HydroActive Headphones (& How They Compare)

HydroActive Headphones (& How They Compare)

There are a wide variety of headphones out there these days that are designed so you can listen to music or other audio while you are working out or swimming, but which are the best? Here is a comparison of swimming headphones to help you find the best pair of headphones for swimming!


Royal Blue Waterproof iPod Shuffle HydroActive Bundle
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Underwater Audio's new HydroActive headphones share some similarities with our Swimbuds Sport headphones. They both have a wide variety of comfortable earbuds that not only make for a comfortable fit in any ear, but are designed to create a water-tight seal while swimming. Our new HydroActive headphones are designed using a strong plastic molding that helps keep the earbuds in your ear; and this, added to the variety of earbuds, allows them to stay in your ear more easily and comfortably. Also, like the Swimbuds Sport headphones, HydroActives share the same high quality sound that was innovated by the Swimbuds Sports.


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Plantronics BackBeat Fit waterproof headphones offer some nice features: they are wireless/bluetooth headphones and they have on-board (built-in) control buttons on the earbuds.
The BackBeat Fits also have great sound quality like the HydroActives. However, unlike the HydroActives, the BackBeat Fits are not designed for swimming since they have no way to prevent water from getting in your ear and interrupting the sound from the earbud.


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The Pyle PSWB4BL waterproof neckband MP3 player and headphones are also a very cool and interesting idea. While they are completely waterproof, they don’t perform well while swimming or while completely submerged. If you want headphones for while you are swimming, the HydroActive headphones are the best choice on the market. Apart from using the Pyle PSWB4BL for swimming, they are comfortable for other activities. Many Bluetooth headphones have problems with certain devices because the software isn’t compatible or their programming requires a lot of updating. Another nice thing about the HydroActives is that you don’t need software to make them work.


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SUPVIN Morul U5 plus headphones are also Bluetooth headphones that have fairly good sound quality. They have the some of the best sound quality of the Bluetooth headphones that I’ve seen, but even they still have problems creating a seal in the ear to keep water out. Comparatively, the quality of sound just can’t compete with the sound quality offered by the HydroActives.

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Swimmers who are looking for affordable, high-quality, waterproof headphones will find that there aren’t any headphones that can compete with the quality and comfort of HydroActive headphones. With their earbuds that offer a watertight seal and their superior construction, HydroActive headphones are the clear winner. When combined with Underwater Audio’s Waterproof iPod Shuffle, SYRYN, or Delphin, you have the perfect pair to take your lap swims to the next level.

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