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5 Ways to use your Waterproof iPod (Besides Lap Swimming)

People who swim laps regularly love our waterproof iPod shuffle because it breaks up the monotony of going back and forth in the pool. But what if you’re not exactly a competitive swimmer? There are still a ton of benefits to having a waterproof music player. Here are five ways you can use your waterproof iPod outside of the lap lane.

1. Running



Running might take place on land, but hardcore runners know that you’re not always going to stay dry. The iPod shuffle is the perfect size to clip on your clothes when you hit the road, but the slightest bit of moisture can put it out of commission. With a waterproof iPod, you don’t need to worry about sweat damaging your music player. And if it starts raining? No need to put your music away. Let your favorite tunes help you power through rain, fog, or snow, and keep running!

2. Triathlon

You already know that you can use your waterproof iPod for running and swimming, so why not throw cycling in there too? Having a waterproof iPod lets you listen to continuous music through all three events. No matter how sweaty, wet, or muddy you get, your tunes can come with you, helping you stay motivated to the finish line.

3. Kayaking



Whether you’re going for a peaceful paddle around a lake, or a more intense ride over whitewater, your music can come with you if you have a waterproof iPod. Don’t worry about getting it wet, just focus on experiencing the beauty of the great outdoors to the soundtrack of your choice.

4. Outdoor Adventures

Speaking of the great outdoors, a waterproof iPod can enhance just about any outdoor activity where you might normally be afraid to take your electronic device. At the beach? Sand and saltwater are no problem! Going for a hike? No need to worry about dropping it in a stream! You can float down a river or wade in a lake– your waterproof iPod will be just fine!

5. Singing in the Shower



Even if none of the above activities interest you, you can still use your waterproof iPod for shower tunes! I like to listen to music when I shower, but if your music player isn’t waterproof, then you have to leave it outside of the shower, and that makes it hard to hear over the water. By using a waterproof iPod and headphones, you can make sure that your music is the perfect volume for you, and not too loud for anyone else in your house. Just make sure you’re not singing along too loudly and you’ll be fine 
And don’t forget! You can always use your waterproof iPod to listen to audiobooks as well as music. Many of our customers tell us that listening to audiobooks or podcasts makes their favorite water-related activities better. What do you think? How do you use your waterproof iPod? Tell us in the comments!

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