Listen to Music While Swimming, Surfing or Sailing

Listen to Music While Swimming, Surfing or Sailing

Music plays a huge part in our everyday lives, whether we are aware of it or not. You hear it on the radio when you’re driving, you listen to music while you’re at the gym, and you even hear music while you’re grocery shopping.

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It’s everywhere! It’s wonderful for brightening your day (or mood), helping you relax, or even pushing you to your limits while you’re working out. Up until recently you were only able to listen to music on land. But everything changed when the world was introduced to the waterproof iPod!
You are now able to listen to music in the pool, or the spa, while you’re water skiing or even surfing! Being able to listen to music while doing any of these activities takes it to the next level. Let’s take a look at a few other activities you can do with a waterproof iPod!


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Being able to listen to music while in the pool is every swimmer’s dream! Whether you are a professional or do it leisurely, you benefit greatly from this. You can now swim laps, train for a triathlon, or the Olympics, or even take a leisurely dip in the pool while listening to your favorite songs!
Unlike running, cycling or even open water swimming, where the scenery changes and the pursuit of the destination keeps you occupied, swimming laps doesn’t have the built-in entertainment.
Listening to music while swimming has multiple advantages, especially if you need help getting through that early morning, 6AM workout at the pool!



Many professional surfers have noticed the benefits of listening to music while surfing. It can change the entire tone or pace of your workout.

Professional surfer Laird Hamilton said, “I found that surfing with the right song creates a whole other situation that you don’t have when you’re not listening to the music. It’s almost like you use a different part of your brain than you normally would without music. Sometimes I feel like things slow down, and I have more time to do maneuvers and to observe what’s happening.”
As an athlete you need to be in control of your body and aware of your surroundings and you most definitely need to be focused. Music helps put you in the right mind set, and stay there.
It keeps you focused and centered during training.


Many people enjoy sailing for various reasons. You can do it with your family or friends. And some simply prefer to sail alone, just them and the open sea. Sometimes being out on the sea is nice and relaxing, and you can just sit and enjoy the silence. But it’s also nice to be able to experience sailing while listening to your favorite songs.

Music opens your eyes (and ears) to what’s going on around you and helps you notice things you may have missed.
There are even sailing websites dedicated to helping you find the perfect sailing playlist! You can check it out here.
Having the option to listen to music while doing activities in or on water has opened up a whole new world to water lovers of all kinds, who would rather be in the water then on land. There are only 3 water activities mentioned in this blog, but there are hundreds of others that were not mentioned. You can now do what you love, spend a day in the water, and listen to your favorite songs. What can be better than that?!

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