Enjoying Memorial Day Weekend with Waterproof Music

Memorial Day is coming up! That means a long weekend to enjoy the springtime weather and remember those who have served our country. We’re giving you 4 ways to let waterproof music rock your weekend!

Throw a Poolside BBQ


What a great way to get friends and family together to celebrate! Throw some food on the grill and enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful sunshine with your favorite jams. Grab your Underwater Audio waterproof iPod and hook it up to a waterproof speaker like this one and you have the perfect set up! Bumps and big cannon balls will be part of the fun instead of ruining your electronics.


Rock the Boat


Whether it’s a kayak, a sailboat, or a speedboat with a huge motor for water sports, make it a party with some of your favorite songs on board! Spend the day enjoying the water without worrying about water damage. You can even attach an iFloatie, a mini iPod life jacket, so that it will float in open water if it were to fall out.

Go for a Long Swim

Maybe you want to get away from the chaos, or even have an event coming up you want to train for. The long memorial day weekend will give you time for a nice long swim! Grab your iPod and headphones and head for open water or the nearest pool. Having music with you will help the swim be refreshing and enjoyable!



Float the River


If you live near a river, this is the perfect time to grab a tube or raft and get out there! Get your music and plug in the headphones (Swimbuds Bundle) or, if you have the whole gang, play music from your raft with a waterproof speaker!
Whatever you decide to do with your long weekend, we have you covered with waterproof music! Tell us what you think. How will you spend Memorial Day weekend?

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