How to Really Appreciate the Iron man Triathlon

I say it again and again, a triathlon is the hardest sport event ever. Doing a swim, a bike ride, and a run is crazy hard.
Now make that swim 2.4 miles and the bike ride 112 miles, and just for good measure add a marathon at the end, all in 17 hours and you have the makings of the hardest sports event ever!
But how do you really appreciate the Ironman Triathlon? Maybe I can help you with that.

the best seat in the house

So there is no better way to enjoy the Ironman triathlon championship race then from the comfort of your couch.
With extensive coverage and great camera angles you are able to feel like you know the athletes.
You get to learn stats about the race and the runners and it can be really fun cheering your pick to victory.

It’s not as great as being there

As much fun as it is sitting on the couch watching sporting events, I think that being there is even better. Especially when the event takes place in Hawaii!
That’s right folks the Ironman triathlon championships take place in sunny and warm Hawaii.
You may not get all the cool stats and info like you can on TV but nothing beats the feel of the crowd and cheering as racers cross the finish line.
Oh and did I mention it’s in Hawaii.

It’s not as great as participating

So as much fun as cheering from the sidelines might be, nothing beats actually competing in the Ironman Triathlon.
Knowing that all the months of hard training has paid off.
That you can push your body to the limits and come out on the other side to the sound of hundreds of people cheering you on is the only way to truly appreciate the Ironman Triathlon.
Even if you come in last place you feel like you’re a thousand feet tall.

One last thing

If you are training to be in the IronmanBlue Splash with Logo Triathlon, make sure you don’t forget the most important training tool…
…Your Underwater Audio Waterproof iPod Shuffle. This music player can follow you into any envrionment and help you keep the pace that you want.
Music will help you win and Underwater Audio can help. If you have any thoughts or comments please leave them in the section below.
Run hard, play hard!

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