warning voice. Even in low battery, I still get over an hour of music.
    David Roher

  275. Debra Reid

    I had my shuffle for several weeks before I got brave enough to wear it in the water. After trying it though, it truly is waterproof and a great asset to my swim routine. I used to be so bored after 10 minutes and now I swim 45 minutes and enjoy myself. I see all these people with their big clunky music things, and I am so happy with my virtually weightless shuffle. LOVE IT AND SO DOES EVERYONE WHO SEES MINE!

  276. Joseph j Krineski

    Great product use it every time the wind blows kiting and windsurfing.

  277. Robyn Kouw

    I purchased the waterproof iPod for my husband for last Christmas. We swim together a couple of times per week and both enjoy our music. The unit has worked flawlessly and we are so impressed I have now asked him to get me one for my birthday.

  278. Gustaf Lipin

    Underwater Audio is excellent! Exactly what I was looking for.

  279. Jennifer Frazier

    The customer service I received was top notch any time I have contacted Underwater Audio they have been helpful and responsive!


    Thank you for a good product with prompt delivery. Also thank you for the hand written note. Thank you for your time

  281. Bev Marcus

    I love my Underwater iPod shuffle. I use it in the pool at least 3 times a week plus use it for power walking. I love the short swim buds that you can get with them. Everyone at the pool will be asking you where you purchased this. Great service too.

  282. Peter Cox

    The product has been outstanding and I love the ease of it. In fact, I lost my first one after a month and panicked and already order my second one which just got here a day or so ago. I can’t imagine swimming without it.

  283. Mary Cook

    I have been a customer with Underwater Audio for a little over a year and I have received THE best service. Your representatives are always so helpful and willing to do whatever they can for their customers. The product is outstanding and I will never be without my music while I swim again.

  284. Amanda Blumenfeld

    I absolutely LOVE my waterproof iPod shuffle. I swim laps with it daily and it has made my workout enjoyable! I recently purchased another one for my daughter, who is going away to camp, and they engraved her name on it. She was thrilled. Thank you underwater audio!!!

  285. Teresa Allen

    I absolutely love
    My waterproof iPod shuffle. I use it for the pool and it’s so light I use it in place of my iPhone. I have to hide it from my son! It’s great to use when cleaning the house.

  286. Amber Kinney

    Fantastic customer service! High quality products with fast shipping times. I would highly recommend Underwater Audio.

  287. Doug Giffin

    Your website was easy to navigate and clear about what I was doing. I’m not tech savvy so it was a real relief to work with it.

  288. Christopher Quirk

    So, after using another product, which was bulky and had poor sound I learned about UA. Mind you, I only swim because it’s part of a triathlon and I loathe swimming. I needed something to pass the time or to keep me entertained. I was incredibly skeptical that an actual Apple product could be sufficiently waterproofed. When the Shuffle arrived I still didn’t believe it was water proof so I called and double checked. Then I took it to the pool. The ear buds fit perfect and the sound was crisp. A few months later I got the bright idea that I could clip it to my helmet strap and place only one earbud in to help pass the time while biking. That was in 2011. It’s not April 2016 and my original Underwater Audio iPod Shuffle finally died after so much use. I was surprised it lasted that long. Now I’ve cut out swimming and only bike, with one earbud and at a low volume to hear traffic, but I still love the damn thing. Oh look! My new red Shuffle arrived this week. See you again in 2021!

  289. Jamie

    Due to some medical issues, swimming is my main form of exercise. While I enjoy swimming, I was getting bored of the same ole routine. I couldn’t find a way to switch things up and was quickly losing motivation. One day I decided to search for waterproof music players and headphones, and came across Underwater Audio. I quickly ordered the waterproof iPod Shuffle. The shipping was affordable and quick. The day after I got it, I was back in the water. My workouts go by quicker, I am stronger, and I even swim longer. I look forward to my daily swim like never before. I have even become the envy of the community pool. Thanks, Underwater Audio for adding rhythm to my mornings.

  290. Deanna

    The ipod shuffle for swimming is amazing. This ipod is easy to download music from iTunes, and holds a lot of songs. It is great to swim with music. The sound is great and the ipod works great. No messing with the unit, just turn on and swim. Very happy. I have purchased a UwaterK8 recently and it is very hard to load music from iTunes and there are so many buttons. Not user friendly. The ipod shuffle is worth it.

  291. Lauren

    Great service and great quality!

  292. Sheva

    I received my UnderWater audio iPod about a week ago. Since then, I have used it multiple times, and it has served its purpose well. It was easy to download music, and the earbud wire is really short which is awesome for flip turns! I also love how it is so small, and so It isn’t heavy when I clip it to the back of my goggles. Great product.

  293. Lynn

    What a great product! Great motivator to get in the pool and do laps ! Really takes the monotony out of swim training and fitness! Listen to great music while getting fit……is there anything better?!!

  294. Aaron

    Prompt delivery, exactly as advertised, and works great! A real savior for swimmers who get bored during laps!

  295. Jessica

    Works great, no problems all setting up or using immediately. Stays in place while swimming

  296. Ellen

    I love my underwater iPod…can’t imagine my swim without it

  297. Neil

    Can’t believe what a difference it makes being able to listen to music while swimming lengths. The water proof ipod has been a life changer.

  298. Paul

    Product works great

  299. Robert

    Since I got my under water iPod my distance has tripled. This is truly a modern day miracle. The ability to listed to music in the tranquility of the water is awesome. Thanks Underwater Audio

  300. Scott

    Great products

  301. Chris Fetes

    I love my waterproof iPod. More importantly, the customer service at Underwater Audio is fantastic. They definitely stand behind their products!

  302. John Wagner

    First and foremost, I’m very pleased with UA customer service which means I’m a repeat customer who can enthusiastically recommend their products and followups on any issues.

  303. Bryan Handasyde

    The waterproof shuffle makes swimming a dream! The time flies by. Just love it!

  304. Julia Hubbel

    My iPod shuffle arrived quickly, and was a quick dream to set up. Despite warnings that the buttons might stick, they didn’t, and I used the shuffle in the pool two days ago and am on my way back today. I so appreciate the shorter wires on the ear buds. It appears that it’s got a lot more music capacity than I had originally thought. I am off to the pool right now, hot day, and I can’t wait for an hour of laps. Thanks!

  305. Edward Schmidt

    personal customer service over phone was EXCELLENT
    replacement unit was perfect and sent timely per personal request – very happy


    Love my underwater audio shuffle. Can’t swim without music any more.

  307. Janis Savitt

    What a treat my waterproof iPod is for my water workouts. I listen to music and audio books to help pass the time. I even find myself swimming longer to get to the end of the chapter!
    These people are wonderful to work with, they explain their products and go the extra mile.

  308. Monica Mooney

    I absolutely love it. Prior to buying a waterproof shuffle I struggled with boredom when swimming laps but after a knee injury my physiotherapist recommended swimming in leu of running. I always ran with a little shuffle so when I heard about this waterproof one I bought it. I have been swimming with my little iPod shuffle for two years now. I cannot imagine swimming laps without it. I swim with the ear buds and clip the shuffle to the top of my tank bathing suit. I have also clipped it to my googles but I prefer to have it readily visible in case I want to make adjustments such as volume changes. However once it is on and I get the volume right no further adjustment is necessary – I just swim my laps, do my flip turns and count songs – approximately 16 songs and my hour is over. It has never given me any problems. but I ordered a second one as back up; just in case. Based on my past experience the life span on regular iPods with frequent use is approximately 2 years. On occasion I’ve left it home and found I couldn’t make myself swim the full hour; I was so bored. I simply hate swimming now without my shuffle. I was not able to download my whole iTunes library but can download a few playlists. I usually just use my playlist of favourites, approximately 385 songs. I tried listening to a book but I found I preferred the music. I swim for an hour, 5 days a week and recharge it on the weekend for a few hours. My playlist lasts over a month before I start repeating songs. At that point I’m usually ready to change out some of the songs on the list. My pace changes with the song tempo. It’s possible to make fast or slow playlists, I like the variety. Once you start swimming with it you will never go without.

  309. Francois PAULHAC

    All went well, from shipping (very efficient and fast delivery) to the use of the shuffle in the pool. Good product.Swimming with music is an other world. Thanks

  310. Catherine Mitchell

    Underwater Audio made it so easy to get my swimming set to music! Their turnaround time from clicking Submit Order to receiving my engraved iPod was much faster than I expected; the order process was smooth; and packaging was minimal. They even threw in a free sample of AquaGuard! Thanks Underwater Audio!!

  311. Philip Keeney

    Tried others in the past. Waterproof ipod is the best

  312. Barbara Murray

    I am happy with your product. It is the third type of waterproof music players that I have used-and has lasted the longest and easiest to use.

  313. Ryan Wheeler

    This product is a lifesaver especially for someone who has to train alone. I went through two mp3 players in one week cause of sweat. This should be in every runners pack for summer training.

  314. Harmonee Schmitt

    My husband LOVES his iPod! He has had it for about 2 months. He said having his favorite songs playing lets him swim longer distances at a faster pace. I chose this site to buy from because of the good reviews. The iPod has exceeded my expectations! It was so great to finally get my husband a gift that he keeps thanking me for and saying he loves!!!

  315. Bob Manor

    Swimming laps for exercise is extremely boring, but because of my knees it’s my only choice. Underwater Audio basically offered a miracle solution, and now the laps go by and I hardly notice. Love the product.

  316. Rachael McQueen

    Amazingly quick delivery. Fantastic product. Finally a reliable waterproof iPod that you can turn on and off. I have used Australian products with very limited success.

  317. John Manuel

    Great for all water sports

  318. Ruth Koson

    Awesome service very fast I love my underwater I pod works like a charm

  319. Catherine Stehling

    I love my third waterproof apple iPod. Whenever people ask about it I always tell them where I bought it and tell them that Underwater Audio has an incredible customer service. You guys really made sure that your customers are happy and satisfied. Thank you again for your great product and service!!!!!:)

  320. Michael Travis

    I have been using my Underwater iPod Shuffle for more than two years now. I just ordered another set of the headphones. I love my shuffle and use it at least three times a week to swim laps at the pool. It is great to be able to listen to music while swimming, it keeps me going and motivated. I would highly recommend purchasing a shuffle for yourself.

  321. Suellen Gourley

    I love my waterproof iPod! And the customer service at Underwater Audio is outstanding!

  322. David Duke

    I love my swim POD , almost cant swim without it – works extremely well and YES i have tried 3 others! Do yourself a favor and get the new headphones – every bit as good as my BOSE headphones but UNDERWATER !

  323. Christopher Starck

    Love the underwater audio I-pod. Makes swimming more of a pleasure.

  324. Caroline Croft

    Great customer service, great product!!

  325. Paul Trompczynski

    I can not be more pleased with the service I received from Underwater Audio. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Period!!!
    Paul Trompczynski

  326. Frank Rice

    Great product enhanced with waterproofing!

  327. Richard Daffurn

    The regular ear piece I started with 3 years ago was a little tricky to stay in. I recently up graded to the latest Sport model when one of the earphones went dead. There are 8 different buds included but only the small works for me. The original standard bud has straight fins like a xmas tree and the Sport has fins round like a mushroom which are a better fit. The head phones have a longer stalk and are easier to insert and remove. The soft buds fit securely over the stalk which is important to avoid leaving one behind in your ear canal. This happened to me after using a borrowed competetor’s design. It was stuck far into my canal and was a very tense experience looking for someone to take it out. Those buds were stiffer and had a light fit to the earpiece. Be sure to test the tightness of the buds to the earpiece of any headset you choose. They should be tight to the stalk and soft when you squeeze them.
    The small mushroom shape is the pair I use, they are the best design yet and the sounds are better than ever.

  328. Charles Mucciolo

    Have used my waterproof iPod for surfing I’ve the past two years. Couldn’t be without it.

  329. Garret Buehner

    This is the perfect product for any swimmer or aqua enthusiast. The bundle I purxhased has been a great product with fantastic sound qualities. The product is a must have for any swimmer, even surfers. My earbuds always stay in even on flipturns and it is awesome not using any case for the iPod. The company customer service is top notch and very responsive. I highly recommend this to any swimmer. It has changed my swimming life significantly and I have even seen better results because of this device.

  330. Steve Sukonick

    Underwater Audio is an awesome company. They make a great product and absolutely stand behind their products. I swim laps 6 days a week, now made even better because I have a podcast that swims right along with me! I am not fast. But my waterproof iPod shuffle makes me faster (maybe)! 🙂 I KNOW it makes my swims more enjoyable. Thank you, Underwater Audio for making your outstanding products….. Steve

  331. Aly Havrilla

    There is nothing like your favourite tunes playing while swimming instead of counting the number of laps you have done and will do!This is the best and the nicest thing is that the music can be changed and/or updated anytime. Thanks so much for making swimming even more enjoyable than it already is!

  332. Yecenia Marroquin

    I really loved my underwater audio ipod. Unfortunately it fell out of my swimming bag. Next time I will definitely get a clip case for it or something. Had it about 6 months until it was gone. Hope they come out with waterproof options of iPods to come!


    I’ve been using Underwater Audio products since 2012 and the company has never failed to provide excellent service and support. On the few occasions where technical support was required, UA was spot on and prompt in their responses.
    I’ve had direct email communication with 3 different members of their team and each was exceedingly professional, timely and helpful.
    In today’s cash and grab market place, Underwater Audio is a stand out.
    Thank you for the hard work and the wonderful products!

  334. Louis Gambucci

    Good Product and Good Service. I recommend this product

  335. Chuck Nozicka

    Excellent service, products, and just great friendly folks at Underwater Audio. Highly recommended.

  336. Richard Shipe

    With my Underwater iPod I have little problem finding the motivation to swim 4-5 days a week. The sound is great and it easily clips on to my swim googles. I couldn’t do without it!

  337. Philip Keeney

    Tried others in the past. Waterproof ipod is the best

  338. Kristine Selby

    It’s a blast swimming to music. I check the clock and swim a determined time and get lost in the rhythm of the chosen playlist. I”m currently trying an audiobook, “Born to Run”. I don’t count laps anymore and am enjoying listening to a story about the Tarajumara Indian runners. I’ve tried different earbuds and really like the Swimbuds Sport. They come with several different shapes and sizes of buds. I tried three different ones and found a set that fit great, don’t fall out, and deliver clear sound. I loosely tie each wire around my googles to hold them in place. It’s a great way to be entertained while swimming. It’s not that expensive and well worth it.

  339. Caren Goldberg

    I love my waterproof iPod shuffle. I have recommended it to many friends.

  340. Alexis Chocianowski

    I used to swim in college but its been hard to get back into shape. Knowing I can listen to some music while I swim makes me want to get in there and swim swim swim!!

  341. Chuck Nozicka

    Excellent service, products, and just great friendly folks at Underwater Audio. Highly recommended.

  342. Randall Kerr

    I love these products. They make long swims seem short. The different earbud options make for snug fits in both ears, so you get nothing but great sound with no problems coming off the turn. I would recommend it to any avid swimmer or outdoors lovers who live in water.

  343. Alexis Chocianowski

    I used to swim in college but its been hard to get back into shape. Knowing I can listen to some music while I swim makes me want to get in there and swim swim swim!!

  344. Catherine Carroll

    I’ve had good experience with the products at underwater audio, and my order arrived sooner than i expected it to

  345. Judy Filippoff

    My husband and I have been using waterproof iPod shuffles from Underwater Audio for almost 6 years. My current device has lasted four years, and I’m planning to order a new flashy red model for my husband for Father’s Day. I swim distance, and being able to listen to music while I swim makes me look forward to my workouts! The best thing about this company, though, is their exceptional customer service! Everyone I have dealt with there has gone over and above in terms of troubleshooting (I have issues with some earbuds, not related to product quality) with me. Very impressive products, equally impressive customer service!

  346. Lynn Ruggles

    Love my waterproof IPod! It’s great being able to zone out while swimming and not listening to the swim team practice going on in the next lane. Or the kids jumping off the diving board. Or the exercise class at the other end of the pool. Just calm, soothing, classic hard rock cruising through the pool. Highly recommend the upgraded earphones. Earplugs kept popping off the original set.

  347. Evelyn Rosa

    I love my iPod! I have a spinal condition and can no longer exercise, except in water. But going back and forth in the pool was starting to bore me. I love music. So, when I found your iPod, I got very excited and sent for one. Once I got it, I knew it was a match made in heaven. I have increased the distance I swim and never get bored. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  348. Elizabeth Krissoff

    I have been very satisfied with my underwater ipod…I have used the ipods for swimming for 5 years.

  349. Charles Mucciolo

    Been using the waterproof iPod shuffle for years during my stand up paddle surfing. Amazing. Thanks.


    My waterproof iPod was the best swimming equipment investment ever. It just works. I have had no problems with it working underwater as I swim about a mile 5 days a week. I never have to worry about functionality as it is easy to skip tracks when I am not in the mood for a particular song and I hardly even notice that I am even wearing it as it is so lightweight.

  351. Anne Ziobrowski

    This is the 2nd waterproof shuffle that i have bought for my husband.
    He swims several times a week and LOVES it. It has made his workouts much more enjoyable and easier to stay committed to. He also recommends it to everyone who wants to stay in shape by swimming. Thanks for a great product!

  352. Matthew Miller

    My wife and I enjoy swim workouts almost daily and depend on our underwater audio shuffles! What a great way to do a workout while enjoying our favorite music. They really help to motivate us through the swim. Love it!

  353. Deborah Moltisanti

    I love my waterproof iPod! I listen to audiobooks while I swim laps. Makes the time go by quickly. Underwater Audio’s customer service is superior. *Update: Five years later. Just bought my 2nd iPod Shuffle from Underwater Audio. Original is still going strong, but I wanted to have a back up. I also want to shout out the new Flex headphones. The fins do an even better job of keeping water out of my ears!

  354. Lindsay Kopacek

    My Underwater iPod Shuffle to me is like my best pair of trail running shoes. What nature, a good trail, and a good pair of shoes does to my soul is also how I feel about my iPod Shuffle and lap swim…nothing beats a morning or evening spent swimming my laps with my tunes to center and inspire me…won’t swim without it. #customerforlife #underwateripodshuffle3years+

  355. Paul Trotter

    I bought the waterproof iPod Shuffle. I’ve used it for over a year now swimming 3-4 times per week and it continues to perform flawlessly. You guys worked magic on this.

  356. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lisa Keeran

    My new shuffle is my 2nd in the last 8 yrs! My 1st one had issues after a few months, they replaced it “lickity split” & that one was fantastic for many yrs! I still have it but the tiny little thing that it is got lost in my last move

  357. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tami Heisler

    My waterproof iPod has revolutionized my swimming workout; I couldn’t be happier!