Top Places to Windsurf

There’s a certain sport that deserves more popularity.
WINDSURFING.   It is really fun and takes serious skill!
Two of my favorite places on earth also happen to be prime spots for this amazing activity. I’m going to share these secret hotspots with you so you can try out this sport too!

Columbia River Gorge, Washington/Oregon

Columbia_river_gorge_from_crown_pointAs a native Oregonian, I am very proud to list this location. This Gorge is a beautiful river canyon right in the middle of the Cascade Mountains.
“The Gorge” is a place that I often just think of as what I have to drive through to visit my family in Utah.
But in reality, it’s a Mecca for fun and awesomeness. It is one of the best windsurfing spots in the country!
The wind conditions channeling through the Gorge make it ideal for windsurfing. “Most windsurfing is done out of Hood River, but there are more than a dozen launch sites along the river.

Boracay, Philippines

I lived in the Philippines for two years in my early twenties. So, it’s a place I like to think of as my second home. I am very stoked to mention this location as one of the best places to windsurf in the world.
There are several factors that make a windsurfing location awesome.
First, wind…obviously. Next, the quality of the water (whether it’s choppy or has good surf, etc.) This area is awesome because it’s a shallow lagoon. Also, you find yourself going really fast. Especially in monsoon wind.
Lastly, you may want to consider the beauty of the scenery in general. This place definitely ranks high
for aesthetics.
The lagoon has a reef that keeps out the choppy water but not the wind, which reaches speeds of 30 miles an hour from December to April.
For several reasons, this is an amazing spot to windsurf.

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