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Irish Drinking Songs

March 13, 2017 0 Comments

With St. Paddy’s day coming up, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to share one of my musical guilty pleasures: Irish drinking songs. I’m not a drinker, my husband’s the same, and we’re teaching our kids to avoid alcohol entirely. AND YET, we have habit of listening to pub songs about alcohol – with the kids, no less! – on Saturday mornings as we do a few household chores as a family.

This playlist features some of our all-time favorites. In some cases, I used a different version than I’m used to; I couldn’t find one of our favorites (Darby O’Gill’s Beer Song Medley is so very funny); and I left out a few for maybe being a little over the top (ahem, Lily the Pink, ahem).

So, with all apologies to Ireland and the understanding that Underwater Audio in no way endorses the products or behaviors mentioned within these songs, may I present:
Irish Drinking Songs by Underwater Audio
As always, we’ve included the song times and beats per minute, and we’ve set it up into a pretty entertaining exercise playlist, should you feel so inclined. The links will take you to iTunes if you want to buy the list for yourself, and we have the Spotify playlist below. Hope you enjoy our rollicking playlist of Irish Drinking Songs!

  1. Drunken Sailor – The Irish Rovers 2:57 | 122
  2. The Drunken Scotsman – Sallymacs 2:48 | 130
  3. Whiskey In the Jar – The Dubliners 2:59 |108
  4. Nancy Whiskey – Cod Gone Wild 2:35 | 132
  5. Three Drunken Maidens – The Makem Brothers with Mickey and Liam Spain 2:03 | 123
  6. Tim Finnegan’s Wake – The Tramps 2:28 | 114
  7. No Nay Never – The Irish Rovers 3:16 | 181
  8. Don’t Go for the One – Gaelic Storm 2:10 | 101
  9. Rattlin’ Bog – The Irish Descendants 3:56 | 134
  10. Paddy Kelly’s Brew – Fraid Knot 3:20 | 132
  11. The Night Pat Murphy Died – Great Big Sea 3:04 | 140
  12. The Dublin Pub Crawl – The Irish Rovers 4:29 | 123
  13. Seven Drunken Nights – The Dubliners 3:12 | 119
  14. Kiss Me I’m Irish – Gaelic Storm 5:02 | 198
  15. The Parting Glass – The High Kings 4:13 | 92

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