How to Get Your Life Guard Certification

Lifeguards are the unsung hero’s of summer.
These brave young men and women spend their summers watching over us as we play in the pool.
There are times when we feel like they are sooooo annoying telling us not to run or to stop diving head first into the shallow end. But it’s for our own good.
On those rare occasions when everything goes wrong and we find ourselves in real trouble, these heros dive into action and bring us to safety.
So, if being a pool hero sounds good to you, and you’re brave enough, then here is how to become a lifeguard.

take the first step

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So the first step on the pool hero’s journey is to find the right place to get certified.
There are a lot places you can go to get your certification but make sure that it has been endorsed by the American Lifeguard Association or The Red Cross.
They will have the most comprehensive courses in how to save lives as a lifeguard. Check your local pool or swimming club for class times.

what’s required?

To be a certified lifeguard you need to take the classes. Once you have completed all the classes, then you get your certificate. Sounds easy, but it’s not.
To get your life guard certification, you need to be able to complete certain tasks.
These include a 300 yard swim while doing the crawl stroke and the breast stroke.
You also have to swim 20 yards out, surface dive 7-10 feet down, pick up a 10 pound brick, bring it to the surface, swim back to the wall and get out of the pool all within 1 minute and 40 seconds.
You will also have to show proficiency in CPR and rescuing strategies as you deal with real world situations.
It sounds really intense, and it is, but for those who complete the training an important and fun job awaits.

One last thing

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If you have any other thoughts or comments on lifeguards and getting trained, feel free to leave a message in the comment section below.

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