Swimbuds Sport: The Future of Earbuds

There are many options when it comes to waterproof headphones. But there is a particular kind that is becoming very popular among swimmers of all types, and that is the Swimbuds Sport Earbuds by Underwater Audio.

The Problem with Most Earbuds

The problem most people run into when using headphones (of any kind: waterproof or regular) is that they don’t always fit properly in your ear, and tend to fall out often.
Which is less than desirable when you’re in the middle of an intense workout. The great news is, the Swimbuds Sport Earbuds are back and better than ever!

What’s Great About swimbudsSwimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones

This version of Swimbuds is much larger than the last. They’ve not only doubled in size, but sound quality and volume have doubled, too. There are also a number of different earbuds to choose from now.
Everyone’s ears are shaped differently, and if you have a tighter, more sealed fit, that really helps the sound.
There are some interesting options among the bud styles, and some of the gel style ones are giving me a very comfortable, great sounding fit.

Short Cord

Swimbuds with short cordAnother plus that is very big with swimmers is the short chord length.
Measuring in at a mere 1.3 ft, the cord alleviates having to wrap long cords around goggles and under swim caps.
Swimmers really like the way the short cord reduces drag on straightaway’s and stay in place during flip-turns. But if you’re a fan of a longer cord, do not fret. The earbuds also come with an extension cord for your convenience.
purple waterproof iPod shuffle

Underwater Audio

There are so many you can choose from. But I recommend the Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport!
You can conveniently buy them in a bundle package with the Waterproof iPod Shuffle! What are you waiting for?! Head over now and find the waterproof earbuds and iPod of your dreams!

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