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    Reviews (17)

Product Description

Functionality Meets Ease of Use

With the in-ear stability of Swimbuds Sport headphones and the ease of use found in HydroHarmony headphones, HydroActive headphones bring together the best of both worlds. Competitive swimmers looking for easy to use, stable, and secure headphones need HydroActive Waterproof Headphones. HydroActive comes with four different kinds of ear-buds, each particularly suited for a different activity.

Tree earbuds go deep into the ear canal to provide a firm watertight seal. They block out sound completely, and are perfect for swimming laps in noisy public pools. These earbuds are particularly suited for small ears.

Fin earbuds provide a flexible and comfortable watertight seal. They do not enter the ear canal as deep as the trees. These earbuds fit a range of ear sizes.

Ergos fit on the outer part of the ear and do not enter the ear canal. With 4 different sizes, they provide a personalized fit that enables you to still hear your surroundings.

Round earbuds are designed for casual use. They do not provide a watertight seal while underwater. They are well suited for everyday wear and for all of your favorite land sports.

Innovative Design

HydroActive headphones feature a patented design that improves their overall quality and function. The unique ridged style of the earbud tip securely fixes the earbuds onto the headphones and prevents water from entering the headphone and ear. A unique funnel shape amplifies sound and improves the audio quality. In addition, a two-chamber system serves as a fail-safe. In the event that water enters the headphones, a second chamber keeps an airway between the sound and your ear. HydroActives patented design keeps the music going and the headphones dry internally.

Perfect for Everyone

Athletes in water AND on land love HydroActive headphones.  If you love running, biking, surfing, wakeboarding, or enjoying other water activities, give HydroActive headphones a try. And if you need waterproof earphones for swimming, make HydroActive waterproof headphones your #1 choice!

Get What You Want, and Less of What You Don’t

HydroActive Headphones come with no cardboard packaging! Our reusable case means less waste, less frustration, and less time involved in unwrapping your new headphones and getting them into the water.


17 reviews for HydroActive Waterproof Headphones

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  1. James Johnson

    The purchase was easy, and the product has worked well. It fits securely into the ear, so sound stays in and water stays out. If you do a lot of lap swimming, this helps the time pass quickly. I would highly recommend this product.

  2. Michael Farnham

    I have used a couple of other brands of waterproof earbuds. These are the best. Sound great and work well. I never have to adjust them from leakage. Will probably buy another pair sometime…..Mike

  3. Stasha Feret

    I was very excited to receive the headphones and so quick ! They were shipped the same day I ordered ! ?? I actually ordered two pairs for me an my friend who we are both training for Lake Placid Iron Man so we are doing a lot of training !! Thanks for being so awesome ! And yes the quality is amazing

  4. Ellen Bogotay

    I bought this for my daughter who loves to swim laps to workout. The product works great!

  5. Ann Serafino

    It’s GREAT! Out of the 4 different underwater headsets, this one is the BEST.

  6. Mike Nacarato

    Excellent sound while swimming. Comfortable fitting headphones

  7. James Logsdon

    The new ear buds have greatly improved fidelity.

  8. Patricia Brown

    Fantastic product – the sound quality is terrific. I love my workouts now as I get lost in the music. Website is very user friendly. I received prompt service and email notifications.

  9. Tom Tanner

    I swim a mile three days a week, and having music is a must. I had tried other headphones, but they always leaked after a few laps which meant the music got muted. The clear earbuds are great.

  10. Adrienne Rosenberg

    I just used my ipod shuffle for the first time and it was awesome! I tucked it into my swim cap and wasn’t bothered at all by the headphones because of the short cord. The sound quality was excellent and I swam for longer than usual listening to a book on tape that I loaded onto it. What a treat!

  11. David Connell

    Product is awesome and has transformed my daily swimming workout.

  12. Ross Sexter

    This is my third pair of headphones from UA. These are the best yet. The service from them is always great. I still struggle with these and the others on fit. I have tried all the options. The fins seem to work the best on these. The Christmas trees don’t seem to be able to go in on these latest ones. The fins seem to work better the less they are inserted.
    There are no real good directions on how to fit the different ones provided by UA. I would hope they do some youtube video’s or other methods to help those of us that struggle with the fit.

    I recommend these daily as I swim because they are still best of class.

  13. Anton Murray

    Sweet headphones with good sound and a pleasure to swim laps while listening to classical music!!

  14. Megan Reilly

    I love my underwater headphones. My daughters surprised me with this as a gift for Mother’s Day and I’ve been addicted to using these when I swim. Laps go by quicker and I find it makes the time more enjoyable. Thank you!

  15. Sue Orvis

    I purchased the HydroActive Waterproof headphones. I have had headphones from other companies and could not get them to work consistently. After the first time I wore these on my swim, I was so happy that I purchased them. They actually form a seal so you can hear the music and BOTH sides work – a huge problem with one of their competitors. Well worth the money. I do wear them under my swim cap without a problem and have no problem with the sizing as other people commented on. Hopefully these will last a LONG time, but as for now, I would give them a 5 star out of 5!!!

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sonia Meena

    You are the best company I have ever dealt with backing your product. Your customer service team is awesome so helpful and professional. I always highly recommend your company to all those who inquire about my iPod and headphones. You are an awesome company! Keep up the phenomenal l ethics!!

  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrew McKee

    Amazing product. I have two of these – one for myself and one for my wife. I purchased the standard bundle – and discovered that the earpieces would fall out while swimming laps for me (admittedly it is probably the shape of my ear). But then I ordered the Hydro Active earphones, which has a looping bracket that hugs the earphones to the back of your head.
    It’s made flip turns and back-stroke easy with no water infiltration and great sound. Perfect together with the iPod Shuffle