2018 Holiday Gift Guide

2018 Holiday Gift Guide

With Christmas just around the corner, we at Underwater Audio curated a little Holiday Gift Guide for those looking to buy presents for the swimmers in their life. If you’re ballin’ on a budget, we’ve got you covered as well!!


Guy's Edition

  1. Are you looking to get a present that is both fun and functional? The Delphin Waterproof Streaming Media Player can help cure the swimming blues by giving swimmers (like yours) the ability to download favorite apps like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and more! Bluetooth and Wifi capable, he can either stream or download his content beforehand for offline listening. Not to mention, he can also use the Delphin as a swimming tool, by downloading the Lap Tracking app. Give your guy the ability to have guided workouts, know his splits in real time, and much more!
  2. What good is buying a media streaming player without a proper set of waterproof headphones? The Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones is a fan favorite with a short cord design for hassle-free listening. Not to mention, the Swimbuds Sport includes 11 different sized earbud tips because not everyone’s ear shape is the same; your swimmer will be able to pick and choose which works best for him!
  3. If you’re looking for a more affordable way to cure your swimmer’s boredom. The SYRYN Waterproof MP3 Player; equipped with 8 GB of storage and a shuffle feature, makes for an excellent gift choice.
  4. Sometimes the chlorine pool smell lingers after an intense pool session. With the Ralph Lauren Men's Polo Red Deodorizing Body Spray, you can help your swimmer smell fresh. Who doesn’t like smelling good?
  5. The swimmer in your life will appreciate this next gift! The Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5550 is a must-have for swimmer (and non-swimmer) guys! While it’s nice to have a clean shaven face, shaving body hair help ALL swimmers go faster and also it helps to decrease drag.
  6. Is your swimmer looking to improve his stroke technique and increase lung endurance? The FINIS Swimmer’s Snorkel is the gift to get! The FINIS stays on during different strokes and even when swimmers are doing flip turns!
  7. Everyone needs a duffle bag to store all their swimming gear in! Check out this Speedo Ventilator Duffle Bag 38L; it has room to store lots of gear and even a long strap for hands-free use. Plus guys LOVE this simple design.
  8. In between swim sets can get a bit chilly, especially if your swimmer is in the midwest or even in the Pacific Northwest (where we are). A swimming parka is a good investment and your guy can even wear it out of the pool. This Colorblock Parka by Speedo is not only extremely warm and cozy but also looks stylish.
  9. Swimming slides are perfect for between matches or if your swimmer is heading back to the lockers to rinse off! They are completely waterproof and super comfy! The pair featured is the Swimming Black Slide Sandals by ChalkTalk Sports.

Girl's Edition

  1. Do you have a female swimmer in your life that loves to swim AND wishes she had some music to rock out too? Get her the Delphin Waterproof Streaming Media Player! This is the ultimate gift for music lovers and audiobook junkies! She will be able to download her favorite apps like Amazon Music & Audible and either stream her content via Wi-Fi or pre-download them for offline listening. The Delphin, a tiny device that clips on the back of the goggles, sports bra (or basically anywhere) can be taken on runs and other outdoor activities.
  2. Now that you have bought your swimmer a Delphin waterproof streaming media player, you need to get her a pair of waterproof headphones. The HydroActive Waterproof Headphones prove to be an excellent choice for even the most skilled swimmer. Staying on during flip turns, these short corded headphones are an excellent choice to gift your favorite swimmer.
  3. Finding a Pink Waterproof iPod Shuffle seems rare nowadays, but don’t worry - Underwater Audio has you covered! If your swimmer owns most of her music and is looking for a music player that is simple to use, the iPod Shuffle is here. With a two-year warranty, this MP3 player is a great choice. Plus it comes in many fun colors and customization is optional for an additional cost. The bundle featured includes a pair of Swimbuds Fit waterproof headphones that form to one’s ear. This means that it will stay on, even for those who do flip turns.
  4. How cute is this backpack? Roomy enough to fit bathing suits, goggles and more, this Printed Teamster Backpack by Speedo is definitely the one to get. The coolest part of this backpack is that there is a little removable compartment to help your swimmer separate clean and dirty gear.
  5. It’s important to stay hydrated during workouts and especially during swim meets! Give a gift that your swimmer will use daily and take with her everywhere (class, gyms, etc). There are many cute water bottles that are made specifically for swimmers at Cafe Press. At $15 a water bottle, this gift won’t cost an arm and a leg!
  6. Are you looking for stuffing stuffers that are both budget-friendly and highly effective? AquaGuard - a pre-swim hair defense helps protect hair from chlorine damage and keeps hair moisturized and hydrated. Perfect for those who love to swim, but also want to maintain the health and look of their hair.
  7. Leggings are a girl’s best friend. Not only are they perfect for lounging around the house, but also perfect for running errands or going to class. Chalktalk Sports offer a few different options to choose from. Get one or all, and have your swimmer show her love for the sport.
  8. Two words - waterproof mascara! Cannonball by Urban Decay proves to be an amazing product for swimmers and gym goers. Waterproof and sweatproof, this product will withstand the toughest workout and last all day.
  9. Last but not least, the Aegean Beach Towel by Tesalate! A well-rounded towel; both cute and highly absorbent makes for a great gift; even for the pickiest swimmer! Their website has tons of amazing patterns to choose from (one of our favs is featured). They are a bit spendy, but for the technology and material - this towel is beyond worth it!



Did you find a cool present to give on this Holiday Gift Guide? If so, let us know in the comments section down below!

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