3 Reasons Why Underwater Audio Has the Highest Quality Waterproof iPod

If you’re in the market for an underwater music listening device, Underwater Audio has the best option on the market today with the Waterproof iPod Shuffle.
Sure, you could buy a bulky case or pouch, but they’re unreliable and unattractive. Or, you could buy a waterproof device from another retailer, but you will be left wanting more. For the most bang for your buck, trust Underwater Audio for your underwater listening needs.
Here are three reasons why you should choose Underwater Audio.

Exclusive headphones designed with customer input

Included with every iPod purchase is a pair of waterproof headphones. Underwater Audio offers superior waterproof Swimbuds headphones that stay secure in ears during flip turns and produce excellent audio.
We take customer input very seriously and offer short-cord 10-inch headphones since many customers told us they hate wrapping the cord around their goggles. Also included is a free 39-inch extension in case you want to listen to your iPod out of the water.
Second, we also offer HydroHarmony headphones that fit around the ear and base of neck for a superior fit. These headphones are a great choice for more relaxed water sports, such as water aerobics, paddle boarding, and kayaking.
Last but not least, we also offer Swimbuds Sport headphones, our latest version of swimbuds headphones. They “create a perfect waterproof seal while you swim. Enjoy four different styles of earbuds to help you find the fit that works for you. You can swim for hours without adjusting your headphones!”

Free items with purchase plus engraving

Regular retailers include the waterproof iPod and sometimes waterproof headphones with purchase.
At Underwater Audio, we include the waterproof iPod, waterproof short-cord headphones, and two additional gifts—the iFloatie Open Water System and 30 minute workout session.
The iFloatie attaches to the iPod shuffle to protect it from getting lost while swimming in open water. In case it gets detached, it will float!
We also offer custom engraving for an additional $10.

In-house support warranty

Athletes love the reliability of our technology, including Logan Storie. “Nothing has the sound quality or longevity of the Underwater Audio iPod,” says Storie.
In the event there is ever a problem, we offer a product warranty on our products along with a 5-day turnaround to get you back in the water enjoying your music.
And if you do unplug your headphones while in the water, not to worry. Underwater Audio uses a strict waterproofing process that ensures the iPod (and headphone jack) will withstand water whether it’s salt, fresh, or chlorinated.
And since each iPod must pass a submersion and control wheel integrity test before it’s shipped, you can use your iPod to your heart’s content knowing it’s a quality product under warranty.
If you do need to get a hold of us, email us at or give us a call at 1-877-849-0750. We’re happy to help in any way we can!

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