5 Ways to Destroy Your Swim

Hey folks welcome back! As athletes, we try to do our best, and be the best!
We work hard at perfecting our way of doing things so that we can stay competitive. One of the biggest aids for us as athletes is to have the guidance of a coach! Coaches help correct us and push us to be better! So, what happens if you don’t have a coach?
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The biggest problem with not having a coach is that you can’t see yourself swimming. So, you may not know that the freestyle stroke you have worked so hard to perfect really looks like a puppy trying to catch a floating ball in the pool!
But never fear because you have me!
Let me warn you about 5 ways you can destroy your swim so you don’t make the same mistakes over and over.

5. keep your head down!

220px-NatacioWhen you’re swimming, I know it’s hard to know where you are and to keep yourself straight. Your first instinct is to look up and check your surroundings.
If you do this, you are destroying your swim! Each time you look up, it puts your body deeper into the water and you lose all your speed and start to drag.
Then, you have to start back up again. If you repeat this a few times, you’re going to find yourself much more tired after each start which will shorten your workout.
So, keep your head down and pick a line on the bottom of the pool to use as a guide.

4. Slow it down!

downloadI always want to try to swim faster than everyone else. The problem is that the faster I try to go, the more my technique suffers.
I start forgetting the things that will help me go faster and just try to rely on my arms to pull me where I want to go.
So, needless to say this doesn’t work well.
As you swim, make sure that you aren’t going faster than your good technique can handle. Otherwise, you’re destroying your swim for sure!

3. learn to breathe

download (1)Since the topic of technique has come up, let’s look at something else that will destroy your swim: forgetting how to breathe!
I know, what a silly thing to worry about. But when you’re swimming, putting your head up for air will once again put your body out of a good position.
Learn to exhale all your air underwater. Time your strokes and move your head to the side in rhythm with your stroke so you don’t slow down.
Doing this will really help you cut through the water!

2. whip from the hip

images (1)Here is one of the biggest swim destroyers out there!
This mistake will slow you down and tire you out. On the edge of your seat yet?… Well, wait no longer because the answer is: kicking. Often, people will kick from their knees or even at the ankle.
Shocking, right? Kicking this way slows you down and steals all your power away. So, what can we do? Start kicking your legs from the hip!
This will give you a strong smooth kick and keep your body in a great position to swim like a fish.

1. Where have all the good tunes gone?

Weight Loss 4So, here we are at last! The number one way your swim is being destroyed… What could be more diabolical than the other 4 things on the list?
The answer is music! If you aren’t listening to music while you swim, then you are missing out on the best tool out there for working out.
Music makes everything better! So, if you want to remedy this swimming faux pas, you should head to www.underwateraudio.com and pick up a Waterproof iPod Shuffle today!

one last thought

There you have it. Some of the worst swim destroyers out there! So, take this info to the pool and start showing your swim strokes who is the boss!
If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below.
Until next time, swim fast and have a blast!


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