Swimming Myths Debunked

Imagine this…
You’re enjoying a wonderful July summer day and you’ve just enjoyed a delicious hot dog. As you jump in the pool with your friends, you shriek in terror – YOU HAVEN’T WAITED AN HOUR YET!
Is there really anything to be afraid of? Will your fudgecicle cramp you up enough to die in the community pool? Let’s go through the most common swimming myths and see if we can shed some light on these fear-mongering ideas.
Wait an hour after eating before getting in the water
If you swim competitively at all, you’re going to need to fuel your body for the intense amount of work it does. In many cases, this means that swimmers eat all the way up till they hit the water in training. Even if you don’t, eating before getting in the water is not going to cramp you up enough to kill you.
I don’t need to drink water, I’m not even sweating
Whether you can see it or not, you do perspire in the pool. A rigorous exercise in the pool causes just as much perspiration as land-based sports so make sure that you drink water when training and/or competing.
Weight training makes you a better swimmer
Sure, weight training can make you a better swimmer… when combined with proper nutrition, yoga, spinning classes, and a whole host of other activities. Simply lifting weights every once in a while will not make a noticeable difference.
You swim faster with an expensive swimsuit
The diplomatic answer is… it depends. What is you fitness level like? Is your stroke form up to snuff? Questions like these need to be addressed before you can say “Yes, my swimsuit can now help me swim faster.”
Boys and girls are at equal risk of drowning
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have found in their drowning statistics that boys and men tend to overestimate their skills in the water.From an early age, children should be put in swimming lessons so they are not only comfortable in the water but also know their limits.
Have you debunked your own swimming myths? What have your experiences been like? Let us know in the comments below!

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