London's "Sky Pool"

Can you even imagine a pool floating in the air?
Well, that is essentially what they are building in England. It’s a 90 foot long pool that acts as a pool bridge between two buildings in the Nine Elms District. How magnificent is that? It would be so surreal to be swimming so high in the air. As of now, they’ve dubbed it, “The Sky Pool”. It is unclear whether that is the official name or if it will be called something else later on.


What Could Be Better?

What could be better than swimming in the sky AND listening to music underwater simultaneously?
I seriously can’t fathom anything better. Both concepts were previously thought to be impossible. And now look! It’s happening! We are truly living in the future.

Class Segregation

Although this may be an architectural wonder and a stunningly awesome spectacle, not all are so excited about it. Some people may even believe that it will shove the division of wealth in other people’s face.
As was written in the Business InsiderThe developers behind Nine Elms in London, anyway, must be pretty confident that the city’s residents are not this close to grabbing pitchforks and torches. Because the developers intend to dangle a potent symbol of inequality over all of London’s heads.


Underwater Audio

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