Underwater Audio's Guide to LapTracking

This guide is for Delphin Users.

The LapTracking app was designed for people swimming using: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle. If you are not using one of these swimming methods, the app may have a difficult time accurately reading your workout for the summary.

LapTracking options and settings

To change the settings for LapTracking, turn off WiFi by swiping down three times from the top of the screen, and pressing the WiFi icon. Scroll back up to exit the menu. From the home screen of the Delphin, press the three lines at the bottom of the screen, and select the LapTracking app. You will have the option of going through an in-depth tutorial, as well as changing the settings to your liking.

Pool Length

  • Press to select between Meters or Yards for the correct unit of measurement for your pool.
  • Use the sliding scale to set the correct length in the units you have selected.

Audio Feedback

Press to select between Enabled and Disabled if you want to hear your workout status play over your music/audiobook during your session.

If Enabled:

  • Select to hear feedback every 1 lap or every # of laps of your choice.
  • Press to select Yes or No to hear your Lap Count.
  • Press to select Yes or No to hear your Interval Time.
  • Press to select Yes or No to hear your Total Time.
  • Press to select Yes or No to hear the 30 second Countdown at Startup.
  • You may use the sliding scale to change the settings for how long your countdown is. The default is set at 30 seconds.

Calorie Calculation Data

All of these measurements are used to roughly calculate your caloric data but may not be perfectly accurate for your actual calories burned. This is not a medical device and should not be used as one. This is for reference and general workout guidance only.

  • Press to select Unit of Measurement Imperial or Metric.
  • Press to select Gender Male or Female.
  • Press to select Age.
  • Use the sliding scale to select your height, large scale.
  • Use the sliding scale to select your height, small scale.
  • Use the sliding scale to select your approximate weight.


This can be used to help you time your swimming strokes.

  • Press to select Metronome Off or On.
  • Press to select Sound: Beep, Boop, or Whump.
  • Use the sliding scale to select beats per minute.


  • Press to Enable or Disable sending diagnostics.
  • Option to Sign Out of your account on the Delphin.

Control Settings

  • Press to select Music Interruption: Yes or No.
  • Press to select Control workout with Play/Pause button: Yes or No.
  • --- If Yes: Press to select if Play/Pause button pauses music: Yes or No.

Getting Started

  • The Delphin is best positioned on the back of your goggle's strap to be able to measure your swim properly.
  • Workout Mode: You can choose to have a Guided Workout if you would like, or if you hit Normal you can choose to listen to the audiobook or music that you have downloaded onto your Delphin.
  • When you press Start Countdown your Delphin will wait 30 seconds (default setting which can be changed) before beginning the workout. This gives you time to turn off the screen and comfortably get into the pool before the time starts on your workout.
  • You can Pause your workout by hitting the power button and tapping the screen once. This feature is useful if you want to take a break during your swim that is longer than 30 seconds and do not want the swim-time data on your workout to be affected by the pause.
  • To Resume, tap the screen once.
  • If you hit the power button and double tap the screen, it will End Workout and show you a screen with the Summary of your swim workout. Click Finish to go back to the main menu.

Other Questions?

If you have any questions not covered by this guide or are still having issues with your Delphin, please feel free to contact us for help!

Our customer support is open Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm PST.

We can be contacted by email at help@underwateraudio.com and usually respond before the end of the next business day. Our phone number is 541-623-0202.